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Moonsplash is Bankie Banx 3-day Party

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Every year during the March full moon Bankie Banx, Anguilla's reggae star, puts on a three-day concert and beach party at his funky Dune Preserve bar and restaurant on Rendezvous Bay. For a pictorial of Moonsplash 2000, read this news report. This fan web site has pictures of Bankie and the Dune Preserve. Then go to the Anguilla Home Page if you want to hear a sample of his sound in Real Audio, WAV or AU format.
Moonsplash 2001:
Moonsplash is March 9-11. More info: [email protected] or check Bankie's new web site

We went on Sunday afternoon in 1997 and snapped the pictures above (click on them to see a full-size image). There was a boat race, food, drinks, lots of boats over from St. Martin, action, sun, sand, music, swimming, and fun.

Moonsplash may have a ticket charge, but no one ever asked us for it and they even gave us a free mixed drink on the way in. Moonsplash started on Friday night (Bankie himself did not go on until 2 AM, so the full experience is for the young at heart), continued Saturday night and ran all day Sunday. To reach the Dune Preserve look for the turn off the main road toward St Martin between the roads to Anguilla Great House and Sonesta.

Caribbean Travel and Life for Dec97 has an article about Bankie's beach bar on page 98:
"From a distance, the pile of flotsam and jetsam crowning a dune .. seems like the detritus of some vicious tropical storm. But on closer inspection, you discover there's an order to the makeshift structure .. welcome to the Dune Preserve, created by Anguilla's own reggae start, Bankie Banx."

"The Dune Preserve serves simple food and drinks daily from noon on, but it's Bankie's mellow, soulful songs that draw people on weekend nights. That's when he perches on the bartop and croons his own tunes, accompanying himself on quitar and harmonica. His sound is a cross between Bob Marley and Bob Dylan; Richie Havens and Ray Charles also come to mind..."

Moonsplash 98:
Moonsplash was held March 6-7 in 1998, with Richie Havens as the headliner.

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