Anguilla Local News

Near the remote eastern end of Anguilla is a beautiful, long, curved bay with sand, snorkelling, palm trees, and one building, a fun beach bar. . . .

[Click for full size image of Savannah Bay]
 June 1, 1997 - Site Map.

Junks Hole and Savannah Bay

We have reviewed the Palm Grove Bar and Grill in a previous issue. The bay is called Savannah Bay and looks like it should have a five-star resort on it instead of being empty. The corner by Palm Grove is called Junks Hole, because all the junk from the Atlantic washes in here (but now that Nat Richardson has a funky beach bar, he keeps the beach cleaned up). There isn't much natural shade, but Nat rents umbrellas if you need one.

[Click to see full-size picture of Palm Grove]

The bay is shallow and sandy along the shore. The swimming is excellent, since the shore is protected by reefs, which also create good snorkelling. Start at Palm Grove and snorkel toward the offshore rock. Keep your eyes peeled for small Rays, they are beautiful and like sandy areas. You can swim out into the bay for a long ways and still stand up. The coral and fish get more interesting the further out you go. Last week Brennan Rego (a young visitor from Sun Valley, Idaho) spotted 3 sea cows blending into a coral formation. These look somewhat like 6 inch snails without shells, but they open up like Venus Fly traps if you bother them and can even spray a purple dye that is hard to get off.

Directions: There are several ways to get to Junks Hole. Since Palm Grove Bar has put up signs, it is very easy. From The Valley, take either road to Island Harbour. Go through the village and about 1/2 mile beyond. At the top of the hill, turn left on a wide, straight gravel road that slopes down. The road divides in a Y in about 1/2 mile. Keep right and head toward the palm trees.

For more pictures of the area, see this report on Fishing for Jacks at Junks Hole.

Anguilla on the Internet

Cedars Villa is a private villa in the Cul de Sac neighborhood of Anguilla. John and Carolyn Vannatta, the owners, also rent it to tourists and their daughter Stefanie has put up a very professional web page for the villa. Their summer rate is very reasonable at $600/week and you can make a reservation right on the web site.

Beach Shack. My wife Mary Ann has updated our Tropical Construction web page with the plans that were submitted to planning, and approved.

Ferryboat Inn is a small, family-run hotel in Blowing Point. It now has a web site.

Zara's Restaurant on Shoal Bay now has its own web page. Read our earlier news report.

Travel agent Kathy Smith specializes in Anguilla (she was just here guiding a small group of travel agents to see the resorts on Anguilla). She works at home over the Internet. Here are some of her trip reports from Anguilla: May 1997 trip, Dining in Anguilla, and Hotels in Anguilla. She can help you select the right resort and then book it for you. Her email is

Ruel Phillip, a student leader at the Computer Club has created his own home page.

Meads Bay. A nice picture of Meads Bay right next to Malliouhana Hotel.

Professional Services Group have put up a web site, offering real estate, corporate services, document services, and computer services. The site includes a clickable map of Anguilla with raw land, resorts, and homes for sale.

Webster-Dyrud, the Anguillian law firm, now has as their home page.

There is a site in the UK that claims to link to three firms with cheap flights from London to Anguilla. Has anyone tried any of these firms?

New Stamps: Fruits of Anguilla

The Anguilla Post Office has released a new set of "Definitive" stamps featuring the fruits of Anguilla. Definitive stamps are the ones used for regular postage and are intended to last for a five year period. The stamps were designed by Michelle Lavelette, an artist resident in Anguilla. The new stamps are wonderful, and we needed them. We have been out of 20 cent stamps for local mail since the start of the year and we needed a new $1.25 stamp for mail to the USA.

Here is one of the new stamps, with information about the fruit provided by the Philatelic Bureau of the Anguilla Post Office.

Soursop - Annona Muricata

Soursop stamp

The Soursop plant favours the red, mineral-rich soil called "Red Bottom", which accounts for a large percentage of Anguilla's arable land. The Soursop usually assumes a heart-like shape, but is known to also grow round or irregular.

The fruit is green in colour with a tough skin with brittle thorn-like projections. A milk-coloured juice is extracted from the pulp and made into drink. Adding water and other desired spices, the Soursop also makes a delicious frozen dessert localled called "Special". The fruit can also be eaten unprocessed.

To see all the fruits in the new definitive stamp issue, visit this web site and link to the on-line order page too.

