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Anguilla's glassbottom boats allow you to explore the underwater world of the reef without even getting wet. . . .

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 2000/02/13 - Click to enlarge pictures

Explore the Reef in Comfort

Shoal Bay is where you find a glassbottom boat ride. What will you see? Coral reefs, sea fan coral, brain coral, and an amazing array of colorful fish. These pictures are from a tour that Junior gave us for some special guests. He picked us up at the Island Harbour pier instead of the Shoal Bay shore and gave us a sightseeing tour the mile to Shoal Bay before exploring the reef. Note: on some days the sea bottom is churned up, making it cloudy. Try again another day.

Junior's web page
Shoal Bay
Mike's Boat
Underwater Photo Tour
Sea Fan Coral

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Janet Cook-Rutnik

[Click to enlarge] Savannah Gallery had the opening for Janet Cook-Rutnik at 8-10 in the morning. What a refreshing change. The morning sun highlighted Janet's pastel "Island Dreams" to perfection. High school students could attend with their teacher. Orange juice and croisants instead of wine and cheese. An extremely creative way to deal with the busy "social" calendar of Anguilla in February.

Janet's subject is the Caribbean, her approach is vibrant and modernist, her credentials are significant (shows in San Juan, Miami, Washington DC and more). She also has a web site: Click Here. Worth a visit to the gallery on Crocus Hill.

For the Daily Herald review of this show, Click Here.

The Straw Hat Restaurant

[Click to see larger view of Straw Hat] The Straw Hat restaurant is back, and Chef Marc Alverez returns too. Alvarez worked at CoveCastles resort also in Anguilla before Straw Hat and has quite a following. Conde Nast Traveler called him "Anguilla's best chef" in Nov97 and The Robb Report called him a culinary genius.

Straw Hat, the creation of Peter Parles and his wife Anne McKenna Parles, sits on pilings over the Caribbean with great views of St. Martin. They are open for the 2000 season with a brand new menu (see below). They list their food style as "eclectic" and this year they offer a "Chef's five Course Tasting Menu" for $75.

Web Site:

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[Click to enlarge] Directions: Start in the airport parking lot, take the only exit and go straight. Follow the road around the east end of the airport and then bear left at Omolulu School. This road head straight for the sea, turning into gravel at a fork. Stay on the paved portion by bearing left down into Forest Bay. The road turns to gravel and dead ends at Straw Hat.

Reservations are suggested. 264-497-8300. Fax 497-8907 You can email your reservation request before you leave home:

Prices are in US Dollars. A 15% service charge is added. Master Card, Visa and American Express accepted. $5 Split Charge.



lemon confit, and a scallion crème fraîche $16


ceviche of snapper, marinated lobster and a beggars purse of osetra caviar $16

Anguillian Crayfish Spring Roll

cucumber and tomato salad, Asian dipping sauce $15

Organic Mesculin Salad - locally grown

plum tomato, endives and a red wine shallot vinaigrette $8*

*with Roquefort Cheese $2 supplement

Cappellini Seafood

medley of fish, shrimp and mussels tossed with basil and angel hair all set in a saffron laced fish soup $14

warm timbale of grilled vegetables and portabello mushrooms

sundried tomato puree, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette $12


with petite vegetables and Parmesan cheese $10

FRESH FOIE GRAS TERRINE and duck confit roulade

with sundried cherry and apple compote, toasted country bread $18



Jumbo Prawns Steeped in red Curry Sauce

with shiitaki mushrooms, bok choy and basmati fried rice $31


ginger mango, vegetable spring roll and a wasabi sauce $30


crayfish and corn bread timbale, sauté spinach and a roast garlic pan sauce $25


wild mushroom hash, roast vegetables and a Cabernet reduction $29


basil pommes puree, portabello mushrooms and a truffle scented tomato broth $29


with shiitake wontons, simmered carrots and snow peas $37

Crisp Skin Snapper & Tempura shrimp

over stir-fry vegetables in a Thai flavored bouillon $26


ginger citrus nagè, grilled vegetables and a sweet plantain timbale $35


ragout of leeks and mushrooms, shoestring potatoes, beurre noisette with capers, tomatoes and tangerines $30

