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Anguilla is a small coral island in the Caribbean that is home to about 11,000 people. Click here for a map showing Anguilla's relative location, about six miles from St. Martin. The first resort hotel was built around 1980 and there are still no hotels with more than 100 rooms or taller than a palm tree. In its own quiet, relaxed way, Anguilla has a lot of offer: watersports, snorkeling, scuba diving, 30+ clear white beaches, about 100 restaurants, all the way from casual bbq stands to gourmet adventures, places to stay ranging from inexpensive inns to world-class luxury resorts, and private villas for the ultimate in privacy. And what is missing: gambling, cruise ships, duty free shopping, and jet skis.

Here is a quick sample in pictures: sailing on Shoal Bay, an old-time cottage turned into a restaurant, the five star Cap Juluca resort, Sprocka playing at Madeariman Reef, and Atlantic waves breaking on the shore at Windward Point.

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