Summer Specials in Anguilla

Summer is a great time in Anguilla - the weather is nicer than in most parts of the United States, no reservations for dinner, everyone's more relaxed in the slow season, Carnival is fun the first week in August, and beaches are deserted. Most accomodations have nice discounts for the summer season. For example:

Carimar Beach Club is offering 7 nights for the price of 5, starting at $650 per week for an apartment.

Llloyds Guest House gives you the 7th day free when you stay a week (and the rates are very reasonable to start with).

Steve Donahue discounts his Tainos villa by 30% from to $1,000/week, gets a $185/week car rental rate from Conners, and discounts the whole rental 5% for 15 days or more.

Cedars Villa is only $600 per week.

Allamanda Beach Club has studio apartments at $77 per night, including tax and service.

Latest information on Summer.

Flame Trees in Bloom

Bright red flowers are bursting out all over the flamboyant trees of Anguilla this month. Here is a past news report with a picture.


Weather Report Anguilla
84F 64% Humidity, Mostly Sunny June 1st
Low temp in last 15 days 77F
High temp in last 15 days 86F
Low humidity in last 15 days 53%
High humidity in last 15 days 86%
Weatherpost live 5-day forecast Link
We had a fantastic thunderstorm in May with very loud thunder and incredible rains. Don't be surprised if some people don't answer their email. There were numerous burned out modems and fax machines. Power from lightning bolts shot up the phone lines which were not grounded or shielded by surge suppressors.

Humidity. I have been tracking it with a new sensor. The highest humidity is during a rainstorm: up to 86% during the recent tropical downpour. Lowest humidity is at mid-day at about 53-58%. The humidity typically starts high in the morning at about 80%. As the temperature rises from 78F to 82F during the morning, the humidity drops to about 60%, so you don't really notice. What really determines comfort level is the wind - as long as it is blowing, Anguilla is cool!

Emma Promoted to Executive Chef

Emma Cutler is now the Executive Chef at Sonesta Resort. Last year, during September when Sonesta is closed, Emma catered a conference for us and it was delicious. Read the report, or look at the picture.

Hidden Anguilla: Long Bay

[Click for larger view of Long Bay "We find this beach to be very scenic, especially when the bluffs at the east end light up in the late afternoon sun near day's end. We rarely encounter fellow beachcombers/swimmers - only an occasional fisherman." So writes Greg Futoma of Wallingford, Connecticut. He suggests Long Bay as a "Hidden Anguilla" topic.

Long Bay has perfect sunsets, beautiful cliffs in the late afternoon (picture), a small pond and a couple of scenic palm trees (picture). The sandy beach is effectively divided into two beaches by some protuding rocks that extend into the water.

There are at least 3 roads to the beach at Long Bay. Coming from The Valley direction, you turn right off the main road at the Long Bay Vilage road (to Malliouhana hotel). The easiest route is probably to go past Mahogany Tree Park into Long Bay Village. Go over the speed bump and turn right on the straight gravel road at the Travelling Post Office sign (also a new sign to "Oliver's Seaside Grill, opening soon). Halfway down the road you will see a dirt road to the right. Follow it to a clearing near the left edge of the pond. Park and follow the easy trail 50 yards to the left edge of the east part of the beach.

Or, turn right after the Mahogany Tree Park at the small adandoned church and the roadside water spigot down a dirt road. Keep to the right and after a short ways the road will take a 90 degree turn to the right - find a spot to pull over and park here. At the point of the turn, a very rough road continues a few hundred feet. Walk this to the open field, and cross to the far west corner. A moderately steep path will take you down to the right edge of the east part of the beach. Wear sturdy shoes and enjoy.

Or, to reach the west part of the beach, continue through the Village and turn right just before the Carib Cafe restaurant, straight over the hill. On your left is the back of Malliouhana hotel. In front of you is a new house and the beach.

Looking for Cheaper Air Fares

"When pricing out tickets, always get a separate price for each leg." This tip was sent by Steve Donahue, who continues:
Many times, it's the same, but on 2-3 occassions, I've saved as much as $150. Right now in June you can save money as long as you're booking from an airport that services San Juan with both USAir and American. (competition makes a big difference!)

According to Steve, both USAir and American have reduced there fares - if you know how to get them. Example:

Baltimore (BWI) to Anguilla (AXA) on AA is currently $653 round trip. But, if you book round-trip Baltimore to San Juan (SJU), M-Th fare is $287 (F-SU $318), then round-trip SJU to AXA, at $209 (F-Su $213), you get the same flights for $500 + tax. If you book BWI to SJU, then SJU to St. Martin (SXM), the fare comes down to $287 BWI-SJU and $187 SJU-SXM, for a total of $474 + tax (F-Su $515 + tax).

