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Last week we took our house guests to Palm Grove for lunch and a swim. They were enhanted by the way Clement ("Leo") Lake's mellow saxaphone combined with the gentle surf at Anguilla's remote Junk's Hole Bay. . . .

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Clement Lake ('Leo') Plays a Quiet Sax

Anguilla has scores of musicians that blast you out of your seat and onto the dance floor with their beat and volume, but sometimes you just need some romantic music that still allows a private conversation. That is when you look for Clement Lake.

Clement is playing Sunday afternoons this season at Palm Grove. He also played for romantics on Valentines Day at Koal Keel Restaurant in The Valley. He and his two saxaphones and his gentle drum machine are available to support any easy listening, easy dancing soire on Anguilla. Extremely civilized.

For booking information, call 1-264-497-4127/3729

News Tidbits from Anguilla

Translations. This issue of the Anguilla Local News is also available in Italian (translated by Gaetano Di Palo) and in German (translated by Hans Krähenbühl).

Incumbants Win!

The existing members of the House of Assembly were returned to office by the electorate on March 4th. For complete results, visit the web site.

"The Veranda" is Open. A beautiful new French Restaurant has opened on the road down into Sandy Ground. 1-264-497-2225 for reservations.

German Version of Previous News Issue (Feb 15th). click here (translated by Hans Krähenbühl).

New Phone Books. Anguilla has new telephone directories this week. Contact Cable and Wireless at 1-264-497-3101.

Anguilla Elections on the Internet. Elections for the House of Assembly are scheduled for March 4th, 1999. You can see all the candidates (their pictures and biographies), the district polling places and election officers, the political parties, and much more on one web site:   ... This election site was created by two local Anguillians for the benefit of remote Anguillians. They will update the site with live results on election night.

Career's Fair at High School. February 25 was the annual career's fair at ALHCS, with presentations from the community on tourism, hotels, insurance, real estate, health and medicine, Cable and Wireless, secretary, pilot, massage, computer technology, small business, fixing electronic equipment, airlines, ferries, education, police, bakery, hairdressing, auto mechanics, accounting, banking, construction, architecture, landscaping, and politics!

Express Mail Service. The Anguilla post office announces Rush EMS to the world. Typical prices are EC$ 28.50 for 500gm to St. Kitts, Dominica Antigua, Guadeloupe, St Martin; EC$ 35 to Barbados, Puerto Rico, etc.; and EC$ 50 to Canada and USA. 1-264-497-2528 ext 35

Desalinization Plant. There was a ground breaking ceremony last week for the new water desalinization plant in Crocus Bay. The pure water will be pumped to a resevoir at the top of Crocus Hill (highest point in Anguilla at 200+ feet) and fed by gravity to the entire island. The plant is to be built and operated by Ionics, using electric motors instead of diesel, due to concerns from villagers about the noise.

More News from The Light. Visit The Light's web site, one of Anguilla's local newspapers. The March 1 issue has a letter to the editor, more on the elections, a word search puzzle with all the candidates names hidden in it, and an update from the environmental club.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: 79F 26C 66% Humidity, Sunny March 1, 1999
Low temp since last news report 72F 22C
High temp since last news report 81F 27C
Low humidity since last news report 49%
Tropical storm web site Link
Five-day weather forecast Link

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events, holidays, and activities.

Here are some events scheduled for the next few weeks:

Mar 22-26: Advanced MS Word Class. In order to raise funds and raise computer skills on Anguilla, the Computer Club is offering a professional class entitled "Microsoft Word 97 Comprehensive", taught by an Information Technology Expert from Canada.

Learn the time saving techniques of professionals. Create stunning documents, reports and presentations. Create form letters, and take the hassel out of mail merging and much, much more...

Course Manual: New Perspectives on Microsoft Word 97:Comprehensive

When: March 22 - 26 1999 from 5:00PM - 7:00PM nightly

Where: The Anguilla Library Computer Club, in the Arts and Crafts Building, The Valley, Anguilla.

Cost: US$ 200.00 per person (includes the cost of the course manual).

How to Register: via e-mail:, via telephone: 497-3551, 497-4321, 497-5088, via fax: 497-3295.

Number of places: 10

Prerequisites: Must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word or other word processing software.

Lecturer: Rose Ann Leonard, from Canada. Information Technology Expert.

Craft Fair. Saturday, March 13, 1999. The Anguilla Craft Group annual garden party and craft sale in aid of local charities. 2pm to 5pm on the grounds of Government House (turn north away from St Martin at Devonish Gallery). Hand made gifts, paintings, ceramics, pottery. Great event for tourists and locals alike. Artists are displaying as well, with 20% of proceeds going to charity, and students with art as well (10% to charity).

Mar 6-19. Weme Caster show at the Devonish Gallery.

Mar 20-Apr 9. Doug & Shari Erickson show at the Devonish Gallery.

Mar 21. 11am. Triathalon Relay Extravaganze. Call 497-2369 to enter a 3-person team. You don't have to be athletic to compete in the "seriously fun" category.

Mar 25-28. Moonsplash 99. The Bacon Brothers headline The Dune. Rendezvous Bay. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the gate for each night, or $30 in advance for both Friday and Saturday. Sunday admission is free for everyone. For more information, email or telephone 616-785-8383.

Mar 31. Deadline to register for Summer Art Festival Competition and Workshops. Web Site.

Cryptographer/Programmers in Anguilla

[Click to enlarge] Anguilla was again the center of the financial cryptography world (aka "digital money") for the third year running, with the hosting of the FC99 Conference. 140 specialists attended from 10 countries, including Russia and China, 8 of whom paid with electronic money via e-gold.

There were many fascinating speakers and attendees this year, including:

Mark Miller of The E Project (a new open-source programming language with networking and crypto built into it);

Ron Rivest (one of the principals of RSA a leading and pioneering cryptography firm that holds many of the key patents);

Vince Cate of Anguilla (proud of his new T1 line and presenting his latest venture, Secure Accounts);

Ian Goldberg of UC Berkeley (who pointed out that having unknown programmers fix Y2K problems in old software may introduce worse bugs than the Y2K bugs!);

Lynwood Bell of and Hansa Bank ("locating and managing your intellectual property offshore"); and

Nicko van Someren of n-Cipher in Cambridge England. (showed that "secret keys" could be spotted by visual inspection because they are different from ordinary data).
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Other organizations who sent attendees and speakers were Microsoft, IBM, Divx, Certicom, Stanford University, University of Tokyo, ICSI, Mondex, Weizmann Institute (Israel), ETH (Switzerland), Xcert, Bell Labs, MIT, Gutenberg University (Germany), CorpFlow, and Certco.

With the cryptographers returning to Anguilla for FC-2000 and some showing an interest in living here, Anguilla may be on the way to becoming a Silicon Isle. Several proposals were being discussed for Technology Campuses, Parks and Centers in Anguilla.

FC99 was sponsored by:, Euro RSCG, e-gold, n-cipher, Offshore Information Services, and Cable and Wireless

Updates and Feedback

Back Issues and Translations. The previous issue is now available in Italian (translated by Gaetano Di Palo) and in German (translated by Hans Krähenbühl). Every issue of the Anguilla news since Sep95 is available on this web site. To browse by date and language, click here.

Update on Fishing Boats. "No Mercy" is a 1998 Rebel Marine 26' center console with twin 90 HP engines. Designed for fishing. The captain goes after anything he can catch: tuna, barracuda, mackerel, whatever is biting that day. "A REEL Caribbean Experience." Fishing trip is about 6 hours, out past Dog Island and is in the price range of $350.00 US up to 6 people. Includes refreshments. Contact Captain Shaun in Sandy Ground (1-264-235-6283) or the owner Bill Mold (email: )

Update on Joan's Sarongs. Joan Richardson sells sarongs and wraps under a tree on Shoal Bay. Prices range from US$ 10 to 30. Telephone: 1-264-497-3413. Joan may be the first Caribbean beach sarong vendor with an email address:

I've Found Paradise! The Anguilla Tête-à-Tête is a place on the Internet where people can post questions, opinions, and information about Anguilla. Like a giant bulletin board. Click here for a typical "I've Found Paradise" report from a visitor.

Le Bon Pain French Bakery and Pastry Shop

[Click to enlarge Le Bon Pain] For 1999, Le Bon Pain Bakery has added an outdoor garden cafe, fresh coffee, and salads to their selection of pastries, baquettes fresh from the oven, sandwiches, and pizza. The result adds gentility to the fishing village of Island Harbour. Bernard from France and his lovely wife Yvonne of Island Harbour create delicious pastries and baked goods. If you are heading out to a beach picnic at the eastern end of Anguilla, just call to order a lunch of inexpensive sandwiches, cold juice and French desserts such as lime tarts. This is fast food with a difference. And for phone-in, take-out dinner, their pizzas have great style and flavour. One of the best bargain on the island.

