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Anguilla News

Bartlett's Collections and Iced and Easy are a result of months of hard work and careful planning. . . .

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 2003/07/06 - Click to enlarge pictures

Bartlett's Collections and Iced & Easy Smoothies

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Lynn and Calvin Bartlett already had their Bartlett's Collection gift shop on back road, but they wanted a new challenge. So they met with some creative friends and came-up with the idea to turn a new high-profile location into something different that would add to the shopping environment of Anguilla. They consulted Mr. Julian Davis, who is well known for his architectural designs in the U.S.A and in the Caribbean. Mr. Davis is the brain behind the color combination that make their new place look so Caribbean.

An existing building in the Sandy Ground roundabout was renovated and took on a whole new look. The expansion designed to include more art and craft from local artists, as well as a selection of home décor including unique furniture peaces and accessories is now complete.
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Teaming-up with Pamela Miller and Julius Africa proved to be the perfect combination. Pam, a very talented hand crafter, creates the most likable gifts and is a master in making delicious Fruit Smoothies and mixed drinks. She has already received several compliments for her tasty "rum punches", while Julius, better know as "Africa", designs little colorful birdhouses and other crafts.

Calvin Lynn , both enthusiastic entrepreneurs, are proud to have formed such a creative team, a solid proof of what one can achieve with networking and teamwork. Lynn, always in search of new items and craftwork to offer her customers, is in charge of the Gift shop. You can find a variety of gifts, art and exclusive Collections of Guavaberry products. Hand painted bottles and special designed Anguilla Boats sun coloration T Shirts are rated amongst our bestsellers.
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Interior décor is a new addition to their collection and is part of a special concept that represents just a small selection of a wider choice that is in stock at their suppliers. Customers can purchase furniture as single items, but they can also combine items to furnish a complete interior.

Calvin and Lynn are pleased with the increased demand for artwork by our local artists, which they also hope to promote internationally through the extended family relationship with Bartlett's Kunst in Wonen in the Netherlands (visit the web page at:

Location: in the Sandy Ground roundabout halfway between the airport and the West End. Summer hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Closed Sundays and Thursdays

Pictures by Janine Edwards

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Satellite
Clouds 83F 28C 63% Humidity, July 5
Low temp since last news report 79F 26C
High temp since last news report 84F 28C
Low humidity since last news report 62%
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Anguilla Daily Diary

Here is a day-by-day compendium of news items, as we gathered them - starting with the most recent.

June 2, 2003 to July 6, 2003

Sunday, July 06, 2003

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Sunset Homes Construction Update

Sunset Homes has done a villa contruction update showing works such as driveway, fence, walls (link above), pool completion and various final touches like the courtyard tiling. If you want to see how a villa is constructed in Anguilla, visit their web site.
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Tranquility Jazz Festival 2003 Kicks Off

On July 4, 2003 The Anguilla Tourist Board in liaison with BET Event Productions officially launched the first ever Tranquility Jazz Festival, now an annual event on Anguilla's festival calender. The dates for this year's splash down are November 14 - 16, 2003 and a jazz village will be set up in Sandy Ground for the grand event. (See picture right of the festival organizers!)

Jazz on the beach promises to tie in with Anguilla's tranquil setting and relaxed pace of life and top international, regional and local artists will be gracing our shores. The event will feature "straight ahead jazz" providing a unique and distinct flavour to Anguilla's festival.

This year's line-up includes Eric Reed Trio, James Moody, Bobby Watson, Gary Barty, Dave Valentin, Hilton Ruiz Quartet, Vanessa Rubin, Sonny Fortune, Steve Turre along with premier local and regional artists.

BET Event productions will produce the Tranquility Jazz Festival. BET brings extensive production and marketing resources to the staging of their events which include Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival, Durban Jazz Festival, Chicago Smooth Jazz Festival, Bermuda Jazz Festival, Thelonius Monk International Jazz Competition, J & R Computer and Music World Jazz Festival, Billboard/BET on Jazz Awards and the St. Lucia Jazz Festival.

For more information you can check out the website at or email Candis Niles at or Fitzroy Tomlinson/James Connor at

Tranquility in's a jazz thing!
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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Public Holidays Changed!

Caricom Day July 7 will not be a holiday this year. Instead, July 31st has been declared a Public Holiday to mark the 50th Anniversary of the high school.
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New to Anguilla?
More Tips

Apple Theatre Company

This summer's youth theatre festival begins July 7th at 10 am with rehearsals for the first musical show, Journeys to be performed July 21-24 at Stoney Ground Primary School Auditorium at 7:30 pm. Founder Eleanor Stacey is joined by singer/songwriter Lenaure Batista as musical director, choreographer and co-administrator for this summer.

