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Anguilla's National Sport is racing traditional, open wooden sailboats. . . .

[Boat race: click for full-size image]
 May, 1997 - Site Map - Click to enlarge pictures

Start of the Easter Monday Boat Race - 1997

The races call for a unique skill, and the winners become Anguillian celebrities. The races are usually on holidays and draw an enthusiastic crowd, sometimes even following the race in car caravans. To win you must grab a flag from a buoy. The Race is Over (pic)
Read the new book, Nuttin' Bafflin' about Anguilla Boat Racing.

The next major race is on Anguilla Day, May 30th, completely around the island. It starts at Sandy Ground at 9:30am, heading north to Scrub Island, and ends at Sandy Ground at about 3pm. Ask around to join a chase boat. Among the 14 boats entered are Bluebird, DTree, DeChan, Light n'Peace. Carnival Races in August will be held on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 10th.

Read about the 1998 Easter Race.

François' Pictures of Anguilla

Pictures of Anguilla are appearing in quantity all over the Internet. François Desrochers of my Canadian firm Robelle has put eleven pictures of Anguilla on his personal home page. Each photograph is shown reduced, but you can click on them to see the full-size image. The pictures aren't labelled so you will have to guess which is Cap Juluca, Shoal Bay, and our dwelling on the Sea Rocks.

High School Has Web Page

Student Danny Laud of the Computer Club has created a new web page for the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School (our high school). He has started with two pictures of the school and a list of the department heads. If there is anything you alumni want to see, please send him email.

Tae Kwon Do Club Success in NY

Danny Laud has also put up a web page for the Tae Kwon Do Club of Anguilla, which is run by his father Emmanuel Laud. Nine members of the club are just back from competing in a New York City tournament and Danny reports that "the tournament consisted of over two hundred competitors from different cities from all around the world. We were sucessful and received five 1st place trophies, one 2nd and one 3rd."

Anguilla Profile: Julian Niles

Julian Niles Julian Niles is an Anguillian doing graduate study in Atlanta, Georgia, and the creator of the first Anguilla web site. He set up the Anguilla Home Page before there was any kind of Internet access in Anguilla. Julian remembers that he started the web page "to answer questions my classmates at Georgia Tech would ask about Anguilla." Today there are dozens of Anguilla web pages, but Julian was the pioneer. Be sure to visit the Anguilla Home Page using this link. He has pictures of beaches and tropical fish, history, culture, taxi fares and holidays, the Tete-a-Tete forum for posting messages, and much more.

Julian is a legendary brain in Anguilla. People's favorite story about him is how, when the teacher got sick, Julian took over and taught math at the high school. Now Julian is defending his doctoral thesis in physics at Georgia Tech: "The structural, electronic and vibrational properties of the C78 fullerene system".

"Fullerenes are a new class of all carbon compounds, much like diamond and graphite, with c60 and c70 being the two forms that occur in abundance. In the case of c60 and c70, there is only one isomer associated with them.

The fullerene that I am studying has five possible isomers associated with it. This fullerene system has been the center of eperimental and theoretical discrepency for a while. Of the five possible isomers, only three are observed experimentally. The various theoretical calculations predict results that do not agree with each other nor with experiment.

My research, which is theoretical, had me looking at things systematically and simulating the actual growth process of these isomers in attempt to understand the origin of the discrepency. These calculations are BIG and had to be done on Cray Supercomputers, just to give you a sense of the computing platform I use. The visualization and analysis of the results are done on Macs."

Julian grew up in South Hill. His mother, Vivian Niles, once operated a bakery and his father, Collins Niles, was in the boat building business. On the side, Julian also has a fun web business where you can buy and sell Toys, Pogs and Comics. Just the place to get that impossible to find Buzz Lightyear your children desperately want.

Whenever possible, Julian's preferred computer plaform is the Apple Macintosh. He noticed that the Anguilla computer club only teaches Microsoft Windows technology--why not Mac? There is a simple reason: only one Mac has been donated (by Marje Morani) and it is broken. But another Mac enthusiast from Phoenix, Bruce Toback, has provided the cable for an external SCSI disk drive and found a used external SCSI drive for it also.

Ting for Sale in Canada!

Ting is a popular soft drink of the Caribbean region enjoyed by many visitors to Anguilla. "Ting is an antidote to whatever bothers you" and an essential component of limin'.

Our Ting is produced in St. Kitts in recycled green Heinekin beer bottles, but the product was developed in Jamaica. Canadian Superstores had it for sale in Vancouver, British Columbia, last month, so ask your supermarket to stock it. The only difference was that it came in a brown bottle, probably a different kind of beer that they recycle in Jamaica. Here is a link to a Ting bottle cap.

What Happened Last Year At This Time?

Read the Anguilla Local News for May 1996 last year and see what was going on. And learn how to find Captains Bay and how to speak Anguillian.