They supply many of the gourmet restaurants, but you can just walk in and buy your own private supply of French bread and croissants (warning: the almond croissants, chocolate bread and danish pastries are often gone by 10am). Telephone: 264-497-4090. Closed Wednesday.

Directions: from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, drive straight past Island Car Rental, National Bank and through the main interchange of Anguilla at Albert's Market. Follow this road through Stoney Ground and Little Dix villages, resist the paved left turn to Shoal Bay, go past the concrete plant. Take the next left fork in the road, go up the hill, down through Welches village, and on into Island Harbour village. After the first speed bump you should see Harry's Taxis on the right, then another speed bump, then Le Bon Pain on the right in about 200 yards (where a paved road goes off to the left toward Searocks). It is easy to miss, since the sign faces the other way. If you get to Smitty's, turn around and go back.

Le Bon Pain-French Bakery - 1999 Menu
Sandwiches: Served on a Baguette with Lettuce & Tomato
Cheese (American) US $3 EC $8.00
Cheese (Swiss) US $4 EC $10.75
Ham (Buffet) US $4 EC $10.75
Turkey (Buffet) US $4 EC $10.75
Cheese: w/Ham or Turkey US $5 EC $13.40
Tuna US $4 EC $10.75
Club: w/Ham,Turkey,Cheese US $6 EC $16.00
Egg (Fried or Omelet style): US $4.50 EC $12.00
Egg w/Bacon, Ham or Turkey US $5.50 EC $14.75
[Click to enlarge Le Bon Pain] Pizzas:

Ham ~ Cheese ~ Pepperoni ~
Groundbeef ~ Vegetable

Vegetable: Onion, Peppers, Mushrooms, Olives, Tomato, Zucchini

Call 497-4090 to order your pizza.

Medium Pizza (11"): US $8 EC $21.50
Extra toppings: Extra US $1
Freshly Baked Pastries:
US$1: Baguettes ~ Croissants
US $1.25: Danish ~ Chocolate Bread
US $1.50: Almond Croissants ~ Apple Turnovers ~ Butter bread
US $1.75: Garlic & Parsley Bread
US $2.00: Hot dog in croissant roll
US $2-3: Cold desserts
US $2.50: Slice of Egg & Ham Quiche
SALADS: served with a fresh salad dressing of olive oil and basil;
Ask about our special salad of the day.
Cold Drinks: US $1 to $1.50
Freshly brewed coffee or tea, US $1 to $1.25

Web Sites About Anguilla

Wallblake House Trust has revamped and updated their web site with a new cleaner look, more reports and information, and raffle ticket information.

Anguilla tourist Board has a web page listing their representatives in UK, Germany, Italy, US, with addresses, and email addresses!

Blue Gates Villa is located at the highest point in South Hill, with a view in all directions. It has 3 bedrooms, and 3.5 baths, and a pool. was designed by Travis Ferland, famous teenage web page creator. For other villas to rent, visit our web site, listing every place with a web pages (lots!).

Paradise Restaurant has a web page at

Email Addresses:

Sombrero Information Services:

Tropical Shipping(correction from last issue. They are not at

St. Gerard's West Indian Garden Party

[Click to enlarge] Many visitors to Anguilla last week took the opportunity to sample a local social event. Saturday night, February 27th, 1999, was the date of a garden party with West Indian buffet dinner and music, on the grounds of St. Gerard's Catholic Church and Wallblake House, with all proceeds going to the church.

The party featured a bar with drinks, music by Sprocka, buffet dinner, and dancing under the stars (on the dance floor made of 4 sheets of plywood on the lawn).
[Click to enlarge Sprocka]

Over 200 people attended the outdoor party, and this year it did not rain even once. There were three serving lines for dinner, but there was no reason to jump lines or worry which line you were in. They all carried identical dishes: rice, curry beef, pigeon peas, chicken, plantains, mashed pumpkin, green salad, and cole slaw. Far too much for a single plate, but luckily there was enough for seconds.
[Click to enlarge]

St Gerard's West Indian Garden Party is very much like a church social in any small town: you buy tickets for the bar ("three tickets for a glass of wine"), you queue for food made by the parishioners, you buy tickets for a cash raffle (half to the church, have to the winner), the children are bored and go off under a tree to play hide-n-seek, all the church members are there and they invite their friends and neighbors, ... lot's of fun.

And, there were at least a dozen desserts. But you had to choose only one!

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