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Sunny 77F 25C 65% Humidity, Feb 12
Low temp since last news report 72F 22C
High temp since last news report 81F 27C
Low humidity since last news report 60%
Tropical storm web sites Link Alt
Anguilla weather forecasts Link Alt
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Walter G. Hodge, Hero

[Walter Hodge] Anguilla's revolutionary stalwarts are being commemorated on the country's postage stamps:

"The Anguilla Philatelic Bureau has taken the initiative to perpetually honour the selfless service of those men and women who worked with great resolve, placing country above self in their quest for self determination.

"Heroes and Heroines of Anguilla's Revolution is intended to be a continuous theme to honour posthumously those who featured prominently in the struggle to liberate their country from servitude and poverty's ever tightening grasp. It is an honour to salute the work and memory of four Anguillans whose loyalty to country speaks volumes as their fitting epitaphs.
Ordering Stamps.
This collection can be ordered for EC$4.70 (about US$1.75). The Post Office now was a web site: Click Here. Their email is and fax is 1-264-497-5455.

Walter G. Hodge (1920-1989)

"Administrator, Shipwright, Navigator, Revolutionary. Walter Hodge was indeed one of the many talented and resourceful Anguillans Whose varied skills contributed significantly to the success of his country's quest in breaking the yoke of political bondage which had for decades denied them economic and social progress.

"Mr.Hodge's career as a politician dates back to 1943 when he won a seat on the legislative Council in St. Kitts but was unsuccessful in retaining his position four years later.

"His exceptional administrative abilities may have been the reason for him being elected Chairman of the peacekeeping Committee in 1967, In 1968 he was selected as an advisor to the newly established Anguilla council. Hodge's home located on the sprawling Junks Hole Estate was often uses as meeting place by the revolutionaries to plan their strategies.

"Walter Hodge also served his country as its first Treasurer and later as Comptroller of Customs until his retirement from the public service.

Anguilla Diary: January 31, 2000 to February 12, 2000

Here is a day-by-day compendium of news items, as we gathered them - starting with the most recent.

Saturday, February 12, 2000

Internet Yellow Pages:
All known Anguilla sites.

Epinions on Anguilla. is a service that pays you to write reviews. Actually, they only pay you if a lot of people find your reviews helpful. They have a page of Anguilla tourism reviews: Click Here.

Cricket News From Anguilla. Zack Kenworthy (email: plays cricket for Anguilla and the Leeward Islands. He also writes Sports News for The Anguillian newspaper and the Cricket Info web site. To read his Feb 6 article about the match between Leewards and Guyana, Click Here.

New Governor. Anguilla has a new British Governer, Peter Johnstone.

Friday, February 11, 2000

Arts Festival Competition. The Second Anguilla International Arts Festival was held last summer (Web Site). Artists came to the island for seminars and workshops and to gather inspiration. Then they submitted works of art into a competition. On February 8th,2000, the winners were announced. First prize ($10,000) went to Valerie Carpenter of the USA for "Sailing Silver Seas" (an oil painting). The winner in pastels is Sandy Meyer, in watercolors is Lynne Bernbaum of Anguilla, in a oil/acrylics is Betty Barber of USVI. The people's choice was Calvin Kempainen.

Thursday, February 10, 2000

Merchant Market Has Moved. This is a food outlet that caters to restaurants, but is open to anyone. Great place to buy bulk food of high quality. Now located behind the Anguilla Drug Store in The Valley.

History of Anguilla from the Tourist board web site, adapted from writings by Colville Petty and Nik Douglas: Click Here.

C&W Answers residents about cellular tower (Daily Herald link): Click Here.

Anguilla Forums:
Carib On-line

Travel Talk


Side Trip to Dominica. While in Anguilla it is possible to take side trips to other islands. With 4 friends from Canada we went to the Nature Island, Dominica, for 4 days. We could have flown commercial flight on LIAT through Antigua or American through San Juan, but chose to pay double and charter Air Anguilla to fly us direct (1 hour 20 min). Dominica is amazingly green and lush, with flowers everywhere.

