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[Click to enlarge] Anguilla's young people had an opportunity to participate in a drama workshop this summer, leading up to a musical production of Anne of Green Gables. Before school closed, the students undertook activities to prepare them for the play. During these workshops the students learned acting and musical skills for the show. There were afternoon classes to expose the members to script-reading and improvisation. Besides practising, we helped sell tickets, paint the setting and buy props for the show.

On one or two occasions, the director counselled us about being late and not taking the play seriously. One thing she always used to say was "always smile when you sing it brings good results". Eleanor Stacey, our director was a very fun person to be around. Even though she was busy at times, she always found the time to be there and help us in any way she could. [Click to enlarge]

We took three weeks to produce this show. The rehearsals were rather intense. When we had to learn the script and sing the right notes it was difficult, so we often helped each other with the singing. Working together was great.

Practising really paid off. The show was beautiful and it flowed well. There were 19 cast members and the performances were on July 27, 28 and 29, 1998. I can say for the whole cast it was a good learning experience.

Article by Eulanda Dupie.

 Revised: August 28, 1998

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