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Models of traditional Anguillian racing boats
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Damian Carty and his younger brother Marcus have a unique new business: they make scale models of traditional racing boats. Damian, who is eighteeen, started making the models of the open wood racing boat of Anguilla last year. They use narrow strips of white pine, shaped and formed just like the real boats. The models are 16" long and 20" high, while the real boats are 27' long and 45' high. The rigging comes down like a real boat does for trailering, but the model, masts and sails stow in a special box for travel.
[Click to enlarge Damian] Damian Carty, model boat creator. Click to enlarge.

The boat stands on a plexiglas base cut out in the shape of Anguilla, with two plexiglas dolphins as holders and a 25 cent piece in the bottom for balance (it is a tradition among many boaters to place a coin under the low step of the mast for good luck when the boat is being rigged). Damian will even custom name your boat to whatever you want, and paint the name on the side before you take delivery.

During the busy winter tourist seasons you can see the model racing boats and purchase them at gift shops such as Savannah Gallery, Rainbows, CoveCastles, and Malliouhana. The price is $250 US for the 16" model and $295 for the 19" size, including a copy of their father's highly recommended book on boat racing, Nuttin' Bafflin'. Until the model boats are in all the gift shops, you can telephone 264-497-3782 and order a boat directly from Damian and his brother. Fax: 264-497-5814. Since the boat packs down into a special box, they can ship it via UPS.  Revised: December 01, 1997

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