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Cotton Grows Wild

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[Click to view entire cotton 'tree'] Anguilla was once a cotton producer, and there are still cotton plants on the island and a cotton ginnery you can view in Old Cotton Gin Ice Cream Parlour. There are stories that the famous "sea island" cotton was brought to Georgia by a planter who discovered it on Anguilla after he purchased a small plantation here. Extensions to the story suggest that he subsequently moved to Mississippi and founded a town that he named Anguilla, Mississipi. It is hard to know how much of this is true, but there is such a town and Anguilla BWI did have a visitor from there recently whose personal family history confirmed some of the story.

This picture was taken by visitors Gordon and Laurie McDonald on the old side road along Forest Bay. This is their 3rd visit to Anguilla from Gabriola Island, BC, Canada, and they always spend a large portion of each trip exploring the plants and animals. They also found that it was possible to take a very economical two-day side trip to Dominica, which is incredibly lush with nature. They enjoyed themselves so much they made up a web page for the $24/night guest house they discovered on Dominica!

 Revised: March 15, 1998

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