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[Click to enlarge] Let me introduce you to the newest reporter at the Anguilla News: Janine Edwards. Let me introduce you to one of our roving reporters at the Anguilla News: Janine Edwards. Janine has been living in Anguilla for several years after relocating from the neighbouring island of Montserrat, when the island's volcano became active. She and her husband Ian "Sugar George" Edwards have settled on the island and started raising a family. Kyiv, their son (quite a bundle of energy!) was born in Anguilla and their daughter Nandi came four years later.

Janine's background is in Tourism and Marketing, and has a MBA in marketing from York University in Canada. She is currently involved in an interesting mix of projects. Janine was part of the Marketing Team at Robelle, my Canadian software company, and writes stories for my Anguilla News page. Janine has come up with some new ideas for, including featuring recipes by chefs on the island. Some of the stories that Janine has written for the news:

Also: Janine's photo essay on Carnival.

Janine manages Sunset Escapes which rents several vacation villas on the island (with a great concierge service), including their own charming Splash! Villa and luxurious Spyglass Hill Villa. Splash! and Spyglass Hill are the labour of love of Janine's husband "Sugar George" who designed and built these villas. Sugar George specialises in capturing a refreshing blend of ideas in creating exquisite Caribbean homes. Sunset Homes is one of the island's leading Design and Construction companies which has had a lot of success over the years in creating fine residences both in Montserrat and Anguilla. Check their website for ideas about building your vacation home. Janine also co-founded Travel Light, a small enterprise that rents baby equipment and some beach gear to visitors to Anguilla. Janine can be reached at or

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