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Carnival 98 Parade of Troupes

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Have you ever wondered what the parade looks like from the elevated vantage point of the stilt walkers? [Click to enlarge]

Now you can see for yourself. Vince Cate took these pictures while walking on stilts for 3 hours in Carnival 98's Parade of Troupes.

The parade is one of the high points of Carnival week, which also includes boat races, entertainment shows, street dances, pageants, and much more. You will see brightly costumed troupes of dancers, winners of the pageants, and stilt walkers. And you will see and hear Anguilla's best bands performing from trucks that are interspersed throughout the parade. This is an afternoon event for the whole family, one that winds around The Valley through crowds of carnival celebrants, then back to Carnival Village for a show.

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For the full schedule of carnival events and links, click here.

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