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Corito is another fun beach without any signs pointing to it, but this one has its own barrier reef, lagoon, and even a little shade. . . .

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 November 15, 1997 - Site Map.

Hidden Anguilla: Corito Bay

To the south of Wallblake Airport is the seldom-visited Corito bay and beach. Very protected, shallow, with gentle waves. Corito Bay is protected by a reef about 200 yards offshore. There is a bit of debris blown in from the Atlantic, but there are also palm trees, sea life to explore, and great views of St. Martin. Bring your snorkel.

There are no signs to Corito Bay, no hotels, no restaurants, no services, just a couple of private homes and villas such as the Boathouse. If you walk around the point, you come to Forest Bay and will see the Straw Hat restaurant sitting on a pier in the distance.

Directions: take the road around the eastern end of the airport. Take the road straight down to the ocean, ignoring the tempting left fork for Straw Hat Restaurant. The road turns to gravel, but is wide. It ends at the Shell oil pumping station. Just before the end, park along the road and explore to the left. The first part is narrow, but keep walking until you see the view pictured above. This beach qualifies as a hidden treat of Anguilla.

News Tidbits

Trattoria Tramonto. There is a new restaurant on Shoal Bay WEST (not East) serving Northern Italian food, in the location where Paradise Cafe used to be, next to Blue Waters apartments. 264-497-8819.

Cheap Air Fares. Postings to our Cheap Airfare Bulletin Board include Sun Country charters out of Minnesota, Caledonian Airlines out of Gatwick/UK, and Nouvelles Frontieres or AOM Minerva from Paris.

Remember, We Are One Hour Off Now. Actually, the rest of you are one hour off because you went off daylight savings. We never have Daylight Savings, so during the Summer we are on the same time zone as the Eastern USA (EST), but in the Winter we are one hour ahead (AST). So, when Ophrah is on at 4pm EDT, it is 5PM in Anguilla.

[Click to enlarge view.]

Haitin Tin Work. Anguilla is lucky to have so many artists and galleries. The Savannah Gallery is currently mounting a new show of contemporary Haitian Tin Work and will be having a Caribbean Crafts Show on December 6-24th.

News on Television. Cable TV in Anguilla broadcasts an enjoyable show called Digest wtih very professional stories about Anguilla and the neighboring islands. Their program about the Carnival was excellent, as was the one about the Computer Club. Digest appears on Channel 3 at 7PM on Mondays and Thursdays, 9PM on Saturdays. The production is by Chris Mason and Joanne Saunders and you can buy the tapes at Curiosity Shop in South Hill. And don't forget that Radio Anguilla broadcasts the local news on Channel 3 nightly at 7:40PM. This is followed by Anguilla Diary at 8:05, which is a list of what's happening on the island. Produced by Eastern Caribbean Broadcasting (phone/fax 497-3367), which also broadcasts a series of programs over the air on Channel 9 (this coverage is not on the Cable).

Public Internet Access. Tim Adam, General Manager of Cable and Wireless Anguilla presented a gift of 125 hours per month of free Internet access to the Anguilla National Library and the local high school. The library will be making internet access available at EC$5 for 30 minutes, which is very reasonable because it includes use of the computer as well.

CoveCastles announces The Grand Villa with over 5000 sq. ft, 4 bedroooms, beachfront, two upper level wings each with master suite and guest bedroom, rates Jan 5-March 31 $2495 daily for 2-4 persons, $2995 for 5-8 persons plus 10% service charge and 8% tax. Telephone: 264-497-6801.

Anguilla Coffee Mugs! Loretta Omania writes "I have been to Anguilla several times, my first in 1971 when I was teaching in the USVI. I have several panormaic views of Anguilla and its famous beaches which I plan to put them on coffee mugs amonst my other designs." If anyone is interested in them, click her name above to send email.

News from Blanchard's Restaurant

One of our most successful restaurants, widely acclaimed by locals and visitors alike, is Blanchard's on Meads Bay. Last time we went there, we noticed a chauffeured golf cart from nearby Malliouhana hotel, waiting to scoot diners back to their hotel suites.