See Conde' Nast Traveler 10th Anniv Issue

Kenny reports that "the latest issue of Conde' Nast Traveler magazine (the 10th Anniversary issue), has an article by Ron Hall on his favorite 10 islands out of the 250 he has reported on. He did not list by preference, only alphbetical, but, Anguilla is on the list! Others were: Bali, Bora Bora, Capri, Hvar, Kauai, Mykonos, Ponza, Upolo, and Zanzibar."

Music Festival at Mariners

Mariners Cliffside Resort in Sandy Ground is hosting a music festival the weekend of May 23rd, with Bankie Banx, Dumpa, Sparka, the Dimensions Band from NYC, Valarie Adams, Ritchie Buntin, Darvin Mussington, Prscella Gumbs, Johnny Lloyd, Carmen Saunders and Lennox Vanterpool. For more details, call 264-497-2671 or email to the hotel.

A Guided Tour of Meads Bay

[Meads Bay. Click for larger image] One of Anguilla's popular West End beaches is Meads Bay. This is a view of the beach as it looks standing midway and looking to the east. Please note that this picture was taken in March, during the height of tourist season. Hotels were full. Notice how crowded the beach is [not!] You can see the super-deluxe Malliouhana Hotel on the cliffs. This is a superb hotel with gigantic wine cellar and gourmet French food and excellent service. They are open all year except for September, when they are closed for maintenance. [Click for larger image]

Next door to the Malliouhana is the Carimar Beach Resort. This complex consists of condominium apartments with one to four bedrooms, right on the sand. The gardens are quite nice, as you can see from the picture to the right, also taken in March. Here is another view of Carimar. If you want more information, they have a web site: and email.

Continuing west comes Blanchards Restaurant, a favorite with visitors. The Anguilla Local News has a copy of their menu from October 1997 in the archives.

Next door to Blanchards is Nathan's Cove, a small beach apartment building with two 2-bedroom units on the ground floor and and an enormous 4-bedroom apartment upstairs. We stayed there on one of our first visits to Anguilla and enjoyed it. Suitable for a family reunion. Telephone: 264-497-6595. [Frangipani, click for larger image]

Continuing west you pass a long stretch of empty beach with no structures, followed by the small and plush Frangipani Resort. See picture right. We held a small conference there and were very impressed with the luxury apartments on the beach (which can be taken as 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms). Here is another recent picture showing Frangipani with the beach and Malliouhana in the distance. And here is an enthusiastic visitor report from last week, noting that their new restaurant is open and recommending it.

Next to the west are the Seagrapes Villas, consisting of apartments with kitchens, living room, and bedrooms all on different levels and with a roof top deck for an incredible view. Closed at press time. Telephone: 264-497-6433. Just behind and up the hill a bit (a short walk from the beach), is La Sirena, a hotel with two pools, very nice gardens and restaurant, and with villas. 264-497-6827. [Click to see larger image]

Here is a view from the middle of Meads Bay to the west. Near the La Sirena beach path is Sur La Plage, a privately owned beachfront estate with two villas that can be rented. Telephone: 401-423-1378. 264-497-6598. And on the bluff between Meads Bay and Barnes Bay you can see the large main buildings of Coccoloba/Meta Resort. 264-497-6871.

Number of casinos on Meads Bay: 0
Number of fast food places on Meads Bay: 0
Number of discount goldchain outlets on Meads Bay: 0
Number of t-shirt shops on Meads Bay: 0

Rent a Home Year-Round and Work?

"We've been searching the Internet for information on renting homes (year-round) in Anguilla and haven't found anything." That is from a recent email question that echoes many others:
My husband and I recently returned from a vacation in Anguilla...needless to say, we're in love! We are planning our next vacation and even entertaining thoughts of moving to the island. We found the fabulous site on building your own home but don't think we could swing that one yet. We've been searching the Internet for information on renting homes (year-round) in Anguilla and haven't found anything. Any suggestions?

What kind of employment opportunities exist for visitors?

Anguilla has numerous apartments and houses for rent. Almost the only way to rent a house long term is to be here. The best time to rent is in the off season - May through November. There is more demand for rentals during the Winter when snowbirds come down. It is very difficult to rent remotely. There is no central repository of rental information, so each person only knows a few places for rent. Anguillans own 98% of the property and they like to build. The way you find a rental is to stop in a neighborhood you like and start asking people.

There is no relationship between weekly vacation rental prices and monthly long-term rentals. One friend lives in a furnished house that costs US$500 per month, with two bedrooms, two baths and a beautiful view of St. Martin. One lady from Canada lived in a brand new one bedroom apartment above the old hospital on Crocus Hill with a spectacular view, for US$250 furnished. Since that apartment was near The Valley, she didn't own a car for the first year. Another couple rented a brand new apartment behind Cap Juluca for US$600 per month.

Anguilla is a small, homogenous society on a very desireable island, but there are some foreigners working here as teachers, waiters, chefs, technicians, accountants, and business operators. If you are seeking employement on the island, first you must have a job offer, then your employer applies for a work permit for you for a specific position. If you want to start your own business, you need both a business license and a work permit. Just because this is a small quaint place, we have similar procedures to larger countries. Granting and renewal of work permits is not automatic and waits of six months are possible. One tip: before you come to Anguilla, obtain your original birth certificate, marriage certificate, and college transcript, plus a police report from your last place of residence.

