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Summer May Be the Best Time to Visit

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Summer is a great time in Anguilla - the weather is nicer than in most parts of the United States, no reservations for dinner, everyone's more relaxed in the slow season, and Carnival is fun the first week in August. As a bonus, the beaches are deserted and summer is the season for the unique fruit genips.

Many hotels and restaurants close as the summer goes on, especially August 15 to October 1. This is because September 10 is the peak danger day of hurricane season and the shut down gives them a chance to do maintenance. In past years, Cap Juluca stayed open all year, but since 9/11 they have also been shutting down. If you come in September, be sure to get travel insurance for hurricanes and don't expect many restaurants for eating out (mostly local places will be open).

Summer Specials in Anguilla

Most accomodations have nice discounts for the summer season. These discounts continue until Thanksgiving or Christmas, depending upon the resort. As the temperatures in the North start to drop, the prices in Anguilla start to rise. This table shows a selection of daily (or weekly) starting rates in various parts of Anguilla.

Is It Really Hot in the Summer?

No, it isn't really hot. In fact, the average high June temperature of 86F is only 4 degrees above December's 82F. The humidity keeps within a comfortable range on most days (58-67%), average rainfall is 2.8" for June, and the cooling wind is almost always blowing gently from the South East. For example, here is the weather for the first two weeks of June, 1997 and you can cruise archives of the Anguilla Local News to see what the weather was like in July and August.

Weather Report Anguilla
86F 70% Humidity, Cloudy June 11, 1997
Low temp in last 15 days 79F
High temp in last 15 days 88F
Low humidity in last 15 days 59%
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"It's warmer here in Maine than in Anguilla.
Yesterday it was 95 degrees here." Travis Ferland

How does June in Anguilla compare with other places you might visit, say Orlando Florida? The average June high temperature in Orlando is 90.5F, average rainfall is 7.3", and average days of precipitation is 14.

In the summer, Anguilla's weather is nicer than in most of the United States, and the prices are lower. Summer is when restaurant chefs take their vacations, but there are still great places to eat (try Cap Juluca, they never close)!

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