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Paradise Cove has such beautiful grounds that many parties and receptions are held around their pool. . . .

[Click for Paradise Cove web site]
 September 1, 1997 - Site Map.

Paradise Cove is Home Away From Home

We asked Frankie Hughes how he created these lush gardens. First, he collected soil for 6 years and then used it sparingly. He dug holes in the solid rock for every bush, tree, and hedge. [Click for larger view of Paradise Cove] He hires good gardeners and when there is not enough rain, he brings in water with his trucks (his family also owns National Trucking: concrete, gravel, heavy equipment, etc.). Anguilla's sunshine does the rest. If you want to see what is possible in Anguilla for gardens, drop by Paradise Cove.

The resort is an intimate complex of air-conditioned apartments located in the West End near the other resorts and restaurants. One couple stayed at Sonesta and loved it, but chose Paradise Cove across the street for their next visit because they wanted their own kitchen. Being on the waterfront was not a priority for them - they preferred the space and the gardens. The closest beaches are west Rendezvous Bay (300 yards) and Cove Bay (500 yards) which is an incredible long curve of sand without a single hotel. And if you don't feel like cooking, Paradise has a snack bar for breakfast and lunch, or you can walk over to Sonesta.

Paradise Cove has a web site with more pictures and Internet Specials, such as $1345/week for a one bedroom apartment and a car in the off-season. By the way, their main web page shows the director of the Anguilla National Trust, Liz Subin, posing by the pool (in Anguilla people do double-duty as a lot of functions). Email and telephone: 264-497-6603. If you decide to stay with them, please mention that you saw it in the Anguilla Local News--maybe we'll get a discount on the concrete we are buying to build our house in Anguilla.

News Items from Anguilla

Lucy's Harbour View Closed Indefinitely. According to the ATHA, Anguilla's oldest restaurant, "Lucy's Harbour View" on Back Street in South Hill, closed its doors August 11th. Negotiations between Lucia Halley and the landlord could not be settled. Lucia, who was honored last year as a tourism pioneer, is looking for a suitable location to reopen.

FCC Moves to Lower Rates to Anguilla. The FCC has taken steps to reduce all international telephone rates for calls originating in the United States. Calls from family, friends, and clients to Anguilla should get much cheaper within the next 5 years. The FCC predicts that the average price for international calls will drop from $0.88/min to $0.20/min. Right now MCI charges $0.58/min on calls from the USA to Anguilla (does anyone know a cheaper carrier?).

Chester Walden of Anguilla Wins St. Martin Golf Tournament. Chester came from behind to win the St. Maarten Golf Association 1997 Match Play on Sunday August 17th. The match was at the Mullet Bay Golf Course and the prize was a trip to the 1997 Casa De Campo Open in the Dominican Republic. The tournament started with 60 golfers. Chester had to give one stroke to his final opponent, Don Andrews of St. Maarten. They ended 18 holes all even, and Chester won the match in Sudden Death.

Sun World International is reportedly planning to fly charters from the midwest to St. Maarten this winter. If they offer "air-only" deals, this will be a way to get to Anguilla.

Caribbean Bar-B-Que Sauce. Oliver Delvin Connor left South Hill twenty years ago, but he watches Anguilla's progress on the Internet. He has created a barbeque sauce that he claims is revolutionary in its flavor. According to Oliver, it is "tasty to the very bone." The sauce grew out of a blend of spices, he learned from his late grandmother, Emily Connor. She spent 100 years in Anguilla and St. Thomas and Oliver has written a tribute to her and posted it on the web. Oliver can be emailed at or write to OH! D&G's Tropical Spice, 2401A Waterman Blvd, Suite 276, Fairfield CA 94533, (800) 693-3809, Fax (707) 451-9443

"Tropical Darkness", a new novel by David McLaurin, is set in the Anguilla of the recent past, before the tourism boom. From the book review in The Times of London, one gathers that the author grew up in the West Indies and remembers Anguilla as "the last forlorn outpost of a world-weary civilization, a refuge for disconsolate dreamers, a resort for futile hope."

Long View Villa is Available for Christmas

[Click for panoramic view of Long View setting] Long View Villa is only fifty yards from Sandy Hill Bay and is perfect for a group of up to six. From a recent email message:

My parents are visiting with me here in Minnesota. We have been enjoying your web page and the news about Anguilla! They are interested in renting out their home, Long View Villa, over the Christmas holiday.

By coincidence, we rented Long View Villa for some friends in May 1998 (a family with two boys and a teenage girl). They loved it and the quiet location at Sandy Hill Bay. In the picture here, it is the white house with the red roof.

The villa has three bedrooms and is fully equipped. Here are some pictures we took in May: sunrise view, living room, kitchen, queen bedroom.

