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Anguilla has over 30 beautiful white sand beaches. . . .

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Dive a Spanish Galleon in Anguilla

[Click to enlarge] After years of preparation, Anguilla has an exciting new dive adventure - the wreck of an actual 18th century Spanish galleon. The El Buen Consejo sunk off the southeast coast of Anguilla on July 8th, 1772. It was part of a group of 15-16 ships on their way to Mexico and beyond. The ship was carrying Franciscan priests and a cargo of linens, cottons, provisions, livestock, religious books and thousands of bronze devotional mediallions that were to be used in converting the heathen. All the passengers and crew got safely to shore on Anguilla.

In a local lecture about two years ago, the marine archeologists who investigated the site explained that the wreck was well documented in the Spanish archives. Because the ship was stuck on a reef for several months, almost everything of value that could be removed from the ship was removed. Then a hurricane broke the El Buen Consejo apart and salvage stopped, and the location was eventually forgotten.

The wreck was discovered 15 years ago by Anguillian fisherman Leander "Bull" Bryan. He shared his secret with Dr. Raymond Knudsen, a diver from Vermont. Over the years they formed a company to preserve and explore the wreck site, but the site was kept secret until it could be properly surveyed because of potential looting by treasure hunters. Finally, all was ready and Government issued them a license to operate dives to the site and establish an underwater museum and park.

Shoal Bay Scuba is taking groups of divers to the site, where in 15-30 feet of water they can see cannon balls, 10-1/2 foot cannons weighing up to 3,500 pounds (the cannons above the waterline were salvaged in 1772!), medallions, beads, and thimbles. Telephone: 1-264-497-4371 Email:

Carnival and Boat Racing for Summer 1999

[Click to enlarge] This summer is the 25th anniversary of Anguilla's carnival. And this is the 49th year of boat racing competitions in Anguilla. The combination, known as "Anguilla Summer Festival '99", runs from July 30 to August 8th. And to highlight the 25-year celebration, the Carnival organizers are offering you a chance to win a 1999 Suzuki 5-door Grand Vitara 4x4. Only US$25.00 per ticket. Tickets available from members of the Anguilla Hotel & Tourism Association (email: or by contacting 497-2944.

Fri July 30 Opening Nite - Fireworks Display/Stage Fun 6:30 pm Carnival Village Adm. Free
Sat.July 31 ANCAA Food fair and Arts & Craft Exhibition 10am-6pm The Valley
Kids N' Karnival Children's Program, 12- 6pm The Valley
Junior Calypso Show 8:00pm Carnival Village
Sun Aug.1 Heineken Warm up A Class Boat Race 1pm Sandy Ground
Prince & Princess Show 7pm Carnival Village
Mon Aug.2 Jouvert Morning 5am-10am The Valley
August Monday A, B, & C Class Boat Races 11am Sandy Ground
CCB Miss Talented Teen 8:30pm Carnival Village
Tues Aug. 3 More Boat Racing A Class Boat Racing 1:30pm Sandy Ground to Island Harbor
Band O' Rama Musical Bands Competiton 9pm Carnival Village
Wed Aug. 4 More Boat Racing A & B Class Boat Races 11am Sandy Ground to Blowing Point
Anguilla Calypso Monarch Competition 9pm Carnival Village
Thurs Aug.5 August Thursday A,B, & C Class Boat Races 11am Meads Bay
Miss Anguilla Pageant & Show 8:30pm Carnival Village
Fri Aug. 6 Grand Parade of Troupes 1pm The Valley
Carnival Village Jump up 6-12pm Carnival Village
Sat Aug 7 25th Anniversary Sunrise Street Jump up 5am-10am The Valley
3rd Annual Leeward Islands Calypso Monarch Competition 9pm Carnival Village
Sun Aug. 8 Champion of Champion A Class Boat Race 1:30pm Sandy Ground

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: Sunny 84F 28C 64% Humidity, June 15
Low temp since last news report 77F 25C
High temp since last news report 88F 31C
Low humidity since last news report 57%
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Anguilla Day Lecture

[Fabian Fahie]
Fabian Fahie
On June 1, 1999 a small group gathered at the House of Chandeliers to participate in a lecture and discussion. The subject was "Anguilla at the Dawn of the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities".

The lecture, presented by Mr. Fabian M. Fahie, was the first of what is expected to be an Annual Anguilla Day lecture in memory of the late Walter G. Hodge, one of Anguilla's revolutionary leaders.

The event was sponsored by the Anguilla Social Security Board. Donations were requested to assist in providing a piano for the Library Resource Center. Contact Timothy Hodge, Director of the Anguilla Social Security Board, to make donations.