Voices of Anguilla the history piece written by last summer's student actors will be rehearsed in August for performances on August 20-23 upstairs in the library. The Anguilla News felt that this was the most entertaining theatre production seen in Anguilla in many years and encourages everyone to see it this summer.
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Merchants Market for Good Food

An excellent shopping source for food in Anguilla is Merchants Market, a wholesaler for restaurants who also serves the general public.

We just bought rack of lamb, veal rack trim, a 5-lb bag of shrimp and a box of Strip First Cut Buckhead steaks (Black Angus), in order to cope with a family visit.

They don't have a catalog or a price list, so just ask for what you need (cilantro, roast of beef, lemons, you name it!). Merchants Market is a bit tricky to find, since there is no sign: in The Valley take the dirt road that turns in at the Anguilla Drug Store and look for the entry pictured below in the next building. Open til 4pm Monday-Friday, til noon on Saturday. Tel: 264.497.5533

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Items for Sale.

HP inkjet print cartridge tri-color US$40.00 and black US40.00. GE Super Capacity Plus Washing Machine: 4 size load capacity, 5 wash/spin speeds, 20 clothes care cycles. Never been used US $ 550.00. Contact Lynn 497-6625
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Build Your Own:

Taino Wellness Centre -'Summer Special' for June, July & August.

$50 US for 1 hour Deep Tissue Massage or Relaxation Massage at the Centre (out-calls to homes or villas still at regular price). For more information, please call 264-497-6066
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Radio Anguilla Now Broadcasting Online

You can now listen to Radio Anguilla in real time from wherever you are around the globe at

The Government Information Technology Unit in liaison with Radio Anguilla has created a website to enable a broader listenership to enjoy programs, news, current affairs, weather and music live. The staff in the News and Current Affairs Division of the station update the news and weather daily.

Anguillians and friends of Anguilla living abroad welcome this new initiative. Positive effects are also expected in tourism as Anguilla's voice and culture receives worldwide exposure.

Radio Anguilla has local programming between 5:25am and 11:00pm Anguilla time.
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Serenity Cottages

Ken Rogers' Serenity Cottages on Shoal Bay now have their own web site.
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Over 30 Anguilla beaches.

June Weather Stats from the West End Steve & Suzie Donahue send the following weather report for June 2003:

