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[Click to enlarge] The recently opened medical complex on the West End Road complements the existing health services offered on the island. Dr. Lowell Hughes, a plastic surgeon and Dr. Dumisa Adams, an obstetrician/gynaecologist operate the facility. There are also plans to bring in visiting physicians of various specializations to reduce the need for persons to travel overseas for medical attention. These will include an ophthalmologist, an urologist, a gastroenterologist, an orthopedic specialist, an ENT specialist, a cardiologist and a radiologist.

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The medical centre is not a hospital and cannot cater to emergencies. The facility aims to provide elective medical care as opposed to the full range of services provided by a hospital. The complex includes an x-ray unit with ultra sound and mammogram facilities, a pharmacy, a laboratory, two operating rooms and four patient rooms for overnight patients. Provisions have been made for future expansion of the facility.

Article and photos by Janine Edwards

 Revised: 2001/10/7

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