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"The Bigger, the Better" is a commonly heard phrase, But Anguillians put a new twist on it as the first ever "Big, Better, Best" Fashion/Talent show came to life at the Landsome Bowl Cultural Centre on Friday, June 12th, courtesy of Anguilla's Custom Department. The Five voluptous beauties confidently strutted on and off stage for four appearances: Introduction, Sports Wear, Talent and finally, Evening Attire. These attractive ladies, "De Big Chief" (Carol Brooks), "Big Bumper Ann" (Shirley Hughes), "Sweet Miss Lucy" (Amorelle Bryan), "Heavy L" (Lorraine Brooks), and "Big Betty Lou" (Sandra Richardson). Weighing in at over 200 lbs. each, these young women were indeed big, but undoubtedly beautiful and talented as well.

The talent segment thrilled the audience as the participants peformed an array of monologies, songs and dances. The audience favourites were without questions the Comedic Monologies by "De Big Chief" and "Heavy L".

However, the talent segment wasn't the only side-splitting part of the evening. MC Shamash hosted the show in his usual provocative and risque, but exquisitely humorous fashion. Rossana Browne elegantly assisted him as the moderator for the evening.

This unique extravaganza proved to be quite a success for a first time run. There were a few Kinks (the show started over an hour late and the breaks between each segments were extremely long), but they can and will hopefully be ironed out in time for "Big, Better, Best" 1999.

Guest article by Jeannine Connor

 Revised: July 14, 1998

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