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You can try to climb a palm tree at Junks Hole. . . .

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 2000/11/03 - Click to enlarge pictures

Many Ways to Have Fun

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Go sailing or windsurfing at Shoal Bay.

Explore around Anguilla by boat with Ritz, Junior, or Keg.

Snorkel or scuba dive to see tropical fish.

Stay in a friendly local guest house.

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Go on a family hike to the top of the hill at the far east tip of Anguilla: Windward Point.

Explore more than 30 beaches, satisfy your taste buds at one of Anguilla's fine gourmet and local restaurants.

Or try any of the local activites described in the the Anguilla Internet Yellow Pages.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Satellite
Cloudy 81F 27C 74% Humidity, November 3
Low temp since last news report 77F 25C
High temp since last news report 88F 31C
Low humidity since last news report 59%
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Anguilla Diary: September 7 to November 2, 2000

Here is a day-by-day compendium of news items, as we gathered them - starting with the most recent.

Thursday, November 2, 2000

Asmare Villa. This new two story villa is located near Sandy Hill Bay and has two apartments. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths upstairs ($1000/wk) and 2 bedrooms 2 baths downstairs ($800/wk) Or rent both units for $1600/wk. To visit their web page, Click Here.

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English Rose Restaurant.

This new place to eat in The Valley, located next door to the People's Market, is the creation of Jed and Sharon Hunte. The name was derived from a "pet name" Jed had for his wife because she was born and raised in England. The menu provides a variety of local dishes, with seafood pasta as one of the best sellers. They are open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, closed Sunday. Information courtesy the Tourist Board.

Mussington Brothers play at La Cafe on November 11th.

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New Roundabout!

The temporary, experimental roundabout in The Valley that was then replaced by stop signs has now been replaced by a brand new, real roundabout, this one with cross walks, pedestrian protection, and much more room.

King Obstinate Christmas Concert. Landsome Bowl, Dec 15.

Soroptomist Christmas Fair. Scheduled for December 2 on the grounds of Government House from 11am to 4:30pm. Crafts, games, art, toys, raffle, bbq. To read about a previous fair, Click Here.

Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Uncle Ernies. The November issue of Caribbean Travel and Life includes an article about Uncle Ernies BBQ on Shoal Bay. To read it, Click Here.

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The Valley Tree Lighting Event - Christmas 2000
Ian Edwards and Brent Warner are spearheading a volunteer drive to bring back The Valley Tree Lighting event this Christmas season and carry it to a higher level. In addition to the main tree, they will be lighting 49 other trees that line the route to the main tree. They have found an innovative way to finance the event: they are letting businesses and people "take a tree" which they will sponsor and which will have their name on it.
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The tree lighting is scheduled for December 17, 2000, but work has already started on the electrical wiring for the project.

The tree lighting will use hundreds of feet of white and colored christmas lights. While funds have been raised, anyone who wishes to make a donation can send a cheque to "Christmas Tree Lighting" at Box 1366, The Valley, Anguilla.

What the organizers really need now is someone in the US who can help find the required lights at a good price. Anyone in the Christmas tree light business, or who lives near a big Wallmart, please email prices to Ian Edwards at or call 264.235.7667 or 264.497.2607. Thanks.

Dale Carty. The October 2000 issue of Travel and Leisure magazine has a very positive article about Tasty's Cafe and its creator, chef Dale Carty. From the article:
If it weren't for Carty, I would have missed out on the one Caribbean dish I left New York wanting to taste: conch salad. The mollusk is beaten, cut into strips, and marinated with onion, green pepper, tomato, celery, garlic, thyme,olive oil and white wine vinegar. Then it's tossed with salted cucumber and crowned with arugula - real hot weather food, the kind you can eat in industrial quantities without feeling logy.
Also mentioned favourably in the article are Malliouhana, Big Jim's bbq, CuisinArt, and Oliver's. By coincidence, in another article about starting your own country, they also have a picture of Sean Hastings, who lived on Anguilla a couple of years ago.

Thursday, October 19, 2000

Computer Expert Rescued by Hotelier. Since Sept 10th I have been reporting the Anguilla news on the road, mostly in Italy. I have my laptop and a bag of phone and power converters, plus an international ATT account and three Italian ISPs. This allowed me to connect to the Internet, read my email from Anguila, and update the news site. However, I was frustrated in several hotels by my computer modem's refusal to recognize the switchboard dial tone. It would not dial, so I had to use Internet Cafes instead.

Finally, after complaining at the Il Moresco hotel on the island of Ischia in the Gulf of Napoli, the Director of the hotel showed me the error of my ways. Allessando Leonessa was going to let me use his email, but when he heard my problem, he said:

Do you have Windows? Just click the modem option to bring up a terminal window before dialing, then type atx3 and Enter. This tells the modem to dial anyway, even if there is no dial tone. I had the same problem when I connected the hotel's computer to the Internet.
And of course that solved my problem! Just think, I have worked with computers for over 25 years, but a kindly hotel director saved the day. That is good customer service. And it was a great hotel and a wonderful island to visit.

