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Carnival 98 was not just exciting boat races--it was music and dancing too. Music on the stages, on the beaches, and on the streets!

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J'ouvert morning and Last Lap are exuberant and constantly moving street dances in The Valley. Anguilla's favorite bands appear on giant semi-truck trailers with their booming amplifiers and speakers. The fans and supporters dance after the bands, and follow them around the center of Anguilla for hours. Band members even climb to the top of the trucks and sing from there, as in the far right picture above.

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By the time all the bands are blasting away in competition, the streets are jammed with dancers, watchers and just plain party-goers.

But that isn't all the music. Every night there are shows at the Carnival Village (aka Landsome Bowl), including music, calypso singing contests, talent contests, and more. If you stayed up every night until 3am for the carnival shows and made it to every street dance, parade and boat race-- you would not sleep for 10 days.

Photos from Carnival 98 courtesy Monique Ragbir.

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