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Euclid "Slick" Carty is a 38 year old Anguillian with a special dream. . . .

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Send Anguilla's Own "Slick" Carty To the Olympics

He wants to represent Anguilla at the Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia in the year 2000.

Wheelchair-bound since an automobile accident twelve years ago, Slick has never considered himself a cripple. He's married, works full time in the vehicle inspection department at Public Works, manages a tee-shirt shop in South Hill and keeps up his physical fitness with regular workouts. His fund raising campaign is well underway to raising the US$20,000 needed to ensure his participation.

To date the campaign has raised US$10,885 thanks to the generosity of friends, local businesses and caring tourist. The campaign kicked off in April this year with a US$1,000 donation from Cable & Wireless who challenged other companies to support Slick's efforts. The management and owners o f Cap Juluca(US$3,500) and Covecastles (US$1,900 received with more pledge to come) have also been major benefactors. Most recently two of Anguilla service clubs- Soroptomist International of Anguilla and the Rotary Club- have given generous donations of US$500 and US$1,500 respectively. The Government of Anguilla is providing maximum support for his efforts through the Sports Officer and has promised to make money available in 1999. A number of island businesses are holding fund-raisers with proceeds going to the "Send Slick" fund.

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Exac USA, a Swedish wheelchair company operating in the United States, donated a new lightweight state-of-the-art wheelchair to Slick in August. And this month Slick finally took delivery of his Tennis wheelchair and his Racing chair. He plans to enter the 200 and 800 metre races and the tennis competition. Anguilla currently has no Olympic Committee and while Government is making efforts to see if Slick can compete under the island's name he has been registered as a participant under the auspices of the Paralympic Caribbean Foundation. So he is definitely going to Sydney!! Arrangements are now being made for him to receive coaching and to participate in regional meets in 1999 and early 2000. American Eagle has pledged their support by making tickets available for Slick, his wife and special personnel (like coaches & trainers) at extremly low costs.

The campaign continues. There is a pressing need for a sponsor for the special clothing needed for training and competition. Anyone out there with connections to a manufacturer of athletic clothing? Another US$10,000 needs to be raised by the end of 1999. If you would like to help send Slick Carty to the Paralympic Games you can send donations directly to him at P.O. Box 847, The Valley Anguilla; or directly to the fund established at Caribbean Commercial Bank, for Deposit to EUCLID CARTY ACCT. #7552771, P.O.Box 23, The Valley, Anguilla, B.W.I.

Fund-raising Tee-shirts are also available at Medeariman Reef Restaurant on Shoal Bay beach, the Tee-shirt shop on the South Hill road (just east of the Methodist Church) or from Slick at Public Works in the Valley for only US$20 each.

And Slick has a web site,, provided by Leroy Hill and Bob Green.

Story courtesy of What We Do in Anguilla

Do You Recognize Crocus Bay?

[Click to enlarge] Anguilla has so many beaches that it is a challenge to identify them all. Last issue we asked readers to identify the beach pictured to the right. The first answer to come in had a great story about a dog and pelican on Katouche Bay, but unfortunately that was the wrong answer. The second answer from Christine in Vancouver was
I just love every issue of The Anguilla News. My guess, as the overachiever tourist, is Crocus Bay.

This classic beach is the closest to Anguilla's capital, The Valley. Crocus Bay is the site of an historic invasion by the French in 1745, as well as a protected anchorage for fisherman and yachstmen.

The next correct answer came from Frank and Rosa Bombino in Puerto Rico

Hello Bob. Greetings from Puerto Rico. That beach is Crocus Bay, from where you can get a boat ride to Little Bay, enjoy snorkeling on the right hand side of the beach as you come down the hill or enjoy some fish and chips at Roy's. When me and my wife go there we are usually the only ones at the beach. Please do not spoil it by recommending it to tourists. Hit the link below for a photo of my wife Rosa at Crocus Bay.

Take care
Frank Bombino
San Juan, PR

Crocus Bay picture link.

[Click to enlarge]

The most detailed reply was from [email protected]:

You are standing at Crocus Bay with your back to Roy's Restaurant and looking toward Masara Resort. As you walk away from Roy's in the direction of Masara the beach turns from wonderful sand to large rocks. Our sons, ages 10 and 11, have found marvelous fossils there; the fossils look like fat sand dollars and when we brought them back to the States and took them to the Smithsonian Museum to have them identified timewise, we were told they were quite old. Having taken college geology over 30 years ago, I can't remember which time period they came from, but they were thousands of years old. We were able to find these fossils without using any tools, although some were imbedded in large rocks, so we left those behind. No wonder our coming home baggage weighed so much.

Say "hello" to Calvin, who runs a water taxi to Little Bay, walk to the beach, turn left and keep walking. You will need sturdy sandals if you intend to climb over the rocks to look for fossils.

