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[Click to enlarge view of Link Cat] The newest ferry at the Blowing Point terminal is the Link Cat, a large catamarran belonging to Franklyn Connor. It is licensed for 90 passengers, with a roomy lounge, plus bar and bathroom. And there is a large sundeck on top too.

The Link Cat was navigated from Florida to Anguilla by Lans Connor. He flew to Florida, added extra barrels of fuel on the roof, filled the cabin with purchases such as refrigerators and headboards, then took Link Cat across to Bimini, then Nassau, Exuma, down to South Caicos, across to Grand Turk. Then a 400 mile run to San Juan. The Link Cat made San Juan in a single 25-hour run, rested, and then on to its new home in Anguilla.
News Flash!
The Link Ferries web site has an incredible picture galley of the crossing between St Martin and Anguilla!

Franklyn's original Link ferry hasn't been retired. It now does a daily sheduled service between Blowing Point and Julianna Intl. Airport in Saint Maarten, leaving Anguilla daily at 12:10am, (12:30 during winter months). Telephone: 264-497-2231. More details on their web site.

Did it ever appear to you that the ferry and another boat appeared to be racing? Well, you're right. Sort of a drag race between Anguilla and St. Martin. Often if one of the charter boats is getting ready to leave, it will stall, waiting for the regular ferry departure, and then the race is on.

 Revised: May 15, 1998

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