Rates are $300 per day plus 8% government tax. Rentals of two weeks to two months are preferred and anyone renting a month can expect a special rate. Available year end -- inquire via email to for availability or any other information.

Police Choir Performs in Tortola

[Click for larger view] 30 members of the Royal Anguilla Police Force Choir went to Tortola for the weekend and gave a public performance at the Methodist Church in Road Town. Soloists include Ernie Hodge Carty, Priscilla Gumbs (see picture), Brenda Huggins, Leroy Hill and many more. And everyone enjoyed visiting the island of Tortola that seems similar to Anguilla, but is quite different. Both are British Dependent territories, both have small populations, but BVI has hills and soil, and therefore it has trees and greenery that we can only dream of on the coral island of Anguilla.

Here are some more pictures from the trip.

[Click to enlarge view of Choir]

Update on Police Choir. Following up on their successful concert in the British Virgin Islands, the Royal Anguilla Police Choir performed on Sunday night, October 5th, 1997 to a packed house at St. Mary's Anglican Church in The Valley. The performances were very moving.

Currency, Banks, Exchange, Travelers Cheques

Anguilla uses US dollars everywhere, but EC dollars are the official currency. Prices are quoted in either currency, so ask if you are unsure. Credit cards are accepted at most hotels, car rental agencies, gift shops and gourmet restaurants, but not at beach bars, supermarkets, local shops.

My wife and I are traveling to your island in September, and our travel agent mentioned that there was a service charge on the exchange of money and the redemption of travelers cheques. Could you tell us if this is, indeed, true, and if so, what the percentage rate of the charge would be? [Caribbean Commerical Bank-click for larger view]

Not True. There is no charge for cashing US travelers cheques and no charge to change US money. There is a 2% government tax on converting EC dollars into US, but not US into EC. The exchange rate has been unchanged for quite a few years. As a tourist you can function entirely in US$ and never exchange any money to EC at all. (Note: I lived here for 2 years before I learned about the 2% tax and heard rumours of grey market dealers at the ferry dock.)

Exchange Rates for CASH
EC to US 2.73 EC per US + 2% gov tax
US to EC 2.67 EC per US, no tax
Exchange Rates for CHEQUES
EC to US cash 2.73 + 2% gov tax
EC to US account 2.7619 + 2% gov tax
US to EC 2.6882, no gov tax

ATM Machines?
"Please can you tell, me are there ATM machines in Anguilla?" asks Rob Blaney of Chicago. The answer is "not really". The Scotiabank has one, but it only works for those with a local account at the bank.

A US$ cheque that is drawn on a US bank can be deposited into an Anguillian bank, but it takes a long time to clear. At the Carribean Commercial Bank, for example, it takes one month to clear if the amount is less than $1000, two weeks if greater. You can wire transfer from anywhere in the world to Anguilla in a day or two and have it credited immediately.

Opening a Bank Account in Anguilla

It is possible to open a personal savings account in US or EC dollars by mail. Banks are reluctant to open a checking account for strangers (you might write a lot of bad checks and then run off). Interest on savings accounts is about 4% at most banks, but interest is not calculated in a very generous way (i.e., it is not daily interest on the minimum balance). As at any bank, you complete a signature card giving the names on the account, address, telephone number, how many signatures required, etc. For example, here are the requirements for the Caribbean Commercial Bank:
  1. Personal banking reference from a recognized banking institution.
  2. Personal identification (copy of passport or Driver's license, etc.)
  3. Signatures on signature card must be notarized
  4. Minimum deposit for savings account - $25 in the currency of the account.
  5. Minimum deposit for checking account - $100 in the currency of the account.
For more information, contact the banks directly. These are not US banks - deposits are primarily protected by the assets of the bank, not by the FDIC.

National Bank of Anguilla 264-497-2101
Caribbean Commercial Bank 264-497-2571
Barclays 264-497-2301
Scotiabank 264-497-3333

Pressure King, Ambassador of Shoal Bay

[Click to see Pressure King Close Up] If you visit Shoal Bay, you can't miss spotting Pressure King, the biggest smile on the beach, and a great source of rental umbrellas. Pressure King, whose real name is Roger Clarke, operates a beach services business at Shoal Bay and [Click to see Pressure King's Sign at Uncle Ernies] can always be found somewhere around Uncle Ernies Bar and restaurant.