Chef Melinda Blanchard replaces menu choices with new ones every month or so, instead of doing a complete new menu. Telephone 264-497-6100 for reservations. Below are the new items since December 1996:

New Items on Blanchard's Menu
Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls with two dipping sauces, sesame and peanut-lime....9.00
Blanchard's Stone Crab Cakes served wiht tomato and corn salad and citrus aioli....14.00
Assorted Baby Greens with Cherry Tomatoes tossed with dijon vinaigrette....9.00
Grilled Fillet of Snapper basted with a blend of freshly squeezed orange juice, soy sauce, tomatoes and black papper; served with basmati rice, sauteed cherry tomatoes and leeks and corn-avocado salsa....29.00
Char-Grilled Swordfish with Toasted Corn Dressing and Avocado Salad served with vegetable-curried rice and balsamic portabello mushrooms....32.00
Grilled Dorado (also known as Mahi Mahi) with a Mild Thai Curry Sauce; made with tomatoes, soy sauce, fresh ginger, lime juice, various Asian spices and served on a bed of sauteed corn, shitake mushrooms and spinach....28.00
Jamaica Jerk Chicken (Hot-Hot-Hot) with Grilled Cinnamon Bananas served with pineapple chutney and basted with an island sauce made of ten herbs and spices, orange juice, lime juice and scotch bonnet peppers; served with sweet potato puree....26.00
Grilled New Zealand Rack of Lamb cut into double-thick chops, basted lightly with a Chinese hoisin-sesame barbecue sauce and served with mashed potatoes, roasted shallots and asparagus....36.00
Grilled Pork Chops with an Oriental Lemon Glaze; center-cut rib chop with curried rice, sauteed spinach, baby carrots and marinated peppers....26.00
Pepper-Crusted Tenderloin of Beef with roasted onions and tomatoes, mashed potatoes and fresh baby green beans; (we serve only Certified Black Angus beef)....35.00

Melinda is happy to make vegetarian dinners on request. You can split an order in the kitchen for a $3.00 surcharge. Real food lovers and Blanchard fans should read the full menu.

Iguana Delicatissima

[Click for more stamps] Anguilla is home to a species of Iguana called the Iguana Delicatissima. The Anguilla National Trust has launched an effort to ensure the propogation of the Iguana and the Post Office has issued a set of four postage stamps to help make the public aware of the issue.

Iguanas live largely in the dry forest throughout the West Indies and are virtually harmless to humans. Due to pressures of lost habitat and predators such as dogs and cats, the Iguana population has gone from abundant to near extinction. On Anguilla the small Iguana population inhabits a relatively small section of the northern coast and live in rock crevices. The reptiles feed mainly on shrubs such as Chink, Cattle Tongue, Mutton Polly, Antigua Balsam and White Cedar.

After Hurricane Luis, people noticed another speciies, Iguana Iguana. It is thought that these Iguana floated to Anguilla from other islands clinging to logs and debris.

Some Iguana Web Sites:

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: 84F 28C 62% Humidity, Sunny November 15
Low temp since last news report 77F 25C
High temp since last news report 86F 30C
Low humidity since last news report 55%
Tropical storm web site Link
Five-day weather forecast Link
Live station in Anguilla Link

Gayle Gurvey writes "First big snowfall in Toronto last night...we got about 8 inches. The dog loves it, but I am not thrilled to bits about it."

Check the weather right now in Toronto, or Denver, or Albany NY. Or Anguilla.

Upcoming Events in Anguilla

The Anguilla Local News has an Calendar for the year showing events, holidays, and activities.

Here are some events scheduled for the next few weeks:

Also, put Feb 26th on your calendar, this is the date of the total eclipse of the sun, which will be very visible in Anguilla. This eclipse will block 85% of the Anguilla sun.

Computer Club Going Strong

[Click to enlarge photo]
First members to finish all twenty levels of Word Rescue.
The Anguilla Library Computer Club is still going strong. We want to thank everyone who has donated to and support the club so far. We now are open 3 days a week from 3:30 to 5:00pm: Monday (adults), Wednesday and Thursday (children). We have two new volunteers, Sean and Jo Hastings (check Jo's web page) who are a great help. We now hope to open on Tuesdays as well. Larry Franklin is back from getting his Masters in the UK and is now our premier (and only) Java expert on the island. From January 12 to March 12 we will have Paul Ward, a Computer Analyst from Norway helping at the club and we hope to be open Monday through Friday, plus longer hours so that adults can come for lessons after work.

At most meetings now we have up to 50 children and 20 computers operating. With the flat concrete roof and the large crowd, the heat can be intense. The club could desperately use air conditioning both for comfort and to protect the computers from the destructive tropical salt air. If you have any fund raising ideas or a spare air conditioner to donate, please contact us via email or fax to 264-497-4389.

When you next come to Anguilla, please drop in to observe or help (we are in the back of the Arts and Craft Center to the right of the Library). We now have some new colorful stools created by Geoff Sims-Davies: green and yellow! If you happen to be in CompUSA, store, the club could use a BC-05 color cartrdige or two for a Canon printer (the children are learning desktop publishing).