 "Economic development takes place when there is not only a quantitative increase in the per person value of output in the society, but also a qualitative and positive change in the conditions of production involving a more equitable distribution of income and improved quality of life in the work place and in the larger society. The impact of both is to increase opportunities for the people of the country to develop and realize their creative potential and as a result improve the living standards for the population as a whole."...excerpt from lecture [Walter Hodge]
In Memory: Walter Hodge

The discussion was orderly and touched such subjects as the need for social reform, formulation of a long term development plan and self determination.

For the full text of the lecture click here.

Report by Griffin Webster

Events in Anguilla

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Road School Celebrates Anguilla Day. Students and staff at Road Primary invited their parents and the community to a special Anguilla Day Exhibition, arranged by the students. This grand event to celebrate the 32nd Anniversary of the Revolution took place on Tuesday May 25th and Wednesday May 26th at the School's Auditorium. The theme was "Reminiscing On Our Historical Existence, While Looking To The New Millennium".

Students Here From USA. Twenty (20) students from The University of East Carolina, visited Anguilla from May 18 to June 8th, 1999, on a working/study visit. While in Anguilla, the students with their co-ordinators conducted two workshops. One in dance and one in art. The art seminar studied West and Central African Art with a focus on masquerade perfomance in the Caribbean. The dance courses involved instruction of both traditional and contemporary Caribbean dances and Latin American dance.

National Monument. Bren Romney (email: reports that construction has commenced on the National Monument Project. Read all about it here.

Global March for Jesus was scheduled for Saturday, May 22nd in The Valley. This is an annual event that has taken place in Anguilla for the past five years. The first organisers of the march were the Christian Fellowship Church. This year's global march for Jesus was organised by the Anguilla Christian Men Association and some over ten churches participated.

Rewind Studios to Shoot Beach Video

Anguilla's beaches will be recorded on video this summer! Rewind Studios will be on island June 25th through July 14th, 1999 to capture the beautiful Beaches of Anguilla on Video. The finished Video "Beaches Of Anguilla ..Video Tour 1999" will be available Fall 1999 and will be offered to the tourist market through local retailers.

Visitors will now be able to revisit Anguilla's spectacular beaches and listen to the soothing sounds of island music at home between trips. And they can show their friends, especially when it is icy cold in the north.

Rewind Studios owner W.D. (Buck) Hale and wife Diane will be contacting all resorts and retailers with more information upon arrival.


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Feedback on La Veranda.
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 13:09:23 EDT
Subject: La Veranda Restaurant review.

My wife and I recently made our annual trip to Anguilla for two weeks. We had occasion to dine at the new La Veranda restaurant and found the food and ambiance to be superb. From the British Colonial Plantation decor, to the the exquisite quality and presentation of their French West Indian fare and the friendly accommodation of the owners and staff, this eclectic gourmet dining experience is a welcome NEW asset to the island.

Chef Didier Rochat and his wife Stacie (the owners) have done a masterful job of assembling pleasant surroundings, hospitable staff, and delectible cuisine at very reasonable prices. They make dining truly delightful and memorable. Even the most jaded traveler would find dining at La Veranda to be a most worthwhile and pleasing experience. I believe tha La Veranda may well become one of the premier restaurants in the entire Caribbean.


P.S. La Veranda now has email:

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Anguilla Day Ceremonies

Ronald Webster Park

May 31, 1999.

Email from Visitors

Here's a report from a visitor who took part in many local activities.

From: Paul Stephens (email:
Date: Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 20:56:33

Just returned from one week stay on Anguilla. Highlight of trip was following boat race around the island from rented boat. Church service was a joy. Intrigued by the political goings-on right now. Devonish Gallery is the best! Attended Rotary meeting, launching of Anquilla Community Foundation, fundraiser for the National Trust at Junk's Hole and a few other public events and ceremonies to celebrate Anguilla Day. Best meal by far at Circle Inn.

All in all, not just a vacation but a total adventure.

Paul & Janet Stephens, Durham, NC.

And here is another email message from another couple:

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999
From: Tom Auth (email:

My wife and I again visited Anguilla in May, and found that time of year an agreeable one on the island. Not as crowded, but of course wonderful to plop on the beach and not do too much of anything. We stayed at Milly's Inn, where we have stayed several times before. Very comfortable, simple but reasonably priced, and with a pleasant view from up the hill above Shoal Bay. We were pleased to discover that Gwen was running Elodia's, the new beach bar and eatery. She is a gem, and watched carefully over us. If you need anything special on Anguilla, talk to Gwen.

In the evenings we ate at Roy's Place. The crayfish are delicious there. And one cannot say enough about the intellectual conversation and stimulating seminars which begin there at sunset and continue into the wee hours, with Roy and Mandy as referees.

Read more visitor reports.

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