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Anguilla News

Anguilla's new benchmark for luxury is Altamer, on the beach at Shoal Bay West. . . .

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 2002/01/06 - Click to enlarge pictures

Altamer Resort

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When we went to stay the night, Altamer sent a taxi to pick us up, so that we wouldn't have to make the "arduous" 10-mile drive from our end of Anguilla. John the butler gave us a gracious tour and explained the amenities to us, including the touch screen sound system that allows you to select what type of music you want in each room (or outdoor area!) and the volume. Even bring your own CDs and create your own ambience.

After a special greeting cocktail and canapes, we took a swim in the enormous pool, then refreshed ourselves with cold handcloths that had been cooled with just a hint of anisette.

After a nap in our equally enormous master suite, and a cocktail on the porch at sunset, Carl the assistant butler walked us over to the restaurant where Chef Leduc prepared a memorable dinner.

In the morning we had brunch by the pool, with fresh banana muffins by Maurice Leduc, another swim, read our books, and enjoyed an expert massage by Yvette and Hope. After a final look at the beach, we were whisked back home by taxi again! A 24 hour taste of the good life.


[Click to enlarge] Master bed with linen bedclothes
[Click to enlarge] Elegant villa entry way
[Click to enlarge] The beach
[Click to enlarge] Rooftop deck and telescope
[Click to enlarge] The dining table
[Click to enlarge] The skywalk!
[Click to enlarge] One of the sitting areas
[Click to enlarge] Cigar humidor


Do you wonder what you get when you are in the lap of luxury?

What you get is Pampered.

Naturally you get a beachfront villa with private pool, plus tennis court, pool table, the beach, watersports, and a fitness center.

But you also get a cigar humidor, an elevator, your choice of air conditioning or breeze cooling (with windows that open!), your own butler, and two assistant butlers. Your own fully stocked kitchen.

Executive Chef Maurice Leduc supervises all the meals in the adjoining restaurant, plus you have a dedicated chef just for your own private villa. Before you arrive, John the butler emails you with sample menus to select from, a survey to find out your personal preferences, and a guide to what to expect at Altamer.

If you arrive at St. Maarten's airport, you can be picked up by boat and dropped right on the beach at Altamer!

Hand-made bed linen from Turkey, ironed with lavender water (and you can order a set for home from only $3000).

Beautiful displays of fresh tropical flowers at every turn. Fresh squeezed orange juice by the pool.

Fully equipped office with computer, printer, high-speed internet access, incoming fax machine and outgoing fax machine too!

Entertainment room with large flat-screen TV, hundreds of movies on DVD and Video.

A Further Report on Altamer:

After our experience at Altamer, we sent our reporter Janine Edwards out to the resort to find out how they did it and to take many more pictures. Here is a portion of her report:

"I had an opportunity to get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes world at Altamer Resort, while chatting with Rebecca Eggleton, the young, vibrant Owner-Manager of the six-acre estate set on the ocean at Shoal Bay West..."

Read Janine's Report With 23 More Pix

You can also read our previous news stories about the construction of Altamer and about the newly opened Altamer restaurant.

Home page:


Telephone: 1 (264) 498 4000

Fax: 1 (264) 498 4010

Prophecy Pre-School Christmas Concert

[Click to enlarge] Prophecy pre-schoolers of between 2-1/2 and 4-1/2 years old thrilled parents and well wishers at their recent Christmas concert held at the Stoney Ground Primary School hall.

Dolled up to the nines and obviously very well rehearsed, the children performed individual and group pieces including Christmas carols, poetry, biblical recitals and skits. The concert hall was decorated with lovely pieces of art and craft created by the children.

The Principal Teacher Heather and the other teachers work hard in providing a well-rounded, stimulating program for the children based on the motto: "Developing the mind... caring for the soul."

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Prophecy School is always grateful for contributions of art and craft items including crayons, markers, paper and other craft supplies. Donations can be delivered to Teacher Heather between the hours of 9am and 12 noon, weekdays at the school located in The Quarter, just opposite the Chinese Restaurant.

Telephone 254-497-2038.

Story and pictures by Janine Edwards

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Satellite
Sunny 79F 26C 72% Humidity, January 5
Low temp since last news report 66F 18C
High temp since last news report 82F 27C
Low humidity since last news report 53%
Tropical storm web sites Link Alt
Anguilla weather forecasts Link Alt
New to Anguilla?
More Tips

Horseback Riding

[Click to enlarge] Anguilla is a great place to unwind and do nothing…and it's also a fun place to experience and discover the beauty of the island. Scenic horseback tours along cliff-top nature trails overlooking Katouche Bay, through the valleys in North Hill, ending up at Road Bay, with a dip in the sea (horses and all!), is a very unique way to enjoy Anguilla off the beaten track.

