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[Click to enlarge Rafael fleming] Look up at Crocus Hill from The Valley some night and you will see two red lights at the highest point in Anguilla - that is the broadcasting studio and tower of Eastern Caribbean Broadcasting. Some people don't realize there are two radio stations in Anguila: the government operated Radio Anguilla (1505 AM, 95.5 FM) and this private station at 105.7 FM.

I dropped in one night recently so that our student employee Daniel Fleming could interview DJ Rafael Fleming (also his Uncle). Daniel did the interview live on the air, first in English, then in Spanish, since Rafael's nightly program, Elbow 2 Elbow, is bilingual.

Rafael Fleming's interests are his family, radio broadcasting, and singing. He works Monday to Saturday, from 7:00PM - 10:00PM, and his program can be heard in Anguilla, of course, St.Martin, Antigua, Saba, St.Barts and other islands. Rafael used to work as a Fireman Officer in Santo Domingo and broadcast a public safety radio show for many years.

Station Owner Mellow Cello programs standard Caribbean-Pop music during the day, but nightly at 7PM Rafael shifts the emphasis to Spanish music. Rafael sees his Elbow 2 Elbow program, which has been on the air since May 1997, as one way to bring people together. He likes to bring the Spanish culture to the radio audience, but also to promote the local Anguilla bands such as AXA and Mussingtons. Visitors are welcome at the studio, or call 1-264-497-3919 to dedicate a song!

 Revised: July 14, 1998

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