Remember, ask for separate fares for each segment of your trip - not a round trip fare - and ask both USAir and AA to use "K" fares to get the price - and be flexible in your travel times. And if you fly to St. Martin, you can get the Link ferry to pick you up right at Juliana Airport and take you direct to Anguilla.

More tips: the Anguilla Air Fare Bulletin Board.

The Roti Hut

[Click to see full size picture] The Roti Hut is great place to pick up a fast lunch, either to eat under the shade of their awning, or "Take Away" (some people can even eat a roti while they are driving--not recommended). Roti is an East Indian food that was brought to the Caribbean by contract workers. It consists of a grilled dough wrapper, sort of like a tortilla but thicker, fluffier, and not as dry, around some curried potatoes and vegetables, meat, or fish.

The Roti Hut is located in George Hill, just west of The Old House restaurant, in a parked food wagon that has sprouted a sign, awning, chairs, and parking. The owner and cook is Heather James, who learned to make Roti while living in Trinidad. Heather will soon be moving across the street to a renovated quaint old wooden house.

Prices at the Roti Hut are very reasonable: EC $10 for Vegi Roti (US$3.75), EC$12 for Boneless Chicken Roti. They sometimes also have Goat Roti, Fish Roti and even Conch Roti when in season. Fish Roti is made with a firm local fish like Old Wife (Trigger Fish), seasoned, then steamed, flaked, and curried. Served in the Roti shell with curried potatoes. Reservations not required.

Museum Opens Revolution Exhibit

[Click to see full size picture] On May 29th 1997, the Anguilla National Trust opened an exhibit commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Anguilla Revolution. The exhibit is in their museum building in The Valley (down from the library). The Steel Band from the high school performed, followed by speeches, poems, music, and the cutting of the ribbon by Mrs.Daisy "Wong" Richardson, whose new collection of poems (Li'l Bit of Guinea Corn Porridge) was launched at the same event. This exhibit will run all through the summer, so don't miss it.

Anguilla's Revolution was an unusual one. No one was killed, the main issue was Britain's insistence on making Anguilla independent but subordinate to St. Kitts, and the result was that Anguilla became a colony directly administered from London. For more information, you can read an excerpt from Donald Westlake's entertaining history of the Anguilla revolution, "Under an English Heaven".
Update: The National Trust has published a book of poetry by Daisy Richardson. And read more about the museum exhibit on the site.

The National Trust has published the May issue of their newsletter on the web. Read about the Year of the Reef, the Revolution exhibit in the museum, the Iguana and Sea Turtle projects, and the full scholarship awarded to Trevor Gumbs (assistant landscape manager at Cap Juluca) to take a course at the Royal Kew Gardens.

June is Sea Turtle Month in Anguilla. We have hawksbill turtles that nest here and green turtles that forage for food here. The goal is to raise awareness of what the turtles need to thrive.

Upscale Caribbean--Downscale Prices

The April 15th, 1997 issue of Travel Smart newsletter (Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522) contains a report by Betty Lowry, who discovered that Anguilla (plus St Barts and Nevis) are not just "hideaways for the rich and famous." For example:
"The best rates are between April 15 and December 15. Temperatures are mild year-round, thanks to trade winds. What's Free? Beaches, including those outside the poshest hotels, are open to all and uncrowded except in high season. Parades, festivals, regattas are free. What's Almost Free? Small, one-of-a-kind museums charge nothing to $5 per adult, children half-price or free. Music by local and visiting artists in schools, churches, town hall, day trips to other islands -- charge small amounts. Sounds funky, but its all fun. Best Sleep. Sonesta Beach Club has a "Discover Anguilla Getaway" package Apr 7 to Dec 22 for just $99 p/p dbl. 1-800-SONESTA and ask about other deals."
This well-written article also suggests you avoid eating at the San Juan airport if your flight is delayed. Instead of a meal voucher, ask for an $11 Taxi voucher and go to the Metropol in Isla Verde for Cuban food (5 minutes) or Punta Las Marias for Argentinian beef.

