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Kellie and Bryan took 27 rolls of film and have some great shots from their April 2002 vacation on Anguilla. Here are their favorite shots, with Kellie's commentary:

Trattoria Tramonto

Because Italian food has always been a favorite of ours, and we'd heard great things about Trattoria Tramonto, we decided to save it for our last dinner on the island. It didn't disappoint! We savored their lobster raviolis and then after dinner, kicked our shoes off to have some photos taken in the sand beside our table. Such a lovely evening!

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Altamer Lobster

Consider that one side of this grilled lobster is the size of my forearm. When this plate was presented to me, many of the other couples around us at Altamer stopped chewing and stared in amazement. Although this made for quite a spectacle, our meal at Altamer was one of the more memorable meals we've had anywhere - just spectacular food, service and atmosphere!

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Underwater cameras really DO work, and no one back at home believed me ... but this was REALLY taken in the ocean - not the pool at our resort! We were so amazed at how crystal clear the water was, and how clearly we could see the fish while snorkeling. Of course, this meant that I had to suck in my gut when snorkeling after one of the many great meals on Anguilla - nowhere to hide it in clear water like this!

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Chocolat Charter

We wanted to see as much of the island and surrounding snorkeling spots as we could while on Anguilla. We took the Chocolat snorkeling charter and visited snorkeling spots such as Prickley Pear, Sandy Island and Little Bay. It was a lovely experience with a gracious, knowledgeable host, Rollins. We enjoyed being on the water, meeting other couples also on the charter, and discovering new snorkeling areas around Anguilla. Very fun!

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Although we saw many fish while snorkeling, these blue tang must be the slowest swimmers! We attempted to take photos of other fish, but somehow we only ended up with blue fish in the many underwater photos that we had developed! We got some great shots of coral, though! The coral was no match for my roving photographer - my fiancÚ!

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Malliouhana Restaurant

With a beautiful, serene and never-ending view such as this (Meads Bay), Malliouhana could have served us rat poison and it wouldn't have ruined our lunch. Luckily for us, rat poison wasn't the daily special, and we enjoyed some perfectly cooked crayfish instead. This is a gorgeous spot for a meal!

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Scilly Cay

We got to Scilly Cay after the regular lunch crowd, so it was fun to chase lizards and "close the place down" with the owner and employees of the little island restaurant. It's such a fun environment out there!

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Shoal Bay Beach

We loved the contrast of pastel simplicity and rich blue colors which we woke up to each day at Shoal Bay. This photo was taken from inside the pool area at Shoal Bay Beach Hotel.

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Where Are the Crowds?

Since we seemed to miss the "crowds" wherever we went (wait - ARE there crowds on Anguilla?), we didn't get too many photos taken with both of us in them. But we managed one on Scilly Cay. We loved the background here with the driftwood, sand, water and then main island in the distance. It's a keeper!

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Shoal Bay Beach Hotel

We decided to take a "postcard picture" of our hotel while we were on a Glassbottom Boat tour with Junior's father, Mike. We had such a great experience at Shoal Bay Beach Hotel, and would highly recommend it.

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Windward Point

We ventured out to Windward Point to see what it was like, and it was spectacular how the waves crashed against the jagged rocks at this tip of the island. We encountered a large bird nesting in the rocks, and she quickly told us that we were on her territory! We stood out at the end of the rocks where the water sprays you as it spits up high into the air, and were really happy that we'd followed the rocky & rough road to this destination.

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Sunset Over Shoal Bay

Each night we liked to watch the sun go down before heading to our dinner destination.

There's a feeling of peace and complete relaxation that I'm not quite able to describe while watching a sunset here.

The little "spark" of blue/green which you see as the sun slips beyond the horizon is something out of fairy tales!

Story and pictures by Kellie

 Revised: 2002/8/25

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