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Genips In Season!

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[Click for larger view of Genips] If you see someone sitting under a tree and repeatedly popping a small round fruit into their mouths and then spitting out a large pit, they are eating Genips. Summer is the time of year when genip is in season. To buy them, look for someone by the side of the road with plastic bags for sale. The price for a cluster is usually about 1 or 2 EC$.

The fruit is less than 1" in diameter and has a green skin. You crack the skin and push out the nut inside, which is large and has a thin layer of yellow fruit around it. [Click to visit stamp page.] Pop it in your mouth, suck off the fruit, and spit out the nut. Genip will stain your clothes badly, so eat them at the beach. At first they seem sour, but the taste grows on you quickly.

The scientific name for Genip is Melicoecus Bijugatus. It is also known as quenette, and mamoncillo. The Genip, which grows in clusters, vary in size, shape and taste from tree to tree. One tree can produce an amazing number of fruit clusters. The fruit, high in acidity, range from very sweet to extremely sour, and are often eaten as they are harvested.  Revised: August 17, 1997

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