Artist of the Month: Courtney Devonish

[Courtney Devonish] Courtney Devonish is a sculptor who works in wood, creating both abstract works that warm the soul and realistic works, especially those based on the female form. He learned his trade where he grew up in Barbados, but has lived in Anguilla long enough to become part of the community and a Belonger (our equivalent of a citizen).

Courtney is the main organizer of this summers' Anguilla International Arts Festival. He also owns and operates the Devonish Gallery in George Hill, on the main road, which displays his works and that of other popular artists on Anguilla. They also mount exhibits of art work. Courtney is usually in his studio creating in the mornings, but can often be found in the gallery in the afternoons. Telephone: 264-497-2949.

Updates: Courtney exhibits in the USA, Sept 25-Oct 17, 1997. Read the article.

Trip Report: "Wonderful time!"

Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997
From: "Judy Van Amerongen"

We just returned from a wonderful vacation in Anguilla. We stayed at the Anguilla Great House Beach Resort on Rendezvous Bay and rented a Jeep to see the rest of the island. The restaurants were excellent all around and I am very happy you featured Rafe's in your news - we had an excellent time and were well fed. For just $20 U.S. we had two orders of ribs and garlic bread, one order of chicken, 2 cokes and three beer. What a bargain! We also tried out the Hill Street Restaurant in the Valley. It too, was a good value and excellent food.

Little Bay was the highlight of our trip. We decided to travel down to the beach the hard way (using the rope), but it was worth the day. We bought some cheese and fruit from the IGA and our snorkel gear and made a day out of it. The "hidden cove" at the end of the beach was entirely ours and we used it to watch the birds and take pictures of the various plants and insects. Underwater views were fabulous!

Anguilla Maritime Research Ltd.

It isn't well known, but off the north east coast of Anguilla is the of the Spanish ship El Buen Consejo. During a May 22 ceremony Anguilla Maritime Research Ltd donated US$25,000 to the Government of Anguilla for museum development. And they are planning to donate objects recovered from the wreck site to the National Trust museum as soon as they can be displayed.

The wreck site is protected by law in Anguilla. This company was formed to protect, research, and promote the historical wreck site. Principals in the firm are Leander "Bull" Bryan who discovered the site, Raymond Knutsen, and David Stevens. By next tourist season they should be organized to lead guided dives of the protected wreck site and promote it as a tourism development.

They have searched the archives in Spain to find the reports of the 60 young monks who were stranded in Anguilla in the 18th century, then had them translated into English. The monks were educated missionaries on their way to Mexico. Apparently the involuntary visitors did not find Anguilla as hospitable as it is now.

Mariners Closing For More Renovations

Mariners Cliffside Resort is closing June 1st to Dec 1st for further renovations. Similar places to stay such as Blue Waters, Carimar, La Sirena, Allamanda, Anguilla Great House, and Rendezvous Bay, can be found on the Anguilla News Hotel Page.

Thinking of Moving to Anguilla?

If you are considering moving to Anguilla, here are some previous news articles that may be of help:

Latest information on Moving.

Archeologists Hard At Work

[Archeology] Archeologist John Crock leads a team of volunteers who are sifting through cubic yards of samples taken from 1000 year old middens last November. Artifacts found include stone tools, pottery, jewelry, even items from Antigua that were traded for. There most spectacular find so far is a pottery face. The pieces were spread out over several yards of dirt and it took precise detective work to match up the pieces. Here is a picture.

In June, a field archeology team from the University of Vermont will be visiting Anguilla to work on a site in Sandy Ground. The 16 students will be staying at Spindrift on Sile Bay.

Anguilla Local News

Anguilla has two Shoal Bays -- and both have "shoals" or reefs-- Shoal Bay East gets all the publicity, but Shoal Bay West is a perfect, crescent shaped beach at the West End of the island. . . .

[CoveCastles on Shoal Bay West]
 June 15, 1997 - Site Map.

Covecastles After a Hard Day on the Beach

It is quiet, with a beautiful view of St. Martin, and a long arch of Anguilla sand. On it you will find one private home, and one small apartment resort, Blue Waters, but the primary thing you will notice are the distinctive modern villas of Covecastles. Jon Whiteman wrote to me about Covecastles on May 29th:
Returned from my second trip Anguilla this year. Stayed at Covecastles and loved it. Plan on coming down again in August to get married, and have reserved a fourth 10-day stay starting right after Christmas.
And Covecastles has a tiny restaurant with a new chef who is making waves and sending diners into ecstacy. I haven't tried him yet, but Kitty Shumlin whose most recent visit to Anguilla was terminated by a terrible auto accident on the last day, still found time to send me the following recommendation while she was recuperating:
Next time you write about a restaurant you should look at the tiny operation at Covecastles.There are many fine restaurants on Anguilla but here we had the best meal ever. The chef is the key and he is from l'Aureole in New York and is out of this world. We had a reservation there for our last night in Anguilla and did not quite make it!

