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Elodia's On Shoal Bay

[Click to enlarge] Try Sunday afternoon at Elodia's Bar and Grill on Shoal Bay. Right on the sand at the most gentle swimming spot along the beach. And great snorkelling just 50 yards to the right.

Good tasting beach food, reasonable prices, and live music and dancing on Sundays. The crowd is nice, a mixture of locals, tourists and expats. Currently performing at a reasonable volume are the High Tension Reggae Band with Tap (and Tap's wife Gwen in the kitchen).

Of course Elodia's is open on other days too, but the live music adds a special touch. Easy parking. Telephone: 264-497-3363.

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[Click to enlarge] ELODIA'S BEACH BAR & GRILL
May 1999 Prices.





GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH - 6.00 [Click to enlarge]

HOT DOGS - 5.00


(All Sandwiches served with fries)
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ICE CREAM (Assorted Flavours)- 3.00


COFFEE OR TEA - - 1.50


B.B.Q. CHICKEN - 8.00 [Click to enlarge]

B.B.Q. SPARERIBS - 10.00

[Click to enlarge] COMBO - 12.00




GRILLED LOBSTER (1.5lbs) - 25.00

[Click to enlarge] SHRIMP - 15.00


GRILLED STEAK (Sirloin- Rib Eye- Tenderloin) - 12.00

PORK - 10.00
[Click to enlarge] PORK KEBAB - 10.00

All main dishes served with Salad, Cole Slaw, Garlic Bread, and Fries or Rice.

All prices quoted in U.S. dollars. Good until about December 1, 1999.

Directions: from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, continue straight past Island Car Rental, the National Bank and through the intersection at Albert Lakes Market. Continue straight for about 2 miles through the villages of Stoney Ground and Little Dix, then take a paved left turn down the hill and into Shoal Bay. At the end of the road, 50 yards before the beach, take a right turn on a dirt road, go 200 yards, through the gate for Elodia's and down to the beach parking lot.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Here's a visitor report on their arrival and check in at one of Anguilla's top resorts.

Trip Report April 1999 3 night stay
by Andy Arden (email: [email protected])

This was our third trip to Anguilla and it was in celebration of our 15 year wedding anniversary.

Our flight out from St. Lucia to Anguilla was via Antigua with Liat. The flight was on time and without any problems. Upon leaving customs we were met at the airport by the Cap Juluca representative who had a taxi waiting for us.

Upon arrival at the hotel we were greeted by guest relations and handed rum punches to enjoy during check in. Our villa was a one bedroom suite, with a huge bedroom that opened to the beach and a large beautiful bathroom - separate shower that led to a private sun bathing area, huge double tub - enclosed toilet and bidet area and dual sinks.

We had lunch at their George's Restaurant and it was good, $40.00 for 2. Continental Breakfast was served every morning on time on our patio. The in-room refrigerator is well stocked with water, soda, beer etc. No charge.

The hotel is still great and the service was excellent. This island has great, very friendly people and they are all very helpful with answering a question. The beaches and restaurants are great. E-mail me with any questions.

Thanks to all the local businesses for making our 15 year wedding anniversary celebration special. Extra thank you to the staff and management at Cap Juluca, "Guish" - GM, and Patricia Bryan - Resident Manager.. It was like being "home again".

Read more visitor reports.

Sandals and Such

[Click to enlarge] Where can you find an art gallery, beach boutique and souvenir store, all in one? Sandals and Such is located in a restored old Anguillian building. She sells a fine selection of sandals, but that is not all. There are also Caribbean gift cards, Haitan Oil Drum art, model sailing ships of the past, Caribbean handicrafts, prints, original art works, wraps, and Haitan dolls.

Sandals and Such is open all year, except for September when they buy the new stock.

[Click to enlarge]

The manager is Graceland Hawley of Sandy Hill, and the owner is Jan Tarbert, who rescued the building from demolition and had it restored. She started in 93, went through Hurricane Luis with the old cottage, and is still going strong. Telephone: 1-264-497-6009.

Directions: from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, then turn left again and drive past the airport, through the roundabout and west down the main island road. Avoid the right turn at the next roundabout and enter South Hill. Go past the Methodist Church, bear left, then right, and watch for Sandals and Such on the right just before the Blowing Point turnoff. If you reach Connors Rent a Car, you went 50 yards too far.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: Warm&Sunny 84F 28C 67% Humidity, May 15
Low temp since last news report 75F 23C
High temp since last news report 86F 30C
Low humidity since last news report 51%
Tropical storm web site Link
Five-day weather forecast Link
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Upcoming Events in Anguilla

Events, holidays, activities

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at [email protected] or the Hotel Association at [email protected]

Notice: The Anguilla Local News web site is now on "summer schedule", or "island time". This means that we will publish a new issue "not-possibly-more-often-than" once per month.

The Valley Methodist Church has services every Sunday at 9am (up Crocus Hill toward Koal Keel restaurant). However, May has 5 Sundays and the service on the last Sunday will be at 6am.