Roger is originally from Nevis, where he was a professional baker for 9 years. He isn't the only one renting lounge chairs, umbrellas and snorkelling gear at Shoal Bay, but he is the most outgoing. A genuinely nice guy. Pressure King has gotten a lot of raves on the Internet from visitors to Anguilla. For example, Kate Ellison honored him with one of her Top 3 Best Characters awards and Stephanie Ruf described him as "the guy with all the gold around his neck...good people!"
[Click to enlarge chef Pressure King]

Also A Caterer! Pressure King doesn't just doesn't just rent umbrellas and lounge chairs, he also cooks. This over achiever has a side business catering dinners for people. He will get all the ingredients, including fresh fish and crayfish, bring them to your house, then prepare and serve your dinner. Very yummy. To make arrangements, see the chef on the beach or call him during the day at Uncle Ernie's, 264-497-3907.

Feedback: Kenny Schik writes:
Thanks for the great little article on Pressure King. Before we visited Anguilla last year, we asked through AOL's travel billboard for info on Anguilla. We had several responses. One asked us specifically to see Pressure King. I printed that letter and took it with me. When I found him, I showed him the letter and told him I got it off the internet. He was sure proud! He is a great guy. One day, around 4'oclock, we were going to leave the beach. He knew us by then, and said "stay a little while longer, there's going to be a beautiful sunset. I'll buy you a beer." The three of us sat on the lounges, drank our beers and drank in the beautiful sunset. We were the only ones on the beach. I took pictures of him a couple nights later, dancing at Smitty's. I sent them to Smitty, and they better be up on the wall when we visit in March!

Web Sites About Anguilla is a new web site for Wallblake House in Anguilla. This huge site has numerous pictures, inside and out, historical information, ordering information for Wallblake prints, cards and T-Shirts, clickable maps that show you how to find Wallblake House if you don't even know where Anguilla is, progress reports, and much more. The site was created by the Wallblake Trust to raise money for the restoration of this historical building and to record the restoration process for the public. is the new web address for "Weddings on the Go", with an expanded web site and information request form., Mary Ann's tropical construction page has more building news, including another new baby!

A Stamp Dealer who deals in the hard-to-get stamps of Anguilla.

Netsurfer Digest. There is a useful newsletter called "Netsurfer Digest" that reviews web pages for you and tells you which ones are worth visiting. Last month they reviewed the Anguilla Local News. But they may have gotten the wrong impression, since they visited when the news was about dozens of bikined models on Shoal Bay beach. By the time their review was published, the Anguilla news had been updated and the models had been replaced with a picture of a natural stone bridge. I wonder how many net surfers followed the link and were disappointed.

Sameer and Vince in Forbes. The September 8th issue of Forbes magazine has a cover picture of Sameer Parekh and an article about him and his company C2, which has an Anguillian subsidiary. There is also a sidebar article about Vince Cate and his Anguilla company, Offshore Information Services.

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: 86F 30C 66% Humidity, Sunny August 30
Low temp since last news report 77F 25C
High temp since last news report 88F 31C
Low humidity since last news report 57%
Tropical storm web site Link
Five-day weather forecast Link
Live station in Anguilla Link

A New Gourmet Restaurant at Frangipani

[Claude Janin - the chef] Frangipani Beach Resort now has a brand new gourmet restaurant, with a french chef and yummy desserts. The new restaurant is on the waterfront of Meads Bay and the chef is Claude Janin, who has extensive experience, including work on Statia and most recently in Washington DC. Mary Ann and I were joined by Larry and Gretchen Shaw of Bellevue Washington, whom we met at the Computer Club. We tried the lobster bisque (veloute), the truffle and scallop ravioli, the tuna, the Anguillian Red Mullet (which is actually a Goat Fish), crayfish with marsala wine and the veal. The deserts were exotic and incredible (see pictures below of the chocolate sushi, black and white cake, and frozen souffle of tropical fruits).

We went back to Frangipani on the day of the boat races because they were having a barbecue. Have you ever had Anguillian barbecue ribs and chicken done by a French chef? It changes the whole concept. Mary Ann suggests they make it a weekly event.

Restaurant Frangipani - Menu

Creme de Courgettes Façon Vichyssoise - $7
Cold Creamy Zucchini Soup with Chicken Broth and Chopped Spring Onion
Veloute de Langouste et son Ravioli de Coquilles aux Truffes Noires de Perigord - $14
Lobster Veloute and Sea Scallops Ravioli with Black Truffles
Terrine de Legumes Rotis et Grilles, Coulis de Tomates au Basilic - $8
Grilled and Roasted Vegetables Terrine with Tomatoes Coulis and Chopped Basil
Crostini de Crabe et sa Sauce Legere - $12
Crab Meat with Sour Cream, Cilantro, Shallots, Scotch Bonnet, and a Light Cream Sauce
Parfait de Saumon et Tartare de Merou aux Oeufs de Saumon - $12
Fresh Salmon with a touch of Horseradish and Capers, Grouper with Cilantro, Lemon Zest and Mustard and Salmon Roe Caviar - $
Flan d’Ecrevisse aux Herbes et au Lait de Coco - $$14
Steamed Crayfish Flan with Tamarind, Fresh Herbs and Coconut Milk
Salade de Poulet et Concombre a l’Antillaise - $10
Chicken and Crunchy Cucumber Salad with Peanut and Orange Dressing
La Salade Gourmande du “Frangipani” - $16
Mixed Young Mesclun with Smoked Salmon, Lobster and Smoked Duck, Olive Oil and Balsamic Dressing
Gateau de Fromage Blanc et Langouste et sa Sauce Vierge - $12
Lobster Cheese Cake with Tomatoes and Herbs Coulis
Escargots aux Herbes du Jardin en Feuillete - $12
Snails in Puff Pastry with Chopped Spinach, Tomatoes, Garlic, Fresh Herbs and Cream
Rouget d’Anguilla sur une Julienne de Fenouil, sa Sauce au Vin Rouge au Romarin - $24
Anguilla Red Mullet with Fennel, and Red Wine Rosemary Sauce
Pave de Merou et sa Brandade de Plantain, ses Courgettes et sa Sauce au Wasabi - $26
Grouper Filet, with Plantain and Garlic Puree, Zucchini and Wasabi Sauce
Filet de Vivaneau Poele, sa Timbale de Riz et sa Sauce aux Brugnons et Onions Rouges - $24
Pan Seared Snapper Filet with Spanish Rice and Nectarine with a Red Onion Relish
Supreme de Thon dans sa Galette de Ble Noir Releve d’une Sauce, aux Epices d’Afrique -$28
Tuna Wrapped in a Buckwheat Galette with Cumin, Raisin, Onion, Honey, Saffron and Red Wine Vinegar
Cassolette de Langouste aux Essences de Basilic et son Beurre de Truffes - $37
Medallions of Lobster with Truffles, Butter and Basil Essenced Potatoes
Blanquette de Langouste Martiniquaise - $37
Sauteed and Flamed Lobster with Lemon Juice, Onions, Garlic, Scotch Bonnet and Spring Onion Salsa
Ecrevisses de l’Ile au Vin de Marsala dans une Sauce aux Betteraves et Poivre Rose - $35
Anguilla Crayfish in Marsala Wine with Beets and Pink Peppercorn Sauce
Trio de Filet de Boeuf “Angus” Degustation - $30
Tenderloin of “Angus” Beef served with Peppercorn, Mustard and Blue Cheese Sauce
La Roulade d’Agneau Farcie, Tomates et Basilic dans sa Croute de Bacon, sa Sauce au Romarin - $30
Stuffed Lamb Filet with Tomatoes and Basil in a Crust of Bacon and Rosemary Sauce
Magret de Canard Sauce Poivrade au Vinaigre de Framboise - $26
Duck Breast with Peppercorns and Raspberry Vinegar Sauce
Supreme de Poulet Glace d’une Sauce au Cabernet et Cassis avec ses Echalottes et Ail Confits - $20
Chicken Breast Glazed with Cabernet and Black Currant Sauce, Roasted Shallots and Garlic
Tournedos de Porc aux Epices Marocaines et au Vin de Muscat - $32
Filet Mignon of Pork Cooked in Muscat Wine and a Touch of Morocco Flavor
Emince de Veau en Casserole Sous sa Croute de Feuilletage - $32
Dice of Veal Flamed with Cognac in a Light Cream Sauce, Mushrooms, Bacon and Peppercorn under Puff Pastry Crust
[Chocolate sushi-click for larger view] [Black and white chocolate cake-click for larger view]
Delice de Chocolat Blanc et Noir et sa Sauce au Cafe - $10
Black and white chocolate cake with coffee English custard
Suchi au Chocolat et son Riz L’Imperatrice - $9
Chocolate sushi with rice tropical fruits, bananas and rum sauce
Soufflé Glace de Fruits des Iles - $10
Frozen soufflé of tropical fruits with guava coulis
Mille Feuille de Fruits Rouge et sa Mousse a la Menthe - $10
Napoleon of red berries in a mint mousse
Tarte Tatin Caramelisee sous son Croustillant de Feuilletage - $8
Apple tart caramelized under a croustillant of pastry
L’Assiete des Sorbets et Glaces - $8
Ice cream or sherbets medley
Profiterolles Glacee Sauce Chocolat - $9
Profiterolles, glazed with chocolate sauce
American Style or Decaffeinated Coffee - $4
Freshly Ground Espresso Coffee - $5
Cappuccino - $6
[Frozen souffle of tropical fruit-click for larger view]

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