Mark Boyer was so excited by the meals at Covecastles that he posted a glowing report at two sites on the Internet (here and here):

Covecastles has jumped to the top of our list. Their new chef is in a class by himself. The food was better than most of the meals I've had in Boston and New York in the last year. The menu is truly distinctive, and the chef does some great daily specials if he has the time. I had a potato-crusted snapper that was unquestionably the best meal I've ever had on Anguilla. We were there twice, and each time was excellent. I won't go into detailed course descriptions, but I urge any serious restaurant-goes to give Covecastles a try. Be forewarned: reservations are limited subject to the number of villa guests in residence at any given time. We had to wait four days to get in the first time.

Covecastles is running a Summer Dream Special: five nights with daily breakfast served in your one bedroom beach house, plus one of the fantastic dinners, for $2250/couple, including the 18% tax and service charge. Telephone: 264-497-6801. Fax 6051.

UFO Wins A Big Race

[Click for larger view of UFO winning race] Island Harbour's own UFO won the round-the-island boat race on Anguilla Day, 1997. The race started in Sandy Ground, went around the east end of Anguilla, then around west end and back to Sandy Ground. This pictures shows a typical winning move -- as the boats approach Island Harbour, UFO sails right in among the dangerous reefs, tacking only at the last possible moment and missing disaster by yards. But, this maneuver gives UFO a longer run before having to tack and suddenly UFO has a substantial lead. (At least that is how it appears from the shore!).

Update: There was a special boat race on July 27th, 1997 from Sandy Ground to Grand Case in St. Martin, continuing to Blowing Point, and back to Sandy Ground. The "UFO" from Island Harbour won the prizes for all four legs of the race. UFO also managed to win two of the big races during the 1997 Carnival week in August, but broke a boom at the start of the Champion of Champions race.

There is a good on-line article on Boat Racing in Anguilla by Judith-Anne Sadler at this web site.

Anguilla on the Internet

Estate For Sale. The Internet is getting to be the place to look for property in Anguilla. Spiros, who runs Aristos Deli in South Hill Plaza has put his oceanfront estate up for sale and has a web site with numerous pictures:  ... you immediately notice two things about his place: it has a nice peach color instead of being painted white, and it has extensive gardens, which is quite a feat in Anguilla.

The What We Do In Anguilla tourist guidebook is now on the web. This large web site has all the text and the pictures from their 1997 guide book, including a page with two nice beach pictures.

Cinammon Reef Resort has a redone web site at with lots of new reviews, current menus from their excellent Palm Court Restaurant and information on Chef Vernon Hughes' appearance on the Discovery Channel.

The Calabash Travel Site has a set of Anguilla Web Pages.

Frank Bombino and Rosa Quintana of Puerto Rico have added an Anguilla photo page to their web site. Frank is a Caribbean Travel Consultant. By pure coincidence, just as I was editing this link to his page, Frank emailed me about an article in the June 11th issue of the NY Times on-line Cybertimes that uses Anguilla as an analogy in a discussion of fonts on the Web: Font Wisdom: A Letter-Imperfect World by Peter Wayner. "Anyone who is worried about fonts on the Web should take a drive on the roads of Anguilla. Drivers there use the left side of the road because the Caribbean island remains under the control of the British. The cars, however, usually come with steering wheels on the left because they're imported from the United States. It's been this way for years, and no one seems ready to fix it."

Did you know that there was a city of 883 people named Anguilla, Mississippi? This web page describes it very briefly, but I met a couple from Anguilla Mississippi when they fulfilled their life-long dream to visit Anguilla BWI. Apparently, Anguilla Mississippi was named after Anguilla BWI by a Georgia planter who bought part of a cotton plantation in Anguilla BWI in the last century. He may have brought Sea Island Cotton from Anguilla BWI to the islands of Georgia, and he subsequently moved to Mississippi and founded a city. Small world.

Here is an interesting article on Beach Erosion in Anguilla, but I noticed that some of the beaches that are shown eroded by Hurricane Luis have regained their sand since the article was written.