                   MONTHLY CLIMATOLOGICAL SUMMARY for JUN. 2003
NAME: Tainos   CITY: West End   STATE: Anguilla, BWI 
ELEV: 45 Ft.  LAT: 18° 10" 00'  LONG: 63° 50" 00'
                   TEMPERATURE (°F), RAIN  (in), WIND SPEED (kn)
                                      HEAT  COOL        AVG
    MEAN                              DEG   DEG         WIND                 DOM
 1  81.2  92.5   9:30a  70.5   1:00a   0.0   0.0  0.06   7.2  21.7   7:30a   ESE
 2  80.8  89.7  12:00p  71.7   9:00a   0.0   0.0  0.18   8.2  24.3   7:30a   ESE
 3  81.1  89.0  12:00p  70.4   6:00a   0.0   0.0  0.16   9.7  26.1   4:00a   ESE
 4  82.2  91.9  11:00a  77.0   5:00a   0.0   0.0  0.00   9.1  21.7  12:00p   ESE
 5  82.2  91.2   9:30a  77.2   4:30a   0.0   0.0  0.00   9.5  22.6  11:00a   ESE
 6  82.1  93.7  10:00a  72.5  11:30p   0.0   0.0  0.11   8.3  20.9  11:00p   ESE
 7  81.2  89.3  12:00p  71.2   1:30a   0.0   0.0  1.60   9.2  21.7   1:00a    SE
 8  81.6  90.2  12:00p  74.1   9:30a   0.0   0.0  0.04   9.6  26.1   9:30a   ESE
 9  82.1  89.9  10:30a  77.7  12:00m   0.0   0.0  0.00   9.1  22.6  11:00a   ESE
10  81.5  91.3  11:00a  76.4   4:00a   0.0   0.0  0.00   7.6  19.1  11:00a     E
11  81.1  88.5  12:30p  73.7   5:00a   0.0   0.0  0.01   9.9  22.6   5:00a   ESE
12  81.7  91.1  10:30a  74.3   3:30a   0.0   0.0  0.00   9.7  23.5   7:00a   ESE
13  82.0  90.6   1:00p  77.3   5:30a   0.0   0.0  0.00   8.7  20.9   3:30p     E
14  80.6  91.6  12:30p  74.4   8:30p   0.0   0.0  0.30   9.3  26.1   7:30p   ESE
15  82.0  91.0  10:00a  76.9  12:30a   0.0   0.0  0.00  11.1  23.5   9:00a   ESE
16  82.0  92.7  12:30p  75.9   7:30a   0.0   0.0  0.01   9.2  20.0   4:30a   ESE
17  82.5  91.5  11:00a  77.7   5:00a   0.0   0.0  0.00   8.3  20.9   6:30a   ESE
18  81.9  90.8  12:30p  74.7   9:30a   0.0   0.0  0.09   8.4  23.5   9:30a   ESE
19  82.2  92.8   1:00p  77.5  12:00m   0.0   0.0  0.00   8.9  20.0   8:30a   ESE
20  81.8  94.1  11:00a  76.4  11:00a   0.0   0.0  0.11   8.8  19.1   9:00a   ESE
21  83.2  91.7  11:30a  79.1  10:00p   0.0   0.0  0.00   9.5  20.0  10:30a   ESE
22  82.8  91.5  10:30a  77.7   7:30a   0.0   0.0  0.00   9.1  20.0  10:30a   ESE
23  82.9  92.0  10:30a  77.6   4:00a   0.0   0.0  0.00   8.8  22.6  10:30a   ESE
24  83.3  92.6  12:30p  75.0   5:00a   0.0   0.0  0.01   9.4  20.0   2:00p   ESE
25  83.6  92.4  11:00a  79.4   3:30a   0.0   0.0  0.00   8.9  19.1  11:00a   ESE
26  83.2  92.1  11:00a  77.5   6:00a   0.0   0.0  0.00   8.4  17.4   1:30p   ESE
27  83.0  91.9  12:30p  76.9  12:30a   0.0   0.0  0.00   9.6  23.5   4:30p   ESE
28  83.2  92.0  12:00p  78.6   5:30a   0.0   0.0  0.00  10.1  23.5   3:30a   ESE
29  83.1  91.5  11:00a  78.2   5:30a   0.0   0.0  0.00  11.3  27.0   1:00p     E
30  83.0  93.0  10:30a  77.6  12:00m   0.0   0.0  0.00   8.6  21.7   1:00p     E
    82.2  94.1    20    70.4     3     0.0   0.0  2.68   9.1  27.0    29     ESE
Max >=  90.0: 25
Max Rain: 1.60 ON  6/07/03
Days of Rain: 9 (>.01 in) 6 (>.1 in) 1 (>1 in)
                            ANNUAL CLIMATOLOGICAL SUMMARY
NAME: Tainos  CITY: West End   STATE: Anguilla, BWI  
ELEV: 45 Ft.  LAT: 18° 10" 00'  LONG: 63° 50" 00'
               TEMPERATURE (°F), HEAT BASE 75.0, COOL BASE 90.0
                          DEP.  HEAT  COOL                                          
        MEAN  MEAN        FROM  DEG   DEG                        MAX  MAX  MIN  MIN 
 YR MO  MAX   MIN   MEAN  NORM  DAYS  DAYS  HI  DATE  LOW  DATE  >=90 <=32 <=32 <=0 
  3  5  90.8  76.6  82.2   2.2     0     0  93.2  20  72.4   22   11    0    0    0
  3  6  91.5  75.8  82.2   0.2     0     0  94.1  20  70.4    3   25    0    0    0
        91.3  76.0  82.2   0.5     0     0  94.1 JUN  70.4  JUN   38    0    0    0
                                PRECIPITATION (in)
              DEP.   MAX        DAYS OF RAIN 
              FROM   OBS.          OVER
 YR MO  TOTAL NORM   DAY  DATE .01   .1   1
  3  5  1.15  0.00  0.80   22    2    2    0
  3  6  2.68  0.00  1.60    7    9    6    1
        3.83  0.00  1.60  JUN   11    8    1
                                WIND SPEED (kn)
  3  5   6.9  21.7   23   ESE
  3  6   9.1  27.0   29   ESE
         8.4  27.0  JUN  ESE

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Private Residence for Long Term Rent

Tucked away in the quiet, residential area of Little Harbour, this residence captures lovely views of the coastal terrain, St Maarten and the ocean. The main house comprises 2 bedrooms and 2 baths and this is complemented by an annex on the same floor comprising a one bedroom suite with bath. Set on just under an acre of private fenced grounds, this residence has a beautiful mature garden with citrus, mango, flamboyant and various other trees and shrubs. The large pool and deck are great for relaxing and entertaining. Fully furnished. Gardening and pool maintenance included. Utilities paid by tenant.

