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[Albena Lake-Hodge] Anguilla's revolutionary stalwarts are being commemorated on the country's postage stamps:

"The Anguilla Philatelic Bureau has taken the initiative to perpetually honour the selfless service of those men and women who worked with great resolve, placing country above self in their quest for self determination.

"Heroes and Heroines of Anguilla's Revolution is intended to be a continuous theme to honour posthumously those who featured prominently in the struggle to liberate their country from servitude and poverty's ever tightening grasp. It is an honour to salute the work and memory of four Anguillans whose loyalty to country speaks volumes as their fitting epitaphs."
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Albena Lake-Hodge (1920-1985)

"Albena Lake-Hodge may best be remembered as an educator rather than an active political revolutionary.

"However, the work and enormous contribution made by this outstanding civil servant in the sphere of education during the height of Anguilla's bid for self determination must be recognised as being equally important as the role of the dauntless rebels who took up arms or the statemen who lobbied the cause of their country.

"Teacher Albena was head of one of Anguilla's Primary educational institutions during this very crucial period in our country's evenful past. The Valley Girls' School which was the Alma Mater of a long line of academics, many of whom fill the role of educators today was not only a center learning, but an institution where discipline was enforced by a Head-Mistress who personified such virtues.

"As an administrator, Teacher Albena was one of those influenced the running of our educational sector during the tumultuous era of the late sixties and seventies, when no structured administrative organism was in place.

"Nineteen Hundred and seventy (1970) saw the merger of Valley Girls' School and Valley Boys' school into what is now known as the Valley Primary School. This transition in itself was revolutionary for it brought together these two schools which for decades had established themselves as distinct and credible learning institutionss. Again, Teacher Albena was at the head of this transition.

"The new ministeral form of government which emerged out of Anguilla's revolution, which had by the mid 1970's gained great momentum, saw the former educator becoming one of the first women representatives in government. This monumental achievement could well be viewed as a revolution within the revolution.

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