UVI Concert Band Performs

[UVI Concert Band] The Concert Band of the University of the Virgin Islands, conducted by Austin Venzen, performed before an appreciative local audience on May 31st, 1997 at the House of Chandeliers (Inter-Island Hotel). A "concert band" consists of wind, brass and percussion instruments, but no strings. The concert was sponsored by the Governer and his wife, our ALCHS high school and the Anguilla-UVI alumni association. The band members travelled to Anguilla from St. Thomas to raise money for a new concert band at the ALHCS high school.

The program included classical, spiritual and pop selections. One of the vocal soloists with the band, Malvern Gumbs, is an Anguillian Belonger who lives in St. Thomas. Nicole Hodge, a tall, beautiful elegant 6th form student at ALCHS performed two solos with the band: The Impossible Dream and Somewhere Out There. She was incredible and had the audience on their feet applauding (see picture). The band was best on their medley of Leroy Anderson tunes and a Big Band medley.

Is It Really Hot in the Summer?

Weather Report Anguilla
86F 70% Humidity, Cloudy June 11th
Low temp in last 15 days 79F
High temp in last 15 days 88F
Low humidity in last 15 days 59%
High humidity in last 15 days 82%
Weatherpost live 5-day forecast Link

No, it isn't really hot. In fact, the average high June temperature of 86F is only 4 degrees above December's 82F. (Source: CN Traveller) The humidity keeps within a comfortable range on most days (58-67%), average rainfall is 2.8" for June, and the cooling wind is almost always blowing gently from the South East.

How does June in Anguilla compare with other places you might visit, say Orlando Florida? The average June high temperature in Orlando is 90.5F, average rainfall is 7.3", and average days of precipitation is 14. (Source: Weatherpost)

New Issue of Anguilla Life

Anguilla Life is a portfolio-sized magazine about Anguilla published 3 times per year. The Spring 1997 issue sports a picture of a quaint old wooden house in North Hill with the horse Pipen grazing under a tree. The magazine include 35 pages of articles on a wide variety of topics, such as as:

Of course you can buy Anguilla Life magazine in Anguilla, or you can subscribe for US$20/year by calling 264-497-3080 or sending a money order to Box 109, Anguilla.

Paradise Lounge & Restaurant

[Click to see full size picture] Anguilla has a new local restaurant that is highly recommended: Paradise Lounge & Restaurant. They serve breakfast lunch and dinner, with a choice of indoor airconditioned dining or a fresh air dining porch. We went for breakfast the other day and it was very professional, with good food, tasteful surroundings, fast service, and reasonable prices.

Proprieter and chef John Brooks (picture) ran a restaurant in US St. Thomas for many years. He came back to Anguilla on the death of his father and decided to move his business "home". Their motto is "Three Cs: Cleanliness, Classiness and Coziness".

The restaurant is also a good place to try some authentic Caribbean fare such as their Sunday Morning Brunch Special of Saltfish, Eggplant, Boiled Egg, Bagel and Bush Tea (local herbal tea) or Coffee. Telephone: 264-497-2242. Call for Take out orders.

Directions: In The Valley, turn at the stop light and go up Coronation Avenue toward Crocus Hill. Turn right after Public Works on a paved road, at the signs to North Side Village and Paradise Restaurant. For some adventure, continue on this road -- it is the back way to Shoal Bay through the bush, and passes Pitch Apple Hole the home of Anguilla's fossil giant rodent.