Available starting October 1, 2003. Enquiries:
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Villa For Sale By Owner

A brand new 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home located in the eastern section of the island is available for sale. The home has a pleasant open design capturing the best of the tradewinds and views. House is poised on a hill taking in panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding terrain. Master suite has jacuzzi tub and private patio.

Enquiries: please contact Tel. 264-772-0536.

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Private villas for rent.

Johnno's 20th Anniversary

July 2003 marks the twentieth anniversary of Johnno's of Anguilla's legends in the arena of entertainment and dining out. Johnno's is pleased to announce the launch their website, which gives you a glimpse of their wide range of services: from dining out, to entertainment to fishing trips. Thinking of a day trip to a gorgeous cay...check out their tours to Prickly Pear island.

Here is the schedule of events for the anniversary celebration:

Friday July 18, 2003: Candle Light Beach Dinner. Seatings: 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm, $25.00 per person, Music by the Mussington Band from 9:30pm

Saturday July 19, 2003: Candle Light Beach Dinner. Seatings: 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm, $25.00 per person, Live jazz from 8:00 pm. Artists: Sprocka, LaVaune Henry, Melvin Hodge, Alex Jack, Fred York

Sunday July 20, 2003: A Class Trophy Boat Race on Sunday at 1 pm. Music by the Mussington Band from 4:00 pm

Reservations preferred. Tel: 264-497-2728 Fax: 264-497-8406 Email:
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Restaurants and menus.

On 2 Scooter

This business in George Hill that rents scooters and bicycles now has a web page.
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Flavours restaurant now has a web site.
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All the resorts/hotels/inns.

Le Bar

Le Bar restaurant on Shoal Bay now has a web site.
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Summer Tennis Camp Again!

The Anguilla Tennis Academy is operating a summer tennis camp for young people again this summer, the 8th year in row. July 14-18 at Ronald Webster Park (Age 7-10 at 8:30am, 11-13 at 9:30am and 14-17 at 10:30) and July 21-25 in the West End with Visiting Coaches. Week 1 is for young players from Anguilla; week 2 is open to all players from any country.

Coaching team for 2003: Chris Wade, Texas; Bill Riddle, Tennessee; Jonathan Collazo, Univ of S Florida; Eric Shore, Alabama University; Robert Speight, Tennessee; Time Maciel, Colorado Springs; Rick Landy, Mass.; Marvin Hazel, Anguilla; and Mitchelle Lake, Anguilla.

A registraton fee of $25 US will help cover various costs incurred during the two week sesssions. Children should bring tennis shoes (no black sole), drinking water, and tennis racket if they have one. Participants receive a camp T-shirt and a Certificate. 497-3234 or 497-5111. Email: Web:
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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

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Sur La Plage Summer Specials:

Sur La Plage offers 2 villas and a studio on 2 acres, directly on the sand of Meads Bay beach. Super Summer getaway specials starting from $99/night (plus applicable taxes, 3 night minimum). Amenities include: pool, jacuzzi tub, a/c, beach umbrellas and lounge chairs, fully equipped kitchens, walking distance to world class spa, restaurants, dolphin pool and more. For more information contact (264) 497-6598 or e-mail
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Monday, June 30, 2003

Free Spay-Neuter Clinic for July

AARF will conduct this free clinit during July. Applications are available at Ashley's Pet Store, Foods Ninety Five, Le Bon Pan, Anguilla Drug Store, All Island Cable TV, Morlens Veterinary Hospital, the Post Office and many more places. 264.497.4600
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Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at or the Hotel Association at

Straw Hat Restaurant: July 4th New England Clambake

Three course dinner, US$60 pp plus bar plus 15% service charge. Mixed salad, Fresh Maine Lobster with Clams, Mussels, Corn on the cob and Potatoes. Apple Crisp a la mode. 264.497.8300
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Learn to Sew This Summer

Anguilla Development Board and the Anguilla National Creative Arts Assoc announce Summer Sewing Program, 4 weeks. Call Anita Martin-Ruan 264.497.4021 or Bernie Fahie-Richardson 264.497.2551.
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Events, holidays, activities

Summer Festival: Carnival and Boat Racing

Here is the schedule for this year:

Thursday July 31, 2003 - Opening Night

Friday, August 1 - Prince and Princess Pageant

Saturday, August 2 - Female and Jr. Calypso Show

Sunday, August 3 - Heineken Boat Race, Sandy Ground; Morgan Heritage, Landsome Bowl

Monday, August 4 - J'ouvert, Soca Guest Artists, Boat Race Sandy Ground.

