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[pigeon wood] This small tree with the pleasantly scented and beautiful white flowers is known in Anguilla as Pigeon Wood or Poor Man's Frangiapani..

It grows wild in many parts of the island. In the old days, Anguillans used the sticky sap of the Pigeon Wood to seal envelopes. This was especially useful because the glue on envelopes gets moist here and sticks before you can even use it!

To conserve water in the dry season, the natural Frangiapani plant drops all of its long thin leaves.

By coincidence, a giant, voracious caterpillars with very distinctive yellow and black bodies appear on the scene at just the right time and eat all of the leaves just before they drop off. Then the Frangiapani trees go into a dormant phase and the caterpillers turn into hawk moths.

A visitor sent us a digital picture of the wild frangipani this month and asked what it was:
[Wild Frangipani]

From: Butch Marofsky
Subject: Recent visit
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 21:36:27 -0400

Hello Bob, I just thought I would send you a note and thank you for the wonderful web site. I check it out at least twice a week just wishing we were back on the beaches. We spent most of Feb just beach hopping and loved every minute . We are coming back again all of Feb 2000. It is a long way off and I will be checking in regular for the latest.

Can you help me identify the picture I took [see pix to the right]. It came out quite well and some one asked me what kind of tree it was and I don't know. If you know I would appreciate it.

Thanks again, Butch

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