Paradise Menu - All Prices in US Dollars

Chilled Juice, sm. 1.00 lg. 2.00
Bagel w/Cream Cheese 2.25
Toasted English Muffin, Butter & Jelly 1.50
Pancakes 3.50
Pancakes w/Eggs Any Style 4.95
Pancakes w/Bacon, Ham or Sausage 4.95
Pancakes w/Eggs, Ham, Bacon or Sausage 6.95
French Toast3.50
French Toast w/Eggs Any Style 4.95
French Toast w/Bacon, Ham or Sausage 5.25
French Toast w/Eggs, Ham, Bacon or Sausage6.95
Mushroom Omelette4.75
Cheese Omelette4.50
Ham Omelette4.75
Ham & Cheese Omelette5.00
Bacon Omelette4.75
Bacon & Cheese Omelette5.00
More Breakfast
Western Omelette w/Ham (peppers, onions, tomatoes, toast & jelly)5.50
Vege Omelette (onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers)5.00
Sardine w/Eggs Any Style, Toast & Coffee5.00
Sardine w/Eggs Any Style, Cream Cheese, Bagel, Coffee & Tea 7.50
Sliced Corned Beef Brisket w/Eggs Any Style, Coffee, Juice Toast & Jelly 7.50
Pastrami w/Eggs Any Style, Coffee, Juice, Toast & Jelly 7.50
New York Strip Steak w /Eggs Any Style, Tea or Coffee & sm Juice10.50
Early Morning Riser Special. Two Eggs Any Style, Toast, Jelly. Coffee or Tea. 6:45 to 8am.3.00
Breakfast Special. Two Eggs Any Style w/Bacon, Ham or Sausage. Coffee, Juice, Milk or Tea. 6:45-11:30am$5.50
Side Orders
Bacon, Ham or Sausage 1.50
Hash Brown Potatoes1.50
Corn Beef Hash1.95
Milk, Small 1.00
Milk Large1.50
Salmon Salad Sandwich4.50
Tuna Sandwich (lettuce & tomato)3.50
BLT (bacon, lettuce & tomato)3.50
Plain Egg Sandwich2.00
Ham & Egg Sandwich3.50
Ham, Egg & Cheese4.00
Bacon & Egg3.50
Grilled Cheese2.50
Grilled Bacon & Cheese3.75
Grilled Ham & Cheese3.75
Hamburger (lettuce, tomato & onion on toasted bun)5.00
Cheeseburger (lettuce, tomato & onion on toasted bun)5.50
w/Rice&Peas, Baked Potato or French Fries & Veg)
Pastrami on White, Rye or Wheat7.50
Corned Beef on White, Rye or Wheat7.50
Roast Beef on White, Rye or Wheat7.50
Turkey on White, Rye or Wheat7.50
Club Sandwich7.95
Tuna Sandwich6.95
Grilled Cheese6.50
Grilled Ham & Cheese6.95
Ham & Egg6.95
Breaded Fish Sandwich6.95
Shrimp Salad Sandwich7.95
Crab Meat Sandwich7.95
Salads and Entrees
Chicken d'Paradise8.00
Salmon Salad7.50
Sauted Shrimp13.50
Shrimp Salad8.95
Crab Meat Salad8.95
Tuna Salad 7.95
Chef Salad7.95
Breaded Shrimp7.95
Honey Dip Chicken7.95
New York Strip Steak10.00
Salmon Balls8.00
Boiled Fish10.00+
Stuffed Cray Fish14.95

How To Speak Anguillian

[Old time house is the East]

Anguilla speaks English, but the local dialect can be puzzling for new visitors. Here is a short course in "Anguillian":

  1. Directions.
  2. Character.
  3. Greetings, good manners.
  4. Food and agriculture.
  5. Verbs.
  6. Nouns, pronouns and prepositions.

Visit Julian's Local lingo page and buy a copy of Ijahnya Christian's book, "Dictionary of the Anguillian Language" at the National Book Store or the Arts and Craft Center.

Anguilla Arts Festival & Competition

Why not plan your summer trip to Anguilla to coincide with our Arts Festival. Artists from around the world will be coming to Anguilla July 27th to August 3rd for exhibits, workshops, and to create works that will compete for a $10,000 prize. For more information, call 809-497-2949 or send email the Anguilla Tourist Board at

Anguilla's Summer Festival

This year's Carnival theme is "Culture Glamour and Plenty Jammin' - Anguilla Carnival 97. ".

July 31 - August 11, 1997

Carnival and Boat Racing

The opening ceremony, Boat races, Kids'Carnival and street dancing are free, but there is an admission fee for events at the Carnival Village (US$8-15, buy tickets at the door). The village is set up in Landsome Bowl in The Valley. Turn at the Anglican Church and go past the Valley Primary School. Information provided by Mimi on the Carnival committee. If you have any questions, email the Tourist Board at (for last minute changes, listen to Radio Anguilla AM 1505.)
Schedule for Carnival 97 and Boat Races
THUR July 31 Opening Ceremony
Fireworks, Local and Visiting Artists
Award for "Best Booth".
6:30pm Carnival Village (Free Adm.)