Many yachtsmen also anchor in Crocus Bay, so you will probably see some gorgeously expensive yachts at anchor.

Crocus Bay is the home of Roy's Seafood Restaurant and bar, known for its British beers, seafood and Friday night half-price happy hour.

Snorkel to the east end of the bay, you can even swim around to Little Bay if you wish.

Directions: From the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, then drive straight past Island Car Rental and the National Bank of Anguilla. Turn left at Barclay's Bank and Albert Lakes, proceed through The Valley. You will go past the library and the high school, through the intersection that used to have the "Traffic Experiment Roundabout", up the tree-lined Coronation Blvd., past Koal Keel restaurant, directly to the top of the hill with Lloyds Guest house on the left hand, and finally the steep slope to the beach. There is a parking area next to a small, white one-story building, across the street from Roy's.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: Partly Cloudy 82F 27C 68% Humidity, May 1
Low temp since last news report 75F 23C
High temp since last news report 84F 28C
Low humidity since last news report 43%
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Here is an animated satellite view of the Caribbean weather (it is a big download).

Beautiful Stamp by a School Child

[who - Hidden Beauty of Anguilla] Last year Anguilla held an art contest for school children. The theme of the contest was "Hidden Beauty of Anguilla". Some of the winners had their art immortalized on new Anguillian postage stamps. The young artist of the beautiful underwater view on the $1.50 stamp is 6 year old Carvel Fleming, a student at the Teacher Gloria Omolulu Institute. You can click this link for a picture of the student art hanging in the post office; Carvel's original is in the lower right corner.

We have already featured Teresa's $1 stamp and watch future news issues for the other two stamps.

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

Events, holidays, activities

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at [email protected] or the Hotel Association at [email protected]

Mother's Day. Don't forget that May 9th is Mother's Day. If you want to have a flower arrangement delivered in Anguilla, you can call The Purple Rose florist at 1-264-497-2107 and they will look after it!

Here are some events scheduled for the next few weeks:

May 1-3. Masters Cricket at Ronald Webster Park.

May 3. Labour Day, public holiday. Sporting events around Anguilla.

May 24. Whit Monday, public holiday.

May 7-9. The Sias-Williams 3-day Wedding, arranged by Carol Webster.

May 28. DeBrodah's Gospel concert at Landsome Bowl.

May 31. Anguilla Day, public holiday. Probably will be a boat race.

Queen's Birthday Holiday is June 14th, according to the Chief Minister's office.

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Update on Serenity Restaurant: This restaurant at the upper end of Shoal Bay has a special event every full moon, a moonlight madness after-dinner party on the beach. Last night, Friday April 30, was this month's event. A large crowd appeared for dinner between 7 and 8, and Kingsley started playing very danceable West Indian tunes about 9. It was great to sip a cool drink with friends around a table on the sand, then dance to a few songs, walk the gentle beach, snack on the complimentary hors d'ourveres, and stare at the full moon. 1-264-497-3328. Next Full Moon party is probably Saturday May 29.

Feedback on Recent Visit.

From: Jon Whiteman, [email protected]
To: Bob Green
Subject: The Green Man
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 09:04:17 -0400

We just returned from a 16 day visit to Anguilla. One day during our visit, we were driving around Island Harbor, and a guy in a pick-up truck pulled along side us, and was gesturing frantically. We rolled down the window and he asked if I was the "Green Man". I stopped the car, and he introduced himself. He had assumed that I was you, but recognized that I was not once we were stopped. The situation became more humorous when he learned that I was the "White-man".

Jon Whiteman

Web Sites About Anguilla

Internet Yellow Pages: all known Anguilla web sites are indexed in this "yellow pages" directory.

What We Do In Anguilla has a new and improved look at

Harbor Lights is a small inn on the waterfront in Island Harbour. They have a new extensive web site a new toll-free contact, 1-800-759-9870, and a new email address [email protected]

A Guide to Anguilla. Frank and Rosa Bombino have updated and expanded their Anguilla web site.

Email Adresss: Architect Kevin Gumbs is at [email protected]

Carimar's Frequent Visitor Celebration

[Click to visit Carimar] Carimar Beach Club on Meads Bay is a place that really looks after loyal visitors. On April 9, 1999, guests at Carimar celebrated in an award ceremony for Barbara Berliner and Sol Rymer.

In recognition of their 10th visit to Carimar, Barbara and Sol were honored at the ceremony, received an award plaque, and a prize of 5 free nights at Carimar, good between May 1st and November 15th within the next two years.

Carimar is a resort of two-bedroom condominiums and tennis courts between Malliouhana Hotel and Blanchard's Restaurant on Meads Bay. Those of you who are still working toward your 10th visit to Anguilla can conact Carimar at 1-800-235-8667 or [email protected] for their summer special of 7 nights for the price of 5.

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