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Day Cruise To St. Barths

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[Click to enlarge view of MV Deluxe] The MV Deluxe has begun day cruises from Anguilla to St. Barths. I just had to investigate when two people independently mentioned this new service to me in the same a week: Damien Harrigan of Island Harbour (while quizing me about the Internet for the debate team) and visitor Peter Wehmann who wrote:

We took the inaugural once-a-week ferry trip to St. Bart's on February 17 on the M/V Deluxe, leaving from Blowing Point at 9:15, going directly to Gustavia and returning at 5:30. Great fun! $65 per person and very enjoyable.

[Click to enlarge view of Captain Davis]

The MV Deluxe leaves Blowing Point at 9:15am, arrives in Gustavia and St. Barths at 10:30. You spend the day there and board for your return trip at 4pm. The round trip fare is $65, including open bar and snacks the trip. St. Barths is a wonderful place to visit for the day. It is very quaint, very French, very chic. They can arrange island tours.

The Captain is Joseph Davis. He had the MV Deluxe specially built in Lousiana to US standards. suitable as a party boat, a ferry boat and a cruiser. It is air conditioned, has a bathroom, sundeck, GPS, etc. Power is by Dual turbocharged Cummins Diesel 71s.

There is a cruise every Tuesday in season. Please call by Monday for a reservation. Telephone 264-497-8663, 6289 or 4754. Email to if you have any questions. Bring your swimsuit, a towel, your camera and proof of citizenship. You are on your own for lunch, but St. Barths has great restaurants. The Creme Brulee at the Carl Gustaf Hotel is the best I have tasted anywhere in the world (if you have $100 for lunch).

 Revised: March 17, 1998

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