FRI Aug 1 Bands Festival
When local bands do it fa' deh fans
8:30pm Carnival Village

SAT Aug 2 Youths Nite
Junior Prince and Princess.
Calypso Competition.
Geared to children/family.
7pm Carnival Village

SUN Aug 3 Swimsuit Competition
Miss Anguilla Pageant
3pm Paradise Cove Resort

SUN Aug 3 International Nite
Visiting Reggae/Calypso Artists
9pm Carnival Village

MON Aug 4 J'ouvert Morning
Top bands hit the streets.
5am-10am Sunrise Street Dancing
The Valley

30 traditional boats race.
Thousands of spectators/Picnics.
Climb Greasy Pole, swim races.
Catch the greasy pig contest.

MON Aug 4 Miss Talented Teen
Show of drama/song/culture talent.
8:30pm Carnival Village

Big racing boats compete.
11am Sandy Ground to Island Harbour

TUE Aug 5 Africa Revisited
A Cultural Extravaganza
African Queen Show. Song/dance.
8:30pm Carnival Village

11am Sandy Ground to Blowing Point
WED Aug 6 Calypso Monarch Competition
Calypso finalists battle King Splinter.
8:30pm Carnival Village

Second biggest boat racing day.
Thousands of spectators. Food/drink.
More races, picnics, water sports.
11am Meads Bay

THUR Aug 7 Miss Anguilla Pageant
Five beautiful contestants.
Talent competition. Costumes.
8:30 Carnival Village

FRI Aug 8 Parade of Troupes
Troupes, floats, bands, parade.
10am The Valley

SAT Aug 9 Children's Carnival
Games, horse rides, Calypso karaoke.
Dozens of activites for children.
Adults welcome, with a child!
10am Carnival Village. Free

Food Fair & Craft Exhibition
Local Artists. Traditional cooks.
May Pole Dancing. Live Music.
10am Webster Parking Lot, The Valley

SAT Aug 9 Leeward Island Calypso Comp.
Who goin' home with de crown?
calypso kings from 9 Leeward Islands.
9pm Carnival Village

Top 7 boats compete for coveted
"Champion of Champions".
11am Sandy Ground

SUN Aug 10 Caribbean Guest Artists Nite
Calypso, Soca and Reggae Artists
9pm Carnival Village

MON Aug 11 Last Lap
6pm to 10pm Sunset Street Dancing
Local bands play on moving trucks.
Last chance to celebrate.
6-10pm The Valley

Fruits of Anguilla: Cashew - Anacardium Occidentale

Cashew stamp

Anguilla has new stamps featuring the fruits of Anguilla. Here is one of them, with information provided by the Philatelic Bureau (in the post office--visitors welcome!). See all the fruits at this web site.

Like the Soursop and Mango, the Cashew is found growing primarily in red soil. The trees cast their pungent blossoms in early spring and the fruits mature in about sixty days.

The kidney-shaped nut at the end of the pedicel or swollen stark of the flower is the actual fruit. The nut is dried and roasted and the kernel extracted. The Cashew Apple (or Cherry as it is sometimes called) usually ripens to a red or yellow colour and can be processed into jam or stewed. The Cashew nut when placed in the ring, turns a common marble game into a keen test of skill.

Dial 880 for 800 and Pay!

US and Canadian 800 numbers don't work in Anguilla. However, you can dial them if you are willing to pay the standard Cable & Wireless rate to the US: about $2.00 per minute. Here is what you do, dial 1-880 instead of 1-800.

Should I Bring My Car With Me?

Vehicles? Is one needed? Are there vehicles available for sale and are they reasonable or expensive? Should I bring a car with me? How about repairs and parts? (An email query from someone thinking of moving to Anguilla.)

Anguilla is spread out, so a car is very useful. Many people rent a car by the week or month while they decide on buying a new or used car. We brought a new Jeep Cherokee with us, and found a person to fix it, but once had to Fedex the car's computer back to Canada for a test! Easiest is to buy a car locally for which there are parts, service, etc. The Japanese often sell simpler models here than in the USA. One established car dealer is Anguilla Motors/Island Car Rentals with Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu. Their phone is 264-497-3723. We purchased a new little Hyundai locally from Apex (phone 264-497-2642) and it has worked better than our expensive Cherokee .

Many people bring a car with them and they manage. Shipping cars to Anguilla costs something like $1,200 and there is duty on the car and the shipping (going up to 40%) so cars are more expensive here.

Insurance is required for registration - slightly cheaper than I was used to, but with lower liability limits. You take your car to Public Works to be inspected before it is registered. Drive very defensively and wear your seat belt. Anguilla has goats on the road and some people who drive fast and pass on blind corners. You can get a driver's license at the Treasury in the The Valley. You just need photographs and a copy of your current license.

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