Tuesday, August 5 - Ms CCB Talented Teen, Shoal Bay Boat Race

Wednesday, August 6 - Calypso Monarch, Boat Race Sandy Ground

Thursday, August 7 - Queen's Pageant, Boat Race Maunday's Bay

Friday, August 8 - Parade of Troupes

Saturday, August 9 - Sunrise Last Lap, Leeward Islands Calypso Show, Landsome Bowl

Sunday, August 10 - Champion of Champions Boat Race, Showcase of Winners
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Anguilla Soccer Success!

The Anguilla National Football team defeated Nevis on Sunday at Ronald Webster Park. The final score as 4-1.

Note: our co-worker Neil Armstrong played on the national team in this match, his first international team competition.
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Saturday, June 28, 2003

New Arrivals at M&M Gifts

M & M's Gifts located in Sandy Hill is pleased to announce its new arrivals for the summer. Scented potpourri, room mist, fragrance oils, soap fragrances, perfumed body creams, summer ceremic mugs, bathroom accessories, sheer panel curtains in all colours and much more. Great gift selections. Tel. 497-4076; Cell 772-2741; Fax 497-4184.
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Friday, June 27, 2003

Offshore Sunsations Adventures

Now offering special offseason rates on all of their boating Excursions. Check out their website and e-mail Jack or Mere for their new rates.

264-497 7038 264-235-7038 SXM 0590 690 65 53 63
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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Internet Yellow Pages:
All known Anguilla sites.

Anguilla 2003: a Trip Report, With Pictures!

A stay at CuisinArt.
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Monday, June 23, 2003

Anguilla Forum:
Carib On-line

Fund Raiser: Rotary and the Arts Festival

Win a fully-paid trip to Anguilla for just $20 US, from anywhere in the USA, Canada or Europe. Airfare, accommodations, car rental, gift and meal vouchers. Drawing is 19 December 2003. Raising funds for Campus B High School Library and the Anguilla International Arts Festival. To purchase tickets, call 264.497. 2949. fax 264.497.2735 or email
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USA Today on Anguilla

From Friday's newspaper, favorite family vacations:

Rendezvous Bay and Shoal Bay East, Anguilla Anguilla sports silky and uncrowded Caribbean sands. "Rendezvous Bay stretches for 2 miles, and the nearby salt ponds attract whistling ducks, laughing gulls and other birds. At Shoal Bay East, kids can snorkel the shore-side reef or walk the beach looking for the tiny, silvery fish caught in tide pools." "
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Friday, June 20, 2003

Omari Banks: Anguillian Cricket Hero

Read this article from The Anguillian about Omari's triumphant return from the cricket test series between West Indies and Australia.
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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Anguilla in Conde Nast Traveller

George Lawrence writes:

I just received the July issue of Conde Nast Traveler magaine and on pages 120-121 is a two page picture of a blonde woman walking along Long Bay, with the white sand and aquamarine water. A gorgeous photo. On page 140 is an article titled "Boutique Beach Resorts" which mentions Blue Waters, Trattoria Tramonto, Rendezvous Bay Hotel and Villas, Cedar Grove Cafe and Temenos. Each hotel gets about three sentences.
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Another Auction: Anguilla Great House

7 nights on Rendeszous Bay, and the deal is good through March of next year (only Xmas is blacked out). Bids start at $300, but I have already bid $325 so start higher!!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Cable TV to Offer Internet

All Island Cable will offer high speed Internet by the end of the year.
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Real Estate

Forum Posts on Allamanda

Read what some recent visitors have to say about the Allamanda Beach Club:

"We stayed there in March. It was great! Not too fancy, just clean and simple. Most rooms have a nice balcony or patio. ... The top floor rooms have the best views and they have a small pool. We think they have one of the very best restaurants on the island (Zara's)! Gwen's, just a short walk down to the beach is our most favorite place to "HANG OUT" in more ways than one! "
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Stories from the previous and earlier issues.
Shoal Bay Pictorial Rendezvous Bay
Dog Island May Diary
April Diary March Diary

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Recommended Vacation Villas

Our villa on Shoal Bay beach: Bellamare.

And ten minutes away by small plane, our Azu villa in St Barth, that is totally secluded and private, but only a short walk to everything in St Jean, and with unbelievable views.

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