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Several people have asked how they can access their email when in Anguilla, or the converse, how to get Anguillanet email when off island? Dave Thomas has written a short explanation:

You need to have access to an ISP that operates in your local area. In Anguilla this is Cable and Wireless (1-264-497-3100). Click here for more details on connecting to Cable and Wireless.

Many people who travel a lot use IBM.Net, AT&T, Compuserve or AOL, since these providers have access in almost every major city (at least in the USA).

In your favorite email softare, such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora, there is an option to set your POP3, and SMTP mail addresses. You don't need to know what these mean, you just need to know that POP3 is for picking up email and SMTP is for sendng email. Normally these are both set to point at your local provider. In order to send email when you are away from home, you need to change the SMTP address (you will also have to figure out how to logon to the foreign ISP, see link above for Anguilla).

  1. The SMTP address needs to be set to the address of the local provider that you logon to... in Anguilla this is
  2. The POP3 address needs to be set to where your email gets picked up. When you are accessing a POP3 "server" from another ISP, you will be asked for your password. Note, it is the password you would use on your home ISP login.

Don't forget to change your SMTP address when you return home.

There is another approach which avoids changing your software. Use a free email account such as Yahoo. Using Yahoo mail, there is an option to check your external email which will requires you supply the same pop3 information and password as in 2. above. Yahoo remembers this, so each time you want to access your mail you can ask it to check "external" and it will get your email. With this approach you can check your email from any browser, even the one at the library.

One last point to watch out for; when you are away, it is suggested that you set the option for deleting your email off. That way when you return home no email will be lost, although you will have to wade through it again.

Hope this helps,

Dave Thomas

 Revised: May 15, 1999

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