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Trattoria Tramonto (Guest Article)

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[Click to visit Trattoria Tramonto web site] The Trattoria Tramonto restaurant on Shoal Bay West (not east!) opened in Fall 97 and now seems to be picking up steam, according to this review by Anguilla homeowner Steve Donahue:

"On 5 March, 1998, Suzan and I had the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique dining experience at Trattoria Tramonto, located at Shoal Bay West between Cove Castles and Blue Waters. Owner Alan Piazzi and his wife, Chantal, have totally remade the old Paradise Cafe, imported an excellent Chef from Italy, and given Anguilla a real taste of Northern Italy - complete with Italian opera as background music. Due to a recent storm, there is now a beautiful, wide beach in front of the restaurant, where Alan also rents beach chairs and umbrellas."

"Suzan and I started our meal with several well-made, very generous drinks, along with a basket of excellent, fresh made focaccia with olive oil & rosemary. We thought the bread basket could be greatly enhanced with the addition of a cloth napkin, as well as a few flavored olive oils - pesto, garlic, etc. We started with a goat cheese crepe appetizer (one of several specials offered) which was topped with an excellent sauce of besciamella and porcini mushrooms and placed under the broiler for a few minutes."

"As a main course, we had filetto ai due pepi, a Black Angus tenderloin with a peppercorn sauce, and red snapper alla marinara, a red snapper with capers, tomato, potato, olive oil . Both were prepared to perfection! Another surprise was the quality of the vegetables with the main course. Each meal was served with squash, tomato topped with cheese and bread crumbs, potatoes, and carrots - all excellent."

"And then the best part of the meal - dessert. Alan makes his own titamisu - a generous portion prepared with a sponge cake base, chocolate bits and a Kahlua with Amaretto biscuit filling - to die for!!"

"One final surprise with our visit - the service was some of the best we have seen - including here in the states. We were not rushed at all, but our courses arrived perfectly, with no long waits between courses. After vising most of the restaurants in Anguilla over the years - some of which are no longer there - we have to rate this one in the top five for value, service and quality of food. Drinks, dinner and desert came to about US$100 - very reasonable for the service and quality."

"P.S. While visiting Trattoria Tramonto, I noticed a great looking model of an Anguillian sailboat on the bar, painted in red, green and white (Italian flag colors) and named "Trattoria Tramonto". Alan informed me that Damien Carty, son of boat builder David Carty, makes and sells these models of the traditional racing boat. We ordered one with both customized colors and name, and will pick it up the next trip. I strongly recommend a trip to the restaurant to take a look at the model."

Guest article by Steve Donahue.

Read another description of Trattoria Tramonto by a neophyte exploring Anguilla's food!

For more information and a complete menu - less specials - visit their web page. For reservations, call 264-497-8819, or fax 264-497-6982 or email

Directions: Drive west to the end of the main paved island road. Turn left on a gravel road for Shoal Bay West and CoveCastles resort. Keep left on a sand road just behind the beach and you will run into the restaurant just before Blue Waters Beach Apartments.

 Revised: March 15, 1998

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