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Stoney Ground Primary School Gets a Face Lift

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[Click to enlarge view of xxxx] On Sunday April 26 the Super Warriors Sports Club of Stoney Ground were out in full force plastering the walls of the Stoney Ground Primary School. "We have adopted this school", says the club's fund raising manager, Clinton Bryan. "We feel it is only fair that we put back something into the institution that has done so much for us and our children."

The Super Warriors has been competing in domino tournaments throughout the eastern Caribbean, the latest being in Nevis where they won two games out of three against the two clubs that they played. The club is organised like most social clubs in Anguilla, with an elected executive and various committees including a fund raising and discipline committee. The funds for this latest community effort were donated by "Jiggy" Gorge of North Side and Watkin Hodge of Stoney Ground. The club also collected donations from anyone driving by while they worked.

Guest article by Griffin Webster.

 Revised: April 30, 1998

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