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[Click to enlarge party on Keg's boat] Looking for an authentic boat trip in Anguilla, try Keg Rogers in Island Harbour. This isn't a party boat, it is a commercial fishing boat. Painted blue and white, and custom built for fishing and cruising in Anguilla waters, his boat has a broad beam (i.e., it's wide), handles the waves easily, is stable and doesn't roll in the surf, spreads the sea spray so you don't get drenched. And there is lots of room for you and your "stuff". But Keg is the perfect gentleman captain and host, loading and unloading your coolers and etc.
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When you board his boat, notice the winches for pulling up lobster pots. And the space at the stern for two trolling rods. If Keg isn't busy, you can charter him to take you out fishing or to explore (a trip to Scrub Island takes 15-20 minutes from Island Harbour, but you can spend all day there).

Here is another view of Keg's boat and his mate, with Island Harbour in the background. For more pictures of a trip to Scrub with Keg, visit this web page.

Telephone: 1-264-497-4487. Since Keg is usually out fishing, the best way to reach him may be to call Smitty's in Island Harbour and Smitty will arrange it.

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