Cliffside Riding Centre located in North Hill, now in operation for 5 years provides English and Western riding for the complete beginner to accomplished riders. The rides are conducted at a relaxed and gentle pace…and more experienced riders can go faster if they wish.

They have eight horses (creole and pure bred) ranging from Rainbow who is six months old to Nelson who is 21 years old. The horses have several years of beach/trail riding experience and are well-mannered and gentle.
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Tonia runs the center and guides each riding tour. Tonia, married to Garfield Richardson of the GOTCHA charter boat, grew up around horses in a town in the west of England since the age of six. They offer 1 hour rides and 2 hours rides. The ride is a combination of beach and trail. The rates are: 1 hour - US$35 per person and 2 hour rides US$50 per person; $20 for children under five years old riding double with an adult. Rides are now available at 9:30am; 2:15pm and sunset (time varies according to the whims of the sun). Private rides are also available at any time of day once pre-arranged. Rides are tailor made according to ability and the maximum number of riders in a group is 4 - 5.

Tonia and Garfield's cute 4 year old daughter Zoe is very comfortable on the horses. There are special pony rides available for children of all ages and miniature Shetland pony rides for tiny tots. A 15 minute pony rides for kids costs US$10. Tonia has taught quite a few kids in the North Hill village how to ride and they enjoy exercising the horses from time to time. Riding lessons are also available for children and adults.
[Click to enlarge]
Space is limited so reservations are required. Call (264)-497-3667 or cell (264)-235-3667

Directions: Cliffside Stables is located on the cliffs in North Hill village. Take the turning into North Hill from the main road. Once you reach the center of the village, go past the pink pizza hut on the right until you meet a fork in the road. Follow the signs, take the right run, go fifty yards and take the next right lane behind the basket ball stadium. The stables are on your left within the next 200 yards.

Opening Hours: Open year round, 7 days a week, 9am to dusk.

Story and pictures by Janine Edwards

Christmas Lights 2001

[Click to enlarge] Anguilla came alive with glowing Christmas lights throughout the island. There was a major display along Coronation Avenue and The Department of Agriculture grounds in The Valley. The Jurassic Park display was an innovative new feature which delighted the kids.

Other areas joined in the spirit of the season as community groups and villagers got together and decorated their homes and central spots in their communities.

Here's a glimpse of a few displays, starting with the main tree in The Valley, the Little Harbour tree, the Sandy Hill tree and ending with the dinosaurs..

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Story and pictures by Janine Edwards

Bocce Ball at CuisinArt

[Click to enlarge] Recently we took a party of fourteen to CuisinArt resort to play bocce ball on their court and to have brunch. The resort is looking great - the gardens have matured and are lush and colorful.

The staff was cordial and attentive, especially considering that we were not staying at the resort.

The bocce ball fields were well manicured and empty (lucky, since we couldn't reserve them).

After two hours of learning and playing bocce ball, we had a delicious breakfast.

The Goal of Bocce Ball

As you surely know, the game's aim consists in putting more bocce of your colour close to the pallino (the small boccia). This can be an individual game as well as a team game (maximum 6 against 6).

For individual competition, each player has four bocce, while in team games each team player has always 2 bocce to launch.

[Click to enlarge]
The Field and Tools

The fields is generally between 22 and 28 metres long and 3.5 metres wide; at CuisinArt there are two fields, side by side, so you play down one, then play back up the other.

In Italy, the ground is usually pounded sand and the borders must have a wooden frame 20 cm high. At CuisinArt the ground was indoor/outdoor carpet.

The bocce are generally in plastic or other synthetic material; their diameter is a maximum 12 cm and their weight is 1.3/1.4 Kg. They come in two colors, one for each team.

The pallino diameter is a maximum 4 cm in diameter, and of the same material of the bocce, but white.

The Game

The first player or team (selected by tossing a coin) throws the pallino anywhere in the field, but at least 9 metres far away from the launch.

Then the first play launches his boccia (bocce is plural) trying to get as close as possible to the pallino. This sets a goal for the remaining bocce: to get closer to the pallino.

[Click to enlarge]

There are three kinds of launches:

Al punto - you make the boccia roll on the ground in order to make it get close to the pallino. Normally tossed with the hand under the bocce.

Di raffa - you launch it into the air with a spin effect so that when it touches the ground it stops close to the pallino. Normally tossed with the hand over the bocce, getting some backspin as the bocce is released.

Al volo - you launch it into the air trying to hit the pallino or any other boccia in order to move the game into another field's area or steal the point.