Here are some events scheduled for the next few weeks:

May 15, tonight. Reggae concert at Landsome Bowl.

May 17. National Culinary Team Dinner. Pimms. 7pm $40 pp. 497-2944, 497-6061.

May 22. Education Dept Street Fair. 11am to 6pm. Street closed off near the high school for music, Anguillan foods, sales, crafts and more. Everyone invited.

May 23. Aldersgate Sunday for Methodists. Special service at Bethel Methodist Church in South Hill.

May 24. Whit Monday, public holiday.

May 28. DeBrodah's Gospel concert at Landsome Bowl.

May 30. National Service of Thanksgiving. St. Mary's Anglican Church, The Valley.

May 31. Anguilla Day, public holiday.

May 31. Last opportunity to register for this summer's Art Festival.

June 14. Queen's Birthday, public Holiday.

Direct from Your Jet to Anguilla

[Click to enlarge] Did you know you can have the Link ferry pick you up at St. Maarten's Juliana Airport, if you arrive mid-day? When your long flight finally lands in St. Maarten and you get through baggage, customs and immigration, you can sometimes be pretty tired and hot. Why take a long hot taxi ride to Marigot harbour, just to wait for the ferry to Anguilla? Instead, you could just walk across the airport parking lot to Simpson lagoon and catch Link ferry direct!

Read all about it on their airport pickup web page, with pictures of exactly what you will see, a small map and everything you need to make your arrival feel familiar.

If your flight arrives earlier or later in the day, you can ask them about chartering the Link to pick you up.

Updates and Feedback

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Strange Object in the Sky?
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999
From: Stuart and Valerie Roberts
Email: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Unknown Object

On Wednesday, May 5, 1999, my husband and I were eating dinner at Oliver's. I was looking up the coast in a Northeast direction (I think) when I saw what appeared to be a very large "ball of fire" , or possibly a meteorite coming out of the low level clouds and into the ocean. As it was after dark, between 8 and 9 pm, I had no perspective on how far away this object was, but it did appear rather large. Has anyone else reported seeing a similar object that night? Please respond with any information you have.

Thanks, Valerie Roberts

Fond Memories.
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]

Many years ago I spent one of my most memorable vacations in the small place called Anguilla. They were just starting to build some fancy hotels out on some remote beach. I stayed in a place at Sandy Ground owned by Gumbs. Is the place still there? Was it called the White House by any chance? It seems to ring a bell. There was Johnnos on the beach then, still there? One day I will go back but much harder now that I live all the way over here in Hawaii (Big Island).

Fond memories, Ernie

More Info On Tropical Construction

[Click to enlarge] The Beachshack Tropical Construction web site has been updated with 30 new pictures and notes, covering construction activities since Christmas.

Read about bathroom finishing, faux tiles, decorating the porch, air conditioning, Insteel panels, the search for bandwidth, and the uninterruptible solar power at the new Beachtech Technology Center. Then read the other 19 construction reports and visit the tropical building bookstore.

Web Sites About Anguilla

Internet Yellow Pages: all known Anguilla web sites are indexed in this "yellow pages" directory.

Hansa.Net has a nice realistic web page describing the sometimes tricky steps an e-commerce business must go through to take advantage of Anguilla's tax system., has been redone. Click here for the new web site for Courtney Devonish's gallery at George Hill Landing.

Just Pop To It

Several people have asked how they can access their email when in Anguilla, or the converse, how to get Anguillanet email when off island? Dave Thomas has written a short explanation:

You need to have access to an ISP that operates in your local area. In Anguilla this is Cable and Wireless (1-264-497-3100). Click here for more details on connecting to Cable and Wireless.

Many people who travel a lot use IBM.Net, AT&T, Compuserve or AOL, since these providers have access in almost every major city (at least in the USA).

In your favorite email softare, such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora, there is an option to set your POP3, and SMTP mail addresses. You don't need to know what these mean, you just need to know that POP3 is for picking up email and SMTP is for sendng email. Normally these are both set to point at your local provider. In order to send email when you are away from home, you need to change the SMTP address (you will also have to figure out how to logon to the foreign ISP, see link above for Anguilla).

  1. The SMTP address needs to be set to the address of the local provider that you logon to... in Anguilla this is
  2. The POP3 address needs to be set to where your email gets picked up. When you are accessing a POP3 "server" from another ISP, you will be asked for your password. Note, it is the password you would use on your home ISP login.

Don't forget to change your SMTP address when you return home.

There is another approach which avoids changing your software. Use a free email account such as Yahoo. Using Yahoo mail, there is an option to check your external email which will requires you supply the same pop3 information and password as in 2. above. Yahoo remembers this, so each time you want to access your mail you can ask it to check "external" and it will get your email. With this approach you can check your email from any browser, even the one at the library.

One last point to watch out for; when you are away, it is suggested that you set the option for deleting your email off. That way when you return home no email will be lost, although you will have to wade through it again.

Hope this helps,

Dave Thomas

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