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Win A Free Tropical Wedding. Tania Maynard of "Weddings On The Go!" announces a contest of a free wedding in Anguilla, with the ceremony on board a sailboat, and the wedding covered by a European TV program. Tania started her wedding business a few years ago as an internet-based venture from the first day. Her business will also be featured in the November issue of Bridal Magazine. For more info, Click Here.

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at or the Hotel Association at

New Accommodation. Wayne Reid (email: writes:

Available for short, medium and long term rental is a new Two bedroom/One bathroom fully-furnished 1500 sqft property at Little Harbour with great views of the island and neighbouring St. Maarten / St Martin.

The nightly rates are $USD 130 double occupancy and include service charge and government tax. For long term contracts the monthly rate is $USD 1180 and includes weekly maid service.

Email us for more information or telephone 1-264-497-2150 or Fax: 1-264-497-3679.

Monday, October 9, 2000

Sewing Lessons. Stanya Peacock is holding sewing classes at the Anguilla Arts & Crafts center (next to the library).. The registration night is this Wed, Oct. 11 at 7 pm sharp. (Classes will be limited to 6 people in each class.) The phone # is 497-5342 Participants must bring their own sewing machine, thread, scissors, notions and cloth.

Saturday, October 7, 2000

Altamer Pictures. Altamer Resort has completely redone their web site with pictures of the villa: Click Here.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Build Your Own:

Villa For Sale. Tigh na Bruich, "the house on the steep hill", is offered for sale in the East End at $525,000, including guest house: Click Here.

Friday, September 29, 2000

Scooter Rental Web Site. Rebecca Webster invites you to look at the new web site for her scooter business: Click Here.

Saturday, September 23, 2000

Patsies Seaside Villas click for
more info

Dear Bob,

Connie and I have been encouraged by your occasional coverage of "economy" accomodations in your Anguilla newsletter. It would be shame if the island's pricey reputation scared off visitors of comparatively more modest incomes. Aside from anything else, such misperceptions hit hardest at the small inns and accomodations owned by Anguillans themselves who deserve their full share of the tourism pie. This is a real service and we hope you'll continue it.

Our nomination for "best buy" is Patsies Seaside Villas in Blowing Point. I suspect our story is like many others. We first came to Anguilla sixteen years ago for a week's vacation, fell in love with the beaches and the people as everyone does, vowed to come back and STAY LONGER but couldn't afford the tariff an extended stay at "less expensive" places like the Mariner's or Shoal Bay would produce. We wanted something considerably more affordable, but we were't willing to sacrifice essential comforts. We wanted a place with a full kitchen, two bedrooms,a comfortable living area, maid service and, most important, an on-the-beach location.

An Anguilla impossibility? For a while we thought so, spending several years bouncing from one place to another, but finally we found Patsie's and stopped looking. We've been coming back for three weeks every year ever since. We rave about it to our friends and finally felt we might as well rave about it to you too.

Patsie's is definitely one of the best values on the island. It's small and private with only six units well separated from its neighbors on both sides. All the units are spacious and airy and comfortable, the beach is ten feet away and the views from the porches of St Martin are fabulous. The owners, Mitch and Marjorie Connor, are among the nicest people we've met in all our years on Anguilla and provide attentive and immediate service.

The Blowing Point Ferry is a five minute walk down the street, whenever Marigot in St. Martin seems like a good idea, as is Jim's rib stand (another Anguilla "best buy" on the culinary side). The Ferryboat Inn is a three minute walk up the beach in the other direction, where we've always found the food good, the prices fair and the owners John and Marjorie McClain fascinating to talk to. Most important, the price is right - a little over $100 a day, which give us the joy of a three week stay in Anguilla for about what a week would cost in any of the second tier resorts. Who could ask for more?

Bruce and Connie Fraser, Middletown Connecticut. Email:

For the Patsies Villas web site, Click Here.

Thursday, September 21, 2000

Reggae Vision. Here is an interesting email from
I am Livingstone Richardson, AKA "Cornflakes" a native of Anguilla and now I am living in Massachusetts and have a band called Reggae Vision with a new CD called Small Island Rasta. Many people back home in Anguilla might like to hear my new music. Some of the songs can be down loaded from my website or from - also my website has many beautiful pictures from Anguilla on it as well as links to other Anguilla related websites. Please consider including links to the above web pages in your website.
For the web site, Click Here.

Villa Bianca Update. This three bedroom villa has a new pool and spa: Click Here.

Bankie Banx Update. Bankie has a new personal email address, and is planning to keep his fans more updated via the Internet. For example, Dune Preservce will start the season off with a bang. "November 11 we'll celebrate Bankie's birthday, under a full moon and you are all invited. The dates for Moonsplash 2001 ar Mar 9-11th."

Monday, September 18, 2000

Internet Yellow Pages:
All known Anguilla sites.

Pictures. Long Pond Condominiums has added photos of the site and construction progress to their web site: Click Here.

Sunday, September 10, 2000

Bay View Apartments. Reasonably-priced studios overlooking Sandy Ground, quick walk to the beach. To visit the web site, Click Here.

Departure Tax. The fee to leave from Wallblake airport has increased from US $10 to US $15.

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