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A quaint, yellow cottage with pastel trim catches the eye of the passerby on Crocus Hill. The hundred year old Rose Cottage, once the home of Sea Captain Robert Benjamin Carter, now houses Loblolly Art Gallery.

Loblolly Gallery, previously located at the South Hill Plaza is a cooperative of six artists. Four of the artists live in Anguilla and two reside on the island for part of the year. They have different styles and use a variety of mediums but each piece conveys the artist's celebration of creativity and their love for Anguilla.

The gallery is open Monday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm. Telephone 497-6006.

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A Little About the Artists

Lucia Butler sometimes called "The Grandma Moses of the Caribbean" is known for her imaginative, traditional scenes of Anguilla - gingerbread cottages, meandering goats and boating scenes.

Paula Walden an artist of many mediums started painting since grade school. Paula spent part of her of career teaching art to children and teachers in Canada. Her pieces come alive with vibrant colours.

Marjorie Morani who has a studio in Island Harbour, works mostly in oil but also does some pastels and watercolours. The colour and flair of the islands come out in her figurative and landscape paintings.

Laura Scheurer captures beauty and functionality in her various pieces which she sculpts from brass, copper and steel. Her delightful works of art include lamps, chairs and decorative island scenes.

Georgia Young paints her delicate watercolour renditions of traditional Anguillian cottages as well as the soft colours of local flowers.

Sally Allexan loves to capture in acrylics the lively beach and market scenes of Anguilla.

Loblolly Gallery is definitely worth a visit. The ambience of the historic cottage is a perfect setting for the fine array of art work.

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Directions: Starting from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, then continue straight past Island Car Rental and the National Bank. Turn left at Albert's Supermarket and go past the high school and the library, through the roundabout and up Coronation Blvd into Crocus Hill. Just past Koal Keel restaurant you will see Loblolly Art Gallery is on the right, next door to Savannah Gallery.

Story by Janine Edwards, photos by Janine and Bob Green

 Revised: 2001/6/1

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