We have a web site with 64 pictures: Click Here.

Wednesday, February 09, 2000

Political Manifesto. The United Front (ANA/ADP coalition) has a web page, Click Here.

Crocus Hill Residents Protest C&W. Concerned about construction of cellular tower (Daily Herald link): Click Here.

Carnival 99 Page. The current events page has excellent photos from carnival and results for the various competitions as well: Click Here.

Build Your Own:

Oserian Villa. This 3bd/3ba holiday villa with pool, 60' TV, and Internet access is on the oceanfront in Little Harbour. For more details visit their web site: Click Here.

Tuesday, February 08, 2000

In the archive

Italian Translation of the January 30, 2000 news by Professor Di Palo has been posted: Click Here.

Anguilla Weather from USA Today: Click Here.

Splash! Villa Sizzler. Pamper your Valentine and unwind in beautiful Anguilla… Specials…. 7 night package - US$1699 plus 8% government tax. 4 night package - US$999 plus 8% government tax. Jacuzzi-for-two in master suite. Private pool. Privacy. Tranquility. Romance. Package Valid from February 13th – February 23rd, 2000 Contact Janine or Ian at, Cellular 264-235-7667, Tel on evenings 264-497-3666, Fax 264-297-2262. Web site Click Here.

Artists Center on Anguilla? Calvin Bartlett (email: has put together a proposal for an artists retreat for creative arts and crafts on Anguilla: Click Here

News from Blanchards. Chef Melinda Blanchard (email: writes that she has been forced to drop their take-out menu: too much work for not enough sales. Their business is picking up a bit, but without Cap Juluca, it won't be a great year. Also, she and husband Bob have written a book about Anguilla to be published by Random House at the end of the year.

Proclamation. Just before leaving the island to retire, Governor Harris issued a proclamation appointing a date for holding a general election. The date is March 3, 2000.

Thursday, February 03, 2000

Zara's Reopens. Zara's Restaurant at Allamanda Beach Club on Shoal Bay is open again with a new cook. Our house guests went there last night, had seafood and loved it.

Do Your Own Weather Forecast. has a satellite picture of the Caribbean which you can use to check the cloud cover, active storms, etc: Click Here.

Quick Facts about Anguilla from the tourist board: Click Here.

Wednesday, February 02, 2000

New Show: Virginia Hobart and Joyce Daniel. At the Devonish Gallery, The Cove Road West, opening is Saturday, February 5, 2000, 5:30 to 7:30pm. 497-2949

Fun Time Charter has a web site: Click Here.

Arawak Beach Inn, Island Harbour, has new owners and a new web page: Click Here.

Tuesday, February 01, 2000

Beaches! The Anguilla Home Page has a nice beaches page: Click Here.

Fan Mail from Stephanie Ferradino (email:
Went on our honeymoon last June in Anguilla and St. Martin. Loved Anguilla- and the friendliness of everyone on the island. Was originally attracted to it from a blurb in a bride magazine about Scilly Cay (the day we spent there was the best of our honeymoon), but then I got on the net- found your news and knew we had to come. I collected and printed out all your back issues- and really knew the island by the time we got here. I left my collection of news (indexed quite masterfully, I must say) at the Sonesta in their library and hope others have benefitted from it. We didn't go anywhere without it! Anguilla was everything we had hoped for (although we would have loved to stay longer) and I can't wait to return. Thanks for providing such an interesting and resourceful guide to your wonderful island.

Monday, January 31, 2000

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at or the Hotel Association at

Sonesta to Reopen Early. News Flash! The Sonesta resort on Rendezvous Bay will be open on February 10, 2000, after completing Hurricane Lenny repairs and doing other improvements. This is ahead of schedule. The current condition of the resort can be viewed on their web site: Click Here. They even have a picture of Carol Webster, their famous concierge (we saw Carol on TV last night on the Travel Channel, in a show of beaches).

Calendar of Events 2000. The tourist board has a calendar of events for the year 2000 on their web site: Click Here.

