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Shoal Bay Villas is one of Anguilla's more picturesque places to stay. . . .

[Click for larger view of Shoal Bay Villas]
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Shoal Bay Villas

This is a favorite small resort with repeat visitors; after Hurricane Luis their customers sent the most concerned emails and were not satisfied with any other place. It has 10 waterfront units facing directly on Shoal Bay Beach (eight 1-bd apartments, 2 studios on the ground floor), plus two 2-bd apartments and two 1-bd apartments on the pool. Summer rates at Shoal Bay Villas start at $142 per night, plus 8% tax and 10% service. 264-497-2051.

Regarding the villas, Fred and Anne Gerretzen of Tucson, Arizona write
Update: Fred is a chiropractor, which is something we don't have on Anguilla. By the end of their stay, Fred was giving adjustments to the maids at Shoal Bay Villas and people on the beach!

We will be on/in (is one on or in?) Anguilla for a week in July (7th-13th) so I've been "reading up" with the help of your newsletter. This trip has been a dream of mine ever since we took a day trip over from St. Maarten in 1993, when we were there on our honeymoon. They (the people from Port de Plaisance) dropped us on what I now know is Shoal Bay beach (east)-without a doubt the most beautiful beach I had ever seen (Conde Nast is right). We had lunch at Uncle Ernie's and went snorkeling with J.R. How surprised I was to see his picture "loud and clear" on the internet! While we were there I went for a stroll down the beach and found Shoal Bay Villas and just loved it. So I stuffed a brochure in my swimsuit and knew right then and there that we would be back. So here we come!!

Some Sample Special Room Prices for Summer
Resort Location Min. 264-497-
Harbor LightsIsland Harbour$494435
Ferryboat InnBlowing Point$706613
Paradise Cove Near Cove Bay$775/wk3559
FrangipaniMeads Bay$910/wk6442
La SirenaNear Meads Bay$1366827
Cinnamon ReefLittle Harbour$1502727
Dbl. Add 8% Tax and 10% service. Call for details

Until November or December, resort properties in Anguilla have reduced prices. As the temperatures in the North start to drop, the prices in Anguilla start to rise. This table shows a selection of daily (or weekly) starting rates in various parts of Anguilla (see the June news for other rates).

In the summer, Anguilla's weather is nicer than in most of the United States, and the prices are lower. Some restaurants do close and some reduce their hours, but there are still great places to eat. For example, Leduc's Restaurant is closing for lunches but is still open for dinner every night except Wednesday. Most hotels select some period between August 15 and October 15th to close for maintenance work.

News Tidbits

Stinger Wins. As reported by Harris "Mr. Cool" Richardson on the "Boat Race Talk" radio show, the Queