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[Click to enlarge] Did you know you can have the Link ferry pick you up at St. Maarten's Juliana Airport, if you arrive mid-day?

The Link service has been discontinued. If it restarts, we will update this page. In the mean time, You can get one of the smaller planes over to Anguilla like Tyden Air, Trans Anguilla or Winair or you can take the ferry boat from Marigot.

When your long flight finally lands in St. Maarten and you get through baggage, customs and immigration, you can sometimes be pretty tired and hot. Why take a long hot taxi ride to Marigot harbour, just to wait for the ferry to Anguilla? Instead, you could just walk across the airport parking lot to Simpson lagoon and catch Link ferry direct!

Read all about it on their airport pickup web page, with pictures of exactly what you will see, a small map and everything you need to make your arrival feel familiar.

If your flight arrives earlier or later in the day, you can ask them about chartering the Link to pick you up.

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