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[Edwin Rey] Anguilla's revolutionary stalwarts are being commemorated on the country's postage stamps:

"The Anguilla Philatelic Bureau has taken the initiative to perpetually honour the selfless service of those men and women who worked with great resolve, placing country above self in their quest for self determination.

"Heroes and Heroines of Anguilla's Revolution is intended to be a continuous theme to honour posthumously those who featured prominently in the struggle to liberate their country from servitude and poverty's ever tightening grasp. It is an honour to salute the work and memory of four Anguillans whose loyalty to country speaks volumes as their fitting epitaphs.
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This collection can be ordered for EC$4.70 (about US$1.75). The Post Office now was a web site: Click Here. Their email is and fax is 1-264-497-5455.

Edwin Wallace Rey (1906-1980)

"Born at the turn of the twentieth century in 1906, Edwin Wallace Rey was one of the key architects of Anguilla's political reformation. The varied talents of this militant figure were greatly relied on during his country's political crisis. Aside from being an outspoken politician, Mr. Rey was an Architect/builder, Auto dealer, and more significantly a lobbyist for his country's liberation from the federation of St. Kitts/Nevis. Mr. Rey was among that group of determined activists who advocated and enforced the expulsion of the St. Kitts police on May 30th 1967. Wallace Rey's truck was one of the vehicles used to barricade the airstrip to prevent police reinforcements landing. He also spent many long nights guarding Anguilla's beaches to protect his land against pending invasions.

"Rey was a member of the Peacekeeping Committee formed after the police expulsion in 1967. His political ambitions won him a seat on the Anguilla Council in October of the same year. As an independent thinker and radical politician this statesman found it most difficult to accept compromise in his country's bid for greater autonomy. Rey was a staunch critic of British government policies towards Anguilla. He once said that "Britain had bribed Anguillans in the past" but that Anguillans would no longer "bite at everything...", would no longer live on "Pie Crust promises".

"Other significant involvements surrounding the evenful life of this politician include his trip to london in 1975 as part of a delegation to discuss a new constitution for Anguilla. Rey's active involvement in his country's political life ended in 1976 when he was denied re-election to the island's legislative Council.

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