Then it is your adversary's turn. If he gets closer than you, it is your turn, otherwise he will throw his bocce until he gets closer than you, or exhausts his supply of bocce.

To measure the distance between boccia and pallino when there are more of them close to it, you use a little wooden stick.

The score is given to the team with the closest boccia, consisting of one point for each boccia that is closer to the pallino than any of the other team's bocce. A typical game is to 21 but we played a two-man tournament, where each match was just up and down the field once.

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Explanation of Bocce Ball by Gaetano Di Palo

Sunday Brunch with Bankie Banx

[Click to enlarge] The Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay is home to the annual Moonsplash celebration. But you don't have to wait until March to visit the Dune Preserve. They have a special night of entertainnment every full moon, plus they have music most weekends. And they are open for food and drinks anytime.

But the "news" is a Sunday Brunch at the Dune. Normally, if you want to hear Bankie, you need to stay up late, but now he has a special buffet brunch on Sundays, followed by entertainment. When we went, the Sunday brunch included johnny cakes and special guacamole, mackerel and spinash, eggs, bush tea, tofu spinach dish, fruit salad, green salad, more... total price $15 per person.

The Dune is a unique place, built of driftwood, wrecked boats, discarded bottles, even recycled sliding glass doors. Grab a drink or take a swim on the beach. Outdoor concerts are held in the "front yard" where a bandstand was created out of a boat hull (see picture below). For a contrast, walk next door and explore the grounds of the CuisinArt resort.
[Click to enlarge]

Regular Dune Menu:

Black bean soup $8.00
Garden salad $8
Chicken salad $15
Seafood salad $17
Vegetarian plate $17
Curry Chicken $17
Ginger Chicken $17
Baby back ribs $17
Grilled fish $20

Served with salad, rice and peas.

Directions: take the CuisinArt resort turn off, but when you get to the end of paved road continue on the gravel road to the beach.

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Anguilla Diary: December 3, 2001 to January 6, 2002

Here is a day-by-day compendium of news items, as we gathered them - starting with the most recent.

Friday, January 04, 2002

Last Minute Special. Harbor Lights in Island Harbour offers a couple of last minute specials on rooms. Ocean front room with private patio/balcony from January 5th to January 12th regularly $910.00 per week. special $630.00 Ocean front room from January 17th to 27th. either $700.00 for 7 nights or $900. for all ten nights.

Saturday, December 29, 2001

Omololu Children's Beach Party. The Omololu School "Christmas" Party has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, Dece 30, 2001, at Johnnos on Sandy Ground. Time: 2pm. Food, drinks, sand castle contest, face painting, much more....everyone welcome, young and old, tourist and local. Fund-raiser. Rumour has it that the Mussington Brothers will be playing at Johnnos after the party, from 5pm til 8pm.

Rent Golf Clubs in St. Maarten

Mark McDonald ( asks:

Thanks for your great web-site. My golf clubs could be lost en route by American Airlines. Are there any for rent at the club on St Marteen?

The answer is yes, the golf course in Dutch St. Maarten has rental clubs; not great clubs, but clubs.

Saturday, December 29, 2001

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Halcyon Cottage

Imagine taking a few steps down your garden path onto this deserted petite beach capturing spectacular views of St. Martin. Discover Halcyon Cottage…a distinctive Caribbean private home on the water’s edge. Courtyards, galleries, tropical gardens and a gazebo connect three contemporary buildings modeled on traditional Anguillian architecture creating delightful indoor-outdoor living.


Sunday, December 23, 2001
Private villas for rent.

Animal Rescue: November Newsletter

The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation December 2001 Newsletter is available. There is much to read about this month including our dog training exhibition, adorable puppies and cats to adopt, and a lost dog. Click the link above.

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at or the Hotel Association at

Straw Hat Restaurant at the Holidays

Peter Parles writes:

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that our website - - has been updated and now includes our current menu, a section for holiday menus and special events as well as the slide show, e-reservations, a section for purchasing our t-shirts, beach bags and gift certificates and an expanded section of reviews we've received from major publications.

I have attached copies of our holiday menus for you to post on the daily updates if there is still time. Click here for holiday menus at Straw Hat.

For Christmas day we will be running our regular menu as well a chef's, five-course, tasting menu for US$70/person. For New Years Eve we will have two seatings. The first, between 6:30-7:00 will include our regular menu or a special, six-course chef's tasting menu for $75/person. This is for people who would like to have a great dinner and then go somewhere else to ring in the new year! The later seating will begin at 9:00-9:30 and will only include the special tasting menu will also have live music (with Mitch) and includes a complimentary glass of champagne for each guest, noise maker and funny hats. The cost for the later seating is $95/person.

People can reserve on the phone at (264) 497-8300 or by e-mail through our website ( or by e-mailing directly.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001
Over 30 Anguilla beaches.

Barrel Stay Restaurant will reopen for its 22nd season this week. The popular Sandy Ground restaurant which first opened in 1980, will open officially for the 2001-2002 season on Thursday, December 20th and will once again feature delicious surf and turf selections on the menu. Owner and Manager Bob Mazza says guests can expect "service with a smile" AND a few surprises this year (including daily specials), but also promises that longtime favorites such as Prime Black Angus steaks, local fish and seafood and of course Barrel Stay's world famous Fish Soup will be served. Lunch is served daily from 12:00 noon to 3:00pm and dinner from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. The bar will remain open all day. Reservations recommended at 497-2831.

Monday, December 10, 2001

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Something Special

One of our most elegant and fun gift shops, where you can enjoy an expresso or cappucino while you shop. We have purchased unique books here, jewelry and gifts. Includes women's fashions, Cuban cigars and perfumes as well.

Located on the main road in the West End, across the street from Cheddie's Carving Studio and the Shell station. Tel: 1 (264) 497 6655.

Sunday, December 09, 2001
Restaurants and menus.

Blanchards Book Tour Schedule

The Blanchards will be doing a book tour of the US in January for "A Trip to the Beach", their book about Anguilla. Click the link above to find out when and where they will be doing readings and signings.

Thursday, December 06, 2001
All the resorts/hotels/inns.

Young Artists of Anguilla. Join us in celebrating the work of Anguilla’s Young Artists on Saturday, December 15, 2001 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at Devonish Art Gallery on the West End Road. The artists will be present at the reception and their work will be available for sale. For more information call (264)-497-2949.

Anguilla Forum:
Carib On-line

Private Indulgencies… bringing a new concept in professional personalized service to your villa. This new enterprise arranges a variety of services delivered by certified and trained professionals. Enjoy private chef services, salon services and a wide range of spa services in the privacy of your villa. For more details contact Stacy at Tel. (264)-497-8671 or (264)-235-8671.

Monday, December 03, 2001

Internet Yellow Pages:
All known Anguilla sites.

Recent Trip Report.

Pam and Bill Livingston ( write:

We just returned late November from our third visit to Anguilla and are already planning our next visit. Funny how our stays keep getting longer and longer in length!

Again we stayed at Frangipani and enjoyed the beautiful quiet setting and Mr. Valentin's excellent staff. We would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a special intimate place right on the beach with great food and service.

We also returned to many of our favorite restaurants... Tratorria Tromonto, the Pump House and Roy's. This year we were given several terrific choices by some of the local people whom did not steer us wrong.

Tasty's - A great spot with generous portion, low prices and the pumpkin soup was delicious. A very filling meal which we needed after going to rum tasting at the Pyrat factory!. A fun place to buy special gifts for friends at home.

Mango's - It was very full the night we went, a very varied menu selection, good food and the Chef was from my home town in Massachusetts.

But the highlight of our trip, besides the gorgeous beaches and wonderful people was our dinner at Altamer.

The whole experience was magnificent. From the lighted glass tables to the crystal and sterling silver... it couldn't have been a more beautiful setting for the unique dining experience and the masterpieces of Chef Leduc.

I highly recommend his tomato tart and his chocolate bread pudding. Chef Leduc personally welcomed us and told us not to tell him if we didn't like our meal or he might cry! This will definitely be one of the premier spots for dining on the Island.

Thank you to you and all your well versed staff for the wonder stories, photos etc. It keeps us connected until we can return again to the most beautiful Island in the Caribbean.

Kind Regards
Pam and Bill Livingston

Real Estate

AARF: How a Well Trained Dog Can Become a Better Member of Your Family

A Demonstration of Training Techniques Presented by Our Special Guest Speaker Lynne Coffin Owner and Director of Association Protectrice Des Animaux De Saint-Martin

Lynne has over 30 years experience in training dogs of all ages and temperaments. During this presentation she will display some of the basic ideas of dog training with one of her own puppies as well as some local pets.

DATE: Sunday December 9, 2001
TIME: 1:30 PM
LOCATION: Agriculture Department Grounds

Bring a friend and learn all about The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation and Dog Training

Stories from the previous and earlier issues.
A Quick Tour Bartlett's Collection
Royal Palms Corner Bar Pizza
Sandy Hill Club December Diary

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Our villa on Shoal Bay beach: Bellamare.

And ten minutes away by small plane, our Azu villa in St Barth, that is totally secluded and private, but only a short walk to everything in St Jean, and with unbelievable views.

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