Interactive Map. The tourist board web site has a map page which tells you about each region when you put the mouse over that area on the map: Click Here.
If you haven't done so already, perhaps it is time you visited my personal home page and see what Bob Green does besides write the Anguilla News: Click Here

News from Financial Services Dept.

[Click to enlarge] Below are two press releases from the Financial Services Department of the Government of Anguilla. They are ramping up their efforts to capitalize on the ACORN on-line company registry.

Anguilla launches its marketing drive for first quarter of 2000.

The programme of promotional activities of the Anguilla Financial Services Association (AFSA)/Government of Anguilla (GOA) Marketing and Promotional Committee for the first quarter of the year has been released. The committee, which is tasked with ensuring that Anguilla is marketed as a reputable financial services jurisdiction, has decided to attend three conferences which it hopes will continue to position Anguilla at the higher end of the market.

Two members of the committee, Mr. Claudel Romney, KPMG Senior Partner in Anguilla and Mr. Alan Jones, the Registrar of Companies, will attend the Offshore Jurisdictions Conference in Toronto, Canada on the 24th and 25th January. Mr. Romney will give a presentation entitled Anguilla: Opportunities as an Emerging Financial Centre while Mr. Jones will present a live demonstration of the ACORN system. In February, Mr. Jones along with Mr. Lynn Bell, Chairman of Hansa Bank, will attend the Offshore E-Commerce conference in Miami between the 22nd and the 24th. Mr. Jones will again demonstrate the ACORN system while Mr. Bell will conduct a workshop entitled Realising the Internet Initial Public Offering (IPO) Dream: Take your offshore e-business public. Mr. Bell is considered an authority on the use of offshore jurisdictions for the conduct of e-commerce business and has done much to promote Anguilla as a destination for e-commerce activities.

Mr. Jones will again demonstrate the ACORN system at the Shorex-Europe Exhibition in London from the 27th to 31st March. These conferences will attract lawyers, bankers, financial planners and other financial service professionals who are considered innovators in the field. In commenting on the programme, Mr. John Lawrence, Director of Financial Services, noted that "it is important that the name of Anguilla be kept at the forefront of the offshore industry and that service providers be made aware of what Anguilla as a jurisdiction can offer. These conferences are part of an ongoing programme of visits by AFSA and GOA which started with the coming on line of the ACORN system."

The Committee plans to increase its marketing drive following the completion of the Review of Financial Regulation in the Caribbean Overseas Territories and Bermuda which is currently being conducted by KPMG (Leeds, UK).

Anguilla launches its financial services legislative programme for 2000.

The Director of Financial Services, Mr. John Lawrence (email:, has announced a programme of new legislation that he hopes will be enacted this year to ensure that the island's financial services legislative and regulatory regime is on the cutting edge of the industry in terms of innovation and internationally accepted standards of regulation.

Scheduled for consideration by the House of Assembly during the first half of this year once it resumes meeting following the March 3rd General Elections, will be the following pieces of legislation:

Also planned are revisions to the Trusts & Offshore Banks Ordinance, which is now divided into three parts, covering issues affecting offshore banking, trust companies and those pertaining to both.

In addition, there is to be a revised Company Management Ordinance which will bring it more into line with provisions pertaining to trust companies. The revision of provisions of offences and penalties for failure to comply under each piece of financial services legislation is also being considered.

Scheduled for consideration for the second half of 2000 are:

In commenting on the extensive legislative programme, which is the result of the work of the Anguilla Financial Services Association (AFSA)/Government of Anguilla (GOA) Legislation Committee, and Mr. Richard Carpenter, a UK based consultant, Mr. Lawrence noted that "a lot of preparatory work on the above legislation was undertaken during 1999 and its coming to fruition should further help Anguilla in its onward development as a recognised financial services jurisdiction." Mr. Lawrence added that he wished to thank those members of AFSA who had given their time and resources to assisting the Government of Anguilla with this legislative work.

Government of Anguilla, Financial Services Department
The Secretariat, The Valley, Anguilla, British West Indies
Tel: (264) 497-5881/3881 Facsimile: (264) 497-5872/8053
E-mail: Website:

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