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During the summer months hotels and restaurants sometimes close for vacation and maintenance. Here are some 1998 closing and opening dates for restaurants. Most local eateries such as Smitty's and Rafes never close. And since Cap Juluca stays open all summer, there is always at least one gourmet restaurant to eat at!

Arista Foods South Hill. Aug 15 to mid-Nov.
Barrel Stay. Aug 15-Oct 15.
Blanchard's. Aug 1-Sep 30.
Casablanca (Sonesta). Aug 30-Oct 7.
CoveCastles. Aug 30-Oct14.
Ferryboat Inn Restaurant. Closed 2 weeks in September.
Gorgeous Scilly Cay. Sep 1-Oct 31.
Hibernia. July 15-Sep 15.
Koal Keel Restaurant. Sep 1-Oct 31.
Leducs. Reopening Nov.
Luciano's. Aug 31-Nov.
Mangos Restaurant. Aug 1 to mid Oct.
Old House. Sep 2-Oct 2.
Oliver's Restaurant. Aug 17-Oct 4.
Overlook. June 6 to mid Oct.
Palm Court at Cinnamon Reef. Sep 1-Oct 31.
Pump House. Aug 29-Sep 21.
Restaurant Frangipani. Aug 31-Oct 29.
Restaurant ICI. Aug 31-Oct 7.
Restaurant at Malliouhana. Aug 31-Oct 31.
Serenity. Sep 2-Oct 2.
Straw Hat. Aug 16-Nov 1.
Trattoria Tramonto. Aug 1-Oct 31.
Zaras. July 10-??.

This list for 1998 if courtesy of the hotel and tourism association and is subject to change.

 Revised: July 22, 19100

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