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[Click to enlarge] Parasailing has arrived at Shoal Bay beach. The ten minute parasailing adventure takes the brave hearted on a spectacular aerial tour of Shoal Bay East and its surroundings, guided by "Parasailing" an aptly named power boat operated by a new watersports company which has set up shop on the island's most popular beach. The cost of the ride is US $55.00.

Second Wind web site: Click Here

But if parasailing isn't your thing you can also try your hand at several other watersports activities now being offered by Second Wind Watersport, operated by Anguillian Dandy Richardson, who is well known on island for his watersports exploits and expertise.

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One of Anguilla's premier windsurfers, Richardson closed down his last watersports venture "Hook'd on Watersports" on Cove Bay to move to the United States in 1997. He recently returned to Anguilla and decided to start a new business on Shoal Bay.

Other activities offered by Second Wind Watersport include windsurfing, sailboating, kayaking, and paddle boats at a cost of US $50.00 per session.

For more information, drop by Shoal Bay East any day between 9:00am and sunset. The beach hut is located to the east of Uncle Ernies, in front of Shoal Bay Resort.

Information courtesy the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Assoc.

 Revised: 2000/3/4

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