We are almost done with our project to network 10 computers together and connect them to the Internet. When that is complete, we will be offering evening Internet classes (how to browse, email, creating a web page, etc.). This course will show how you can get email and a web page for free, even if you don't have a computer! If you can't wait for the official class, you can read the rough course notes on the club's web site.

Updates, Questions, and Feedback

How to Send Christmas Gifts? Here is a great question from David Johnson: Since 1991, my wife and I have visited Anguilla nine times. We have developed a friendship with some of the staff at Cap Juluca. The holidays are approaching and we would like to send some Christmas gifts but are not sure of the procedure. Easiest method, and the method that Anguillians use, is to bring the presents with you when you come to Anguilla. Next best is to send it through the mail - clearing customs at the post office is relatively painless for the recipient. Allow at least a month for the post.

Seafeathers Villa Available. Ivy Broder noticed our article on villa web pages and wrote "Large, breezy, 2 bedroom, 2 bath villa for rent at Seafeathers. Spacious wrap-around verandah with beautiful views of the Caribbean and neighboring islands. Fully equipped, many amenities. Rates: $145 per night through Dec. 15; $225 per night from Dec 15 through April 15, plus tax and service charge. ... Could you just add to the announcement that I just sent that it is available for Christmas, 1997? Contact: Ivy Broder - 202-363-3301 -

Driving a Scooter. We published an article on driving in Anguilla, but didn't mention mopeds and scooters. Sam Spagnolo asked "We would like to rent a small motorcycle or scooter for getting around the island. Any info you can shed on the subject is greatly appreciated!" You can rent a scooter from Harry's Taxi in Island Harbour (264-497-4336) or C&C Enterprises (264-497-5954) and probably other places. The rate is about $25 per day, plus $6 for the temporary drivers license. When you call Harry's Taxi, you talk to Harry's mom, who doesn't drive! But she will pass on the message for you (about the license, she said "the people show my son a card with their picture on it and they get a license.") However, we can't honestly recommend you do do this. The cost for two scooters is more than renting a car and the danger of injury is extremely high, considering the goats, the pot holes, and the fast drivers.

Update on Internet Access. We mentioned a page on the web site that explains how to use by the minute Internet access in Anguilla and get through to MSN and Compuserve. We asked for tips on getting through to AOL from Anguilla and Gilbert Fleming, recently returned to Anguilla, says he does it all the time. Here is an excerpt from the AOL manual that he sent:

America Online's software lets you use TCP/IP (if it is available on your computer) instead of your modem to connect to America Online at no extra charge. Connecting to America Online with TCP/IP is often faster than the usual modem-based connection process, and it will not interfere with your use of other TCP/IP software like Netscape.

System Requirements:

In order to connect to AOL through TCP/IP or a SLIP or PPP account, you will need the following:

  1. America Online for Windows version 1.5 or higher.
  2. WINSOCK.DLL version 1.1 (this comes with AOL version 3.0).
  3. A direct Internet connection via TCP/IP, or,
  4. A SLIP or PPP connection (if you are using a SLIP or PPP, you will need a program such as Trumpet Winsock, which you can download from our file libraries. Use the Keyword: Filesearch, click on Shareware, then type in trumpet winsock as your search word.

How To Connect with TCP/IP:

  1. Establish your SLIP or PPP connection, if necessary by connecting to your ISP or other Internet provider.
  2. On the Sign On screen, click on the Setup button.
  3. Click the Create Location button.
  4. Select TCP/IP from the Network drop-down box.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click OK to return to the Sign On screen.
  7. Click Sign On and you will connect to America Online over the TCP/IP connection.

Hibernia Restaurant--Worth the Drive

[Click to enlarge Hibernia Restaurant]

Perhaps the most creative place to eat in Anguilla is Hibernia Restaurant in Island Harbour. This gourmet eatery specializing in French-Indochinese dishes is located in a charming old renovated West Indian home. Hibernia is run by husband and wife team, Mary Pat O'Hanlon (hostess) and Rauol Rodriguez (chef), who spend their summer break in Thailand finding new recipes, artwork, and china for the restaurant. Reservations recommended. Telephone: 264-497-4290. More than half the items on the menu are new, but old favorites such as the lobster souffle remain. Below are some new items on their menu:

New Items - Hibernia - November 1997 Menu
Soupe de tomates et melons glacee au mustcat.
Chilled tomato and melon soup perfumed with muscat.
Assortment d'hors-d'ouvre de Provence.
A selection of various hors-d'ouvres from Provence.
Encornets farcis au poulet, Fumet de Langouste au poivre de la jamaique.
Calamares with a chicken filling, served warm with a lobster and jamaican pepper sauce.
Salade variee au pamplemousse et amandes aromatisee au pastis.
Salad with mixed lettuce, grapefruit and grilled almonds, dressed with a pastis vinegrette.
Blanc de poulet grille au miel et a la lavande.
Chicken breast grilled with a honey sauce infused with lavender aromas.
Langouste poelee et sa creme de celeri a la badiane.
Lobster medalions pan grilled with a cream of celery and star anise sauce.
Tom Yam Pla.
A variety of filleted Caribbean fish, cooked and served in a spicy Thai broth, accompanied by wild rice.
Magret de canard aux pommes et au gingembre confit sauce au vinaigre de cidre.
Grilled duck breast with apples and roasted ginger served with a cider vinegar sauce.

If this intrigues you, read the complete menu.

Web Sites About Anguilla

"Name the Baby Goat" Contest. Jo Hastings and her husband Sean recently moved to Anguilla. They are working on a new busines venture, Isle Byte . Jo has put up a web page with pictures of Anguilla, their two dogs, and their new baby goat. Name the baby goat and win a 7 day stay at Chez Hastings (*air fare not included!). is the new web address of Margaret, the foot massage expert on Anguilla. The site is completely revampled and quite attractive, and promotes her amazing power to recuperate people. Give a click. is the web site for Daryl and Gayle Gurvey's Bayberry and Chinaberry villas. Very interesting information on their villas and Anguilla too. A well done site. Worth a visit.

Curiosity Shop now has a web page., Mary Ann's tropical construction page has a month of building news, roof design, shopping in St. Thomas, and Jungle Camouflage. is the web page for the 1998 Financial Cryptopgraphy conference, to be held in Anguilla in February.

The Perfect Location for a Villa

[Click to enlarge the Boathouse] The Boathouse on Corito Bay has got to be the closest house to the water in all of Anguilla. Waves actually lap the porch at high tide. What started as a boat house long ago has been tastefully converted into a very nice one bedroom getaway by the present owners, Jim and Rose Steve of Michigan. This is their personal home and is outfitted like one with custom art work, clouds painted on the ceiling, and a washer and dryer.

The Boathouse is fully equipped for one couple only (sorry, no children).Would be excellent for a honeymoon, real or pretend. They say there are still prime weeks available for this season. $1400/wk high season, $900 low. Telephone: 248-642-5808/0878/0363. Fax: 8540. Email: and web page:

For comprehensive villa information, visit the villa guide of the Anguilla Local News.

Update on Leduc's Restaurant

You shouldn't think that the only activity on Anguilla is eating. But it is true that when many restaurants close down in September for their annual holiday, we miss them. As they reopen and update their menus for the coming high season, it is as if Anguilla's culinary senses are coming alive again. Competition is wonderful for raising quality, and in Anguilla we have a lot of competition in gourmet restaurants!

Chef Maurice is back at Leduc's French restaurant in West End. They are closed Mondays until Thanksgiving (Nov 26) when they will be open every night for the rest of the high season. Hopefully they will serve lunch during the high season again this year. Call 493-6393 for a reservation.

Here are some items from their new menu (prices in US$).

Some New Choices At Leduc's
WHITE GAZPACHO Cold Soup Of Ground Almonds, Garlic And White Grapes. 7.00
CONCH FRITTERS Local Conch In A Spicy Batter With Cucumber Sauce. 8.00
SMOKED SALMON Served On A Sweet Potato Fritter With Cream Cheese, Bermuda Onions and American Black Caviar. 13.00
CRAYFISH COCKTAIL With Green Papaya and Cilantro Vinaigrette. 11.00
MIGNONETTES OF GROUPER FILLET Pan Seared With Crushed Peppercorns And Flambeed With Pernod. 25.00
FROG LEGS PROVENCAL Sauteed With Garlic, White Wine, Herbs and Tomatoes, Garnished With Escargot. 22.00
COQ AU VIN French Country Style Chicken Braised With Wine, Mushrooms and Pearl Onions. 20.00
RACK OF LAMB Roasted With Rosemary, Garlic and Thyme. 26.00

Deserts include Tropical Tirimisu, Chocolate Terrine with Raspberries, and Chocolate Truffle Caramel Cake. A 15% service charge will be added. For the full menu, directions, and a photo, visit this page.

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