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Little Bay

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Little Bay is one of the most famous beaches in Anguilla and one of the smallest. The first photo above was taken in 2013, high above the bay in its surrounding cliffs. The second picture was snapped from the sea looking at the beach (taken in 2004). [Click to enlarge]

Little Bay is on the north coast between Crocus Bay and Shoal Bay, not far from The Valley. The easiest way to get there is from Crocus Bay, where you can hire Calvin (or any fisherman) to take you there in 5 minutes (about $10-20). You just tell them when to pick you up. It's inaccesable from the road, except by climbing down the cliff via a rope (not recommended, but possible).

Little Bay is protected by a cove of high cliffs. It has no surf and the snorkelling is excellent. Bring snacks, drinks and beach towels and make a picnic of your trip.

Not much has changed about Little Bay over the years. It's still an idyllic little beach without any development. The only recent change has been the addition of Ani Villas on the cliffside overlooking the blue bay.

More pictures, from the road side.

Directions: Starting in the airport parking lot go straight past Island Car Rental and NBA bank. Turn left at the lights. Go straight past the library and high school, straight through the roundabout and continue up Crocus Hill. At the top, either a) drive down to Crocus Bay and stop just before da'Vida. You will see Calvin and a few other fishermen enjoying the day. Calvin will take you over to Little Bay. The other option is to turn right at the top of the hill (by Red Cross), and follow that road. You will find yourself on a road with a steep incline. Right in the middle of that incline you will note a clearing on the left side of the road. Pull over there and park. Then, follow the little path into the woods. Tread carefully! It is a cliff after all. When the branches clear, you will see cliffs and a rope down.

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