Immaculate Villa and Apt For Sale

Paul Robito of New Hampshire has decided to sell his villa Harbour View in Anguilla. He just works too hard and only gets to use it a couple of weeks a year. Here is the web page for the house, with an apartment on the ground floor. Offered for sale at $325,000 or rent it for your vacation at $200 per night ($80 for the apartment).

Anguilla - Tranquil Isle

[Tranquil isle] In March 1997 we reported on the launch party for a fantastic new book on Anguilla. I contacted the UK publisher of Anguilla-Tranquil Isle of the Caribbean as to the availability in the USA. He replied that "it's a bit difficult at present. We do not have very satisfactory arrangememts for our books in the States. Some of our guides (but not Anguilla) are distributed by Hunter Publishing, but by no means all of them and the availability is very patchy."

You can of course order the book from Anguilla, but I had heard that people were finding the book in UK bookstores. Not being one to give up, I searched the Internet for a web site that sells the book and would ship anywhere. I found it at and they seem to offer the entire Macmillan Caribbean catalog.

Macmillan Caribbean publishes an incredible line of books on every island, flowers, trees, fish, birds, even history and a full line of Caribbean textbooks. The manager Michael Bourne is looking for new US distributors. He writes "If you happen to know of an operation, possibly Florida-based, that might be interested in handling our Caribbean books in the US, then I will be very interested to follow up on any such suggestions.?" Here is how you to contact him:

     Michael Bourne          Direct tel.line: 44-1256-302804
     Manager                 Direct fax: 44-1256-818858
     Macmillan Caribbean     E-mail:
     RG21 6XS

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Report Anguilla
83F 60% Humidity, Mostly Sunny April 30th
Low temp in last 30 days 75F
High temp in last 30 days 88F
Weatherpost live 5-day forecast Link

A Visitor Trip Report

What experienced visitors have to say after a trip to Anguilla can be very useful for people planning their first visit. For example, this couple not only enjoyed many of our well-known restaurants (I have linked each name in the report to the news article containing the restaurant's menu), but they also had good luck with a local road side stand that I now want to try (click on the thumbnail picture below for a full-size picture):
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 97
From: Gary & Jill Caputi 
My wife, Jill, and I just got back from our fourth trip to Anguilla last week (March 20 - 26), and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your Internet newsletter, and how useful it was to us while we were visiting.

Also, I thought I'd pass on some of our experiences in case you'd like to add them to your newsletter; and if you do, please feel free to add an e-mail link ( to my name in case anyone would like to write.

As we have for each of the past three years, we stayed at Cinnamon Reef again this year. As always, the owners Rich and Carol Hauser, along with their truly wonderful staff (special recognition to Malt with the water sports on the beach and Charmagne in the Palm Court during breakfast), continue to foster a friendly, low-key, and relaxed environment, and we truly enjoyed our stay on Little Harbour. We'd recommend Cinnamon Reef to anyone! [Click for larger picture]

Among the places we stopped for lunches during the week was the Trailer/barbeque next door to the Aquarium Restaurant: wonderful barbeque chicken (two orders and two Caribs cost only $6 US)!
[Editor: the trailer is pictured here and is located in South Hill to the west of the Sandy Ground roundabout.]

Dinner stops (is it possible to have a bad dinner anywhere on Anguilla?): The Palm Court at Cinnamon Reef: Vernon, now the head chef since Zef has left, is doing a terrific job. The meals and their presentation are both creative and excellent! Among our favorites were the baked snapper over key-lime fettucine, and the Anguillian rock grouper. LeDuc's: we had a wonderful evening there, chatting with the owners, and enjoying a fabulous meal (the tuna was wonderful!). KoalKeel: dinner was excellent, as it always is, and it was fun to have Charmagne (from Palm Court) as our waitress, and to have the Captain, Ambrose, recognize us from our mutual St. Martin days, back in 1990. Zara's: we chose this based on your review in a past newsletter as well as based on a recommendation from some friends (Grove and Jean Ely who have a lovely house near Betty Hill villas), and we were not disappointed -- Shamash is doing great things there, the lobster pasta is especially noteworthy). Arlo's: very good Italian food with a Caribbean flair, and a big improvement over its pre-Luis days.

Faster Internet Access

Cable and Wireless has added a 128K link from Anguilla to Antigua, effectively doubling the maximum speed and throughput of Internet access in Anguilla.

Harbour Villas Web Page

Reasonably-priced Harbour Villas in the center of the working fishing village of Island Harbour has email now and a web page:

Harbour Villas is run by Bevin and Phyllis Richardson and gets high marks from visitors. They have apartments that overlook Island Harbour and Scilly Cay. Staying here allows you to sample village life, while still being within walking distance of gourmet restaurants and a 10 minute ride from Shoal Bay. Off season rates vary from $80 to $150 (for a 3 bedroom apartment).

Damien Hughes of Anguilla

Young Damien Hughes went off to college and made himself into an Ambassador. This article that he posted to Julian Niles' Anguilla Tete-a-Tete forum describes his experience:
Four years ago, I began a new chapter in my life--College. The advancement of one's self at the tertiary educational level is something that I have believed in for a long time. What caused me to accept a tennis scholarship from a college in Georgia, is the fact that my Tennis Coach knew nothing about the Caribbean or Anguilla. Being an individual who loves challenges, I vowed to come to Georgia and make everyone aware of the existence of our "Tranquility Wrapped in Blue".

When I arrived in Tifton, GA, everyone on the Tennis Team was curious because I was the first Caribbean, Black, and under 21 years of age tennis player that had graced the courts in the school's 123 year history. Despite its high acclamations, this college still had a lot to learn from this Anguillian. The questions multiplied as time progressed, so much so that I had to call the Anguilla Tourist Board for reinforcement. At a recently concluded "Cultural Diversity Week" display, the presentation on Anguilla won first place. It was the only place that had people asking questions as to how to get there and when is the best time to go. When questioned about their curiosity, many persons stated that were very impressed with the Beaches, Hotels, and Menus of some of the Restaurants (Blanchards, Eclipse). As for further information I referred them to the Anguilla Home Page on the internet.

To date there have been 12 Students and Faculty members who are planning a visit to Anguilla during Carnival. So, indeed Anguilla is still the best kept secret in the Caribbean.

Damien further writes that he is homesick for Anguilla and would appreciate any news that anyone would send him!

Damien is also the volunteer tournament director of Anguilla's free summer tennis camp.

The Arts and Crafts Center

[Click to see full size picture] The Arts and Craft Center building is located next door to the Library in The Valley. You can buy locally made needlework, sewing, ceramics, handicrafts, and art work, plus maps, post cards, and books (they have most of the books listed on my books page).

The hours are 9 AM to 4PM, Monday thru Friday. Drop in and pick up some unique souvenirs while you are in The Valley. 264-497-2200.

Sonesta Featured in Magazine Article

The March/April 1997 issue of Caribbean Travel and Life has an article on page 38 about Sonesta Beach Resort on Anguilla. The authors had a wonderful time at Sonesta and praise it highly: "The powder white beach on Rendezvous Bay continues the fantasy, scultped by the constant breeze into wavy patterns and Egyptian dunes. Thatched huts and haammocks add the perfect Caribbean touch."

Computer Club Now In Arts/Craft Center

[Click to see full size picture] The Anguilla Library Computer Club has moved into larger quarters at the back of the Arts and Crafts Center, immediately to the right of the library. This room is 3 times the size of our old room in the National Trust building. On our first meeting in the new facility, Nancy Peace of Massachusetts dropped in with a Panasonic printer to donate. (Click the picture of her and Vince to see it larger.) And she brought ribbons, a manual, and some ideas on how to get it to work. With her help we were able to connect it to an old HP Vectra DOS system and start printing announcements and cards. While Nancy visited with us, her friend had a lesson from Miguel on designing a house on the computer.

Soon after we had a visit from Teacher Joanne Clark's second grade class at Linda Banks' Omolulu School here in Anguilla. The students practiced arithmetic skills in a version of Space Invaders, identified words in Word Rescue, made Mother's Day cards with our new printer, wrote short letters to the teacher in a word processor, and learned to type. Klaus, the photographer from Wired magazine, dropped in and took numerous pictures of the children. He was here to shoot photos for an upcoming article on the Financial Cryptography 97 conference.

Read the history of the club.

Anguilla and FC 97 on Japanese TV

Mon, April 28th at 8 pm on NHK's TV channel in Japan, there was a 60 minute documentary called "Crypto Wars". The show has something on the Financial Cryptography 97 conference that was held in Anguilla in February and also something on Vince Cate. No one in Anguilla has seen the documentary yet, but we hope to get a video tape. For a bit more on this documentary, check out this link.

Anguillian Cricketer to Play in England

Lanville Harrigan, captain of our cricket team, is off to England for a six week stint playing club cricket for Lasham Cricket Club in Kent.

AOL Messsage Boards

The Internet has many corners and neighborhoods, some of which are not open to everyone. An example is AOL, American On-Line. They provide their millions of customers with access to the Internet (so they can read this news page) but also provides them with custom services that are not accessible to non-AOL users.

It so happens that many Anguilla visitors are AOL members and they take advantage of the AOL Message Boards to post their comments and complaints, sometimes leading to very lively exchanges of opinion.

If you are an AOL member, you reach the Anguilla Message Board by clicking on Travel, then International, then Caribbean, then Anguilla. You will find a friendly group of experienced travellers who can answer any question about your trip to Anguilla.

If you want to access your AOL account while in Anguilla, follow the instructions on this page.

Coccoloba Closing for Construction

The existing Coccoloba Meta Resort is closing on May 15th for six months, during which it will undergo major renovation and expansion, including the construction of 60 additional rooms. Anyone with a reservation should rebook at another hotel. Here is a web page with all hotel phone numbers and email.
Update: Coccoloba reopened August 1st. Check these pictures.

New Phone Number. Coccoloba/Meta Resort has a new telephone number, 264-497-8178. They have discontinued three of their old numbers (6871, 6877, 6195) and don't answer 6771 anymore. And those are the four numbers listed in the telephone directory.

Sandy Island - Past and Present

Sandy Island of the Past Sandy Island is a tiny islet with a lagoon just off Road Bay. This sliver of an island is a favorite excursion destination in Anguilla. On April 16th 1997, Richard Berglund of Chicago sent me a picture of Sandy Island taken 8 or 10 years ago:

"I started visiting Anguilla back in the 60's with my Dad and it is the only place in the world as far as I'm concerned. I'm still in a state of 'denial' as far as phones, traffic lights and hotels are concerned but give me another 20 years and I'll get over it. And Anguillians are truly God's people.

Several years ago my father and I went up and flew around Anguilla taking some pictures and I took this air shot of Sandy Island half drapped out the side of a little Cessna. It is one of my all time favorite pictures that I have ever taken of anything. If you like it too... then I'm happy to share it with you for inclusion in your web site. My dad is Dave Berglund at Little Harbour and Seafeathers Bay."

Update: We sailed out to the lagoon at Sandy Island on the catamaran Chocolat in April 1997. There was no one else there. We swam, snorkelled and our Captain bought us a round of drinks at the small beach bar on the islet. Sandy Island used to be the most photographed spot in Anguilla, since it was a beautiful narrow island about 25 by 150 yards with a calm shallow, reef protected lagoon on the leeward side, covered in swaying palm trees.

Since Hurricane Luis it has come back, except that it doesn't look the same without the tall coconut palms. New ones have been planted but they are only about 7 feet tall. Next season they should be fine. The beach bar has been rebuilt and is very nice--we all played with the waitress' young daughter. The snorkelling on the reef was good -- many species of tropical fish to see. For comparison with the past, here is a 1997 picture of Sandy Island.

May Events

Labour Day. Thursday, May 1st. There was a traditional fun day at Ronald Webster park with competitions between teams from different companies and organizations, food, drink, noise, excitement. You may have missed it, but put it on your calendar for next year.
Mothers Day. Sunday, May 11th. A big day in Anguilla. Straw Hat restaurant is starting a new Anguilla tradition: brunch every Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Phone 264-497-8300.
Spelling Bee for primary schools at Ruthwill auditorium. May 22nd. Sponsored by Cable and Wireless.
Music Festival. May 23rd, Friday, dinner and concert US$35. May 24, Saturday, Concert on the Beach, US$10. Local, regional, and US performers. Mariners, Sandy Ground. Phone 264-497-2671.
Whit Monday. Public Holiday. Monday, May 19th. Stores will be closed so do your grocery shopping before Sunday noon. This is also a holiday in St. Martin, so the beaches in Anguilla will be fuller than usual for a May weekend.
Revolution Exhibit at the National Trust Museum building in The Valley. This exhibit tracing the momentous events that led to the separation of Anguilla from St. Kitts will commemorate the 30th anniversary of the bloodless revolution. The exhibit will open on May 29th 4:30 PM and will run all summer. At the same event will be the launching of Daisy Wong's Poetry book.
Anguilla Day. Public holiday, Friday, May 30th. Boat races at Sandy Ground starting at 11 AM. This is the 30th anniversary of the Anguilla Revoluation, so there will be special events all over the island, such as a battle of the string bands at the Red Dragon Disco, and a competition among primary schools. Ask around.
UVI Band Concert. The acting Governer of Anguilla and the alumni of the University of the Virgin Islands are sponsoring a concert on Saturday night, May 31st. The UVI Concert Band will be performing at the conference center of the Inter-Island Hotel. $32 EC, $12 US.
Caribbean Rhythms Features Anguilla on May 31st. According to their web page, The Caribbean Rhythms Cable TV show on BET has another show about Anguilla on Saturday May 31st at 2PM EDT, repeated again at midnight.
Are You Coming in June? Don't forget, the Queen's birthday is a as a holiday.

An Anguilla Booster

Steve Hammond a friend and business colleague reports the following:
I was listening to a sports-talk station here in Washington, DC, last week. One guest/local sportswriter (Washington Post) comes on and announces he is just back from his honeymoon in Anguilla. He then spends the next 10 minutes not talking about sports and talking about how wonderful a time he had in Anguilla! The beaches, the restaurants, the hotels. Obviously he liked it.

Area Code Reminder

Although the area code for Anguilla has changed to 264, there are still places in the world that have not reprogrammed their telephone switches to recognize 264. So, try 264--if that doesn't work, try 809.

"Nuttin Bafflin" - The Story of the Anguilla Racing Boat

[Nuttin Bafflin'] Another fantastic new book on Anguilla has been published-- this one is about the history, theory, and practice of Boat Races, the national sport. "Nuttin Bafflin" by David Carty, the well-known Anguillian boat builder, is packed with well-written and interesting history and anecdotes, going back to the 17th century. This book gives a fascinating insight into a unique national enthusiasm that is central to the Anguillian culture. And it is fun to read. The title, "Nuttin Bafflin", is boat talk meaning "no bad winds ahead". If a 'flaw' or puff of wind is coming across the surface of the sea towards the boat, the way the fine surface ripples appear allow it to be read. A baffling flaw is one that comes at a boat almost head-on and will surely head the boat away from the finish if it hits.
News Updates!
Scale models of an Anguillia racing boat.
1998 Easter Race.
1997 August Races.
1997 Easter Race.
Another article on boat racing.

Read this book to find out the history that makes sailing such a part of the Anguillian psyche. Do you wonder what keeps these open boats from capsizing? The secret is in the Captain's foot, but you will have to read the book to discover why. The book is $10US and is only available in Anguilla. You can buy a copy with you VISA card by phoning Olive Hodge at the Anguilla Drug Store at 264-497-2738 and she will mail it to you.

More books about Anguilla.

Anguilla Reports on the Net

Three recent visitor reports:

Allamanda Beach Club, Shoal Bay: "We would go back in a minute and would recommend the Allamanda without hesitation." Full visitor report. Hotel web page. A new web page with seven pictures of Allamanda.

Cinnamon Reef, Little Harbour: "We checked out other resorts and can honestly say that for our money, we had the best." Full visitor report. Hotel web page.

Anguilla Great House, Rendezvous Bay: "Small enough to give you the pampering you deserve, yet large enough to get lost if you want." Full visitor report. Hotel web page. A new web page with 13 revealing pictures of Anguilla Great House, including Will and Elvis.

Here is a visitor who loved the restaurant at Cove Castles, and here is a picture of the resort.

Vince Cate has put a photo essay of Sombrero Lighthouse on his web site. Rodco Car Rentals has a web page now.

The Objective Observer columns from the Light newspaper are archived at The Travelfacts web site has a web page on Anguilla. And three of our restaurants made it into the Microsoft web page on Anguilla: Hibernia Restaurant, Scilly Cay, and Johnnos.

Anguilla Vaudeville Show

The Evan Gumbs Community Choir presented a variety show, "Back to Days of Old in Song & Dance" on May 2nd, 1997 at the Ruthwill Auditorium. Dr. Linda Banks was the M.C. and the program consisted of over 20 acts. How does a visitor find out about such local activites? Listen to Radio Anguilla 1505 AM (in fact, bring a small radio with you and catch all the local news and announcements). Or ask the locals, the maid who cleans your room, the front desk, or the grocery clerk. It's worth the effort.

The Evan Gumbs Choir appeared several times, starting with the Tennessee Waltz changing partners song and dance, reappearing later with When I Grow Too Old to Love, Pal of Mine, and Juanita, and closing the show with the traditional Anguillian Smugglers Song. Daisy Richardson gave a musical rendition on her organ, played with one finger, the Youth Choir of the Catholic Church sang several songs, there were songs by Sylvia Brooks, by Shirley and Rose, by Kaye of Island Harbour, by Joan and Jane, and by Shirley Gumbs.

Ophelia Carty gave the opening remarks and recited a wonderful (and short) poem. The young men of the Sr. Anglican AYPA East End (including Fritz Smith) presented a hilarious silent comedy skit. The men's chorale from St. Augustines sang beautifully. Margaret Ouwehand, dressed in man's suit with my panama hat, performed a humourous song and dance version of Heart of My Heart and returned later for the closing remarks.

The Tre Plus One girls dance group from Blowing Point performed several dances to music, including a merengue demo with Christobel of George Hill trying to keep up with them. Kingsley on keyboard and Leo on sax provided musical numbers. In his duets, Albert added humourous musical asides whenever the songs got too serious. There was a humourous Skit by Christobel (the lady) and Eileen (dressed in rags as her old suiter). After so long apart, she only wants him if he has money in his pocket, so he goes back across the street to find another woman. Following this was a hilarious recitation by Eileen Carty, "My Get and Go Got Up and Went".

Anguilla's First Theme Park

[Click for larger view of Sydney's] Sydney Gumbs has fixed up a small old-time wooden house as it would have looked fifty years ago. The home is quaint, attractive, with careful attention paid to details, such as a rag-stuff mattress on the bed, and contains unique items such as the demijohns that the smugglers used to carry rum (to find out about demijohns, read David Carty's new book on boat racing). Interior photograph of the house.

On Grand Opening Day, May 10th, Sydney posed for a closeup photo with the sugar cane he had cut for the occasion. Sydney's sister once lived in the house for 15 years, so he remembers how it used to be. Every item in the house has a story behind it and Sydney knows them all. For example, the white cloth bag on the floor in the corner. Sydney explained to me that people used to keep all their clothes folded in a bag in the old days, instead of in a dress. If a couple had a spat, the wife could always pick up her bag and be gone in a minute. 264-497-2135. And he has genuine Anguillian Hot Sauce for sale. Located George Hill, main road (used to be the drive-up Hagen Daz ice cream). Open 10 to 8.

First we had no museums on Anguilla, now we have three. The Heritage Collection, and the National Trust exhibit on the Revolution, and now Sydney's Historical House.

Angullian Chef Vernon Hughes on TV

The Discovery Channel was on Anguilla to film Vernon Hughes of Cinnamon Reef for their Chefs of the Caribbean television series. Vernon started at the hotel as a dishwasher and over the years has apprenticed under numerous master chefs, eventually working his way up to Executive Chef of their fine Palm Court restaurant.

Billys' Pastry and Cafe

[Click to see full size picture] Maxine Herbert-Webster has opened a fun cafe in The Valley across the street from the post office. It has a covered verandah with outdoor seating that allows you to watch the business of Anguilla pass by as you sip a coffee. and serves breakfast, lunch and snacks, and sells baked goods. And they have knocked down the walls that made it so difficult to see when driving out of the Caribbean Commercial Center parking lot. We stopped in for a nice lunch and especially recommend the eggplant fries. 264-497-2844.

Billy's Menu - Prices in EC$ and US$

Lunch MenuAll prices in E.C.$ (US$ shown for a few items)
Hamburgers 6.50 US2.50 Cheese Burgers8.00 US3.00
Vege Burgers 8.50 US3.25 Ham & Cheese Burgers 8.00 US3.00
Big Billy (Double Burger served with the works) 13.00 US5.00 Burgers are served with potato or eggplant fries or home made potatoes
Chicken 15.00 Chef 18.00 Tuna 15.00 Lobster 26.00 Caesar 13.00
From the Grill
Tender Chicken Breast 16.50 Local Filet of Fish 18.50
Grill specials are served with Vegetables, Peas and Rice or Potatoes of your choice. Rafe's French Bread is available at additional cost of US $1
Breakfast Menu
Two eggs, scrambled, fried, boiled or sunny side up, cooked to your liking! Served with toast and Home-Made Potatoes. 10.50 US 4.00
Bacon is served with one egg.
Sausages. Served with toast and home made potatoes. 12.00 US4.50
French Toast served with fruit. 8.50 US3.25
Pancakes served with fruit. 8.50 US3.25
Coffee 2.00 Lipton 1.50 Herbal Tea 2.00
Bush Tea 1.50 Orange Juice 3.50 Local Mango Juice 5.00
Sandwiches. Served from 7am to 6pm on French Bread.
Grill cheese 7.50 Tuna 7.50 Fish (Fillet) 10.50
Ham & Cheese 7.50 Beef 8.00 Turkey 7.50
Billys' Club 8.00 All with fries or home-made potatoes.
Cakes by the Slice
Cheese cake 5.00 Lemon Cake 5.00 Strawberry Cheese Cake 6.00
Apple Pie 5.00 Chocolate Pie 4.25 Pound Cake 4.00
Black Cake 6.00 Lemon Tart 5.00 Orange Carrot Cake 4.50
Muffins 0.80 Dough Nuts 1.00

Omolulu School

[Omolulu School. Click for larger image] Anguilla has a private elementary school which has a high reputation with parents. The Teacher Gloria Omolulu Institute is now in its third year and has 60+ pupils from 3 to 8 years old. They have moved to new premises in the two storey building surrounded by palms on the corner behind the airport. The building has several rooms, but some larger rooms are divided into sections for different grades. Each year the school has added support for another grade level, and it plans to continue that process until 6th grade. It currently has two pre-school and three primary classes. Founder, Executive director and Principal is Dr. Linda Banks. 264-497-5430.

Anguilla Among Top 10 of the World

Last issue we had a report from Kenny that Anguilla was selected by Ron Hall in the Conde Nast Traveler 10th Anniversary issue as one of the ten ultimate islands in the world, along with Bali, Bora Bora and Zanzibar. This was based on his ten years visiting 250 islands and writing on them. We still haven't received our May copy of the magazine yet, but the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association has seen it and issued a press release.

Ron Hall declares our beaches in a league of their own and that the powdery white sands of Anguilla "leave other islands way behind."

According to the report, Anguilla ranks as the only Caribbean island in the top ten because of its size and ease. "Anguilla is small and gregarious and has an enjoyable village life" writes Hall. It is a place where one "could sit down in a strategic spot and be sure that in the course of the day, everyone you wanted to see on the island would pass by - not too often, but at least once."

Carnival Schedule

Thursday, July 31 Opening Ceremonies 6:30pmLandsome Bowl
Friday, August 1International Guest Artist Night 8:00pmLandsome Bowl
Saturday, August 2Junior Calypso Show8:00pmLandsome Bowl
Sunday, August 3Prince and Princeess Show6:00pmLandsome Bowl
Monday, August 2August Monday Boat Races11:00amSandy Ground
Miss Teenage Pageant 8:00pmLandsome Bowl
Tuesday, August 5Boat Races 11:00am Island Harbour
Africa Revisted 8:00pm Landsome Bowl
Wednesday, August 6 Boat Races 11:00am Blowing Point
Calypso Monarch Competition 8:00pm Landsome Bowl
Thursday, August 7 Boat Races 11:00am Meads Bay
Miss Anguilla Queen Pageant 8:00pmLandsome Bowl
Friday, August 8 Parade of Troupes10am to 6pmThe Valley
Saturday, August 9Leeward Islands Calypso Competition8:00pmLandsome Bowl
Sunday, August 10Champion of Champion Boat Race 11:00am Sandy Ground
Carnival Jam "Krosfyah" 9:00pm The Valley
This is a tentative schedule obtained from the Arts Festival (overlaps Carnival), so it may change slightly. Hopefully there will be some more information for visitors explaining what the events are all about. In past years there has been a street dance on Sunday night/Monday morning starting around 2 or 3 am and lasting until dawn. Trucks with bands drive slowing around The Valley with fans dancing and partying in the streets behind. There are always people by the side of the road selling food and cold drinks out of the trunk of their car.

Good Works on Anguilla

Weather Report Anguilla
84F 61% Humidity, Mostly Sunny May 14th
Low temp in last 15 days 77F
High temp in last 15 days 86F
Low humidity in last 15 days 54%
High humidity in last 15 days 80%
Weatherpost live 5-day forecast Link
The Rotary Club built their fourth school playground, this time in the West End. These playgrounds were paid for with funds raised by the annual Rotary Jeep raffle. Thanks to all who bought a $100 ticket. Rotary members also rebuilt an ancient wooden house occupied by 77-year old Brother Hodge in George Hill. It is located on the corner where you turn to Cinnamon Reef and has suffered badly over the years. Rotary members installed new doors, shutters and windows, and new shingles on the side. The Interact Club painted the interior.

The Public Works Department is painting all the speed bumps yellow, to warn the driving public. The Optimists Club recently presented Phonics-Reading packages to each of the primary schools and the Gloria Omolulu School. The Trendsetters staff social club at Carribean Commerical Bank donated a PC to the high school. The Soroptomists have been extending their Day Care Centre behind the library. They also sponsor story telling for children every Saturday morning. This is held in the library and has drawn as many as 100 children. Cable and Wireless donated two PCs to the primary schools and plan to eventually provide one PC for each school.

Harbor Lights

[Click for larger view of Harbor Lights sea view] Harbor Lights is a small, quiet inn on the waterfront in the village of Island Harbour. (Click for garden/shore picture.) Their phone number is 264-497-4435 and they offer four rental units, all with sea views of Island Harbour, Scilly Cay, and the open ocean, and sixty feet from their private beach equipped with shade and lounge furniture (the shore is rocky coral, but they have built their own sandy area and a path through the coral into the water [Shore Picture] ). Snorkelling along the shore is reportedly excellent.

"Patio areas include access to gas grill and utensils. All units re-modeled in 1996 include kitchen area, private bathroom with solar hot water shower, queen bed (except unit 3 with a full bed)." Kathy the manager says she can arrange a rental car at Apex for as little as $168/week.

Go to sleep to the sound of the surf, plus prices are very reasonable: $50-$70/night in the summer ($70-$100 in the winter). One visitor described Harbor Lights to me as "his home base away from home" and said how much he enjoyed being part of the village scene (visiting Smitty's for a beer, the Country Bar for barbequed chicken, etc.) For more information and another picture, visit this web site. They don't have a computer (perhaps that is one of the reasons they can keep the rates so low), but you can email queries to the sister Karen at (this is a family project, each of the brothers and sisters looks after a part of the work).

Don't confuse Harbor Lights with Harbour View villa or Harbour Villas. All are in Island Harbour and all good places to stay, but Harbor Lights is toward the east end of town on the shore, Harbour View is a private villa on the west edge of town, and Harbour Villas is a small apartment resort on the hill above Cyril's Fish House near the dock in town. I had a nice email from Wendy Boston saying "We have just spent 3 1/2 weeks on Anguilla at Harbour Villas which overlooks Island Harbour and Scilly Cay. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful and our host at Harbour Villas, Phyllis Richardson, is the most delightful of people."

Police Foil Attempted Bank Robbery

The big news in Anguilla this week was the attempted robbery of the Barclays Bank. The island is swirling with rumours, but the hard facts seem to be that the police were tipped off to a plot to rob the bank. They set up an armed operation to catch the culprits in the act. On Tuesday, May 6th at about 5 PM, a suspicious vehicle pulled up in front of the bank. The police were waiting and cut off the street at both ends. They took the suspects into custody without a shot being fired.

Six young men aged 19 to 35 were arrested, although two were later released. On Wednesday four of the men were charged with "conspiracy to rob while being armed with an offensive weapon". Bail was later set at $1 million EC for the four. Reportedly, one was from Guyana, two from St. Marteen, and one from St. Kitts, although some of them may have been residing in Anguilla. There's an old Anguillian saying, "Every tree is a man" (or "walls have eyes"). It proves it's not easy to keep secrets or rob banks in Anguilla.

Continue virtual vacation with previous issue.

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