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Smitty's in Island Harbour

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Smitty's Bar and Restaurant and its unique proprieter Smitty have been a landmark in Anguilla for years. After Hurricane Luis converted his funky beach bar into actual debris, many visitors worried about Smitty. Have no fear--Smitty is back. He bought the derelict two-story concrete nightclub next door and started over. At first it was a little sterile, but Smitty soon made it more comfortable with pictures on the wall, piles of shells, lattice work and a beach full of casual tables and umbrellas.
Smitty's Web Page.
Kaitlin's Visit to Anguilla.

We dropped in last week and the fries were crisp, the ribs were fine, and the portions were generous. Smitty says he cooks all the food. Here is his simple, reasonably priced menu as of December 1997 (other Anguilla menus):

Main dishes are served with French Fries, Peas & Rice or Curried Rice, and salad.

Smitty has live music on weekends, and he has a huge nightclub upstairs that can even hold fans of The Mussingtons. For night life, he added a big screen TV, a juke box, a pool table, and a couple of video games. Telephone: 264-497-4300.

Feedback: While browsing through the back issues of the Anguilla News, Terry Carden noticed our article about Smitty's:
Thanks for publishing the photo and short write-up on Smitty's. I must respectfully take you to task for not including a stronger recommendation for having dinner with Smitty. Smitty has the best lobster prices on Anguilla, and also makes the best chicken on the planet. If you're lucky, he will be out of both for lunch and will grill you a piece of "old wife" (trigger fish) - it'll blow you away.

As an old Caribbean hand of more than 25 years, I can attest that Smitty is the "Real McCoy." The only thing bigger than his heart is the welcome he extends to visitors. My wife and I offered help to Smitty after the tragedy of Hurricane Luis, but, as with most Anguillian's, he preferred to pull hismself up by his own bootstraps. In short, visitors can spend $200 on dinner at Pimms, or visit Smitty's for a taste of real Caribbean hospitality. [Editors note: Pimms never reopened after Luis, but Smitty's did! We went for crayfish dinner with another couple recently and had a great meal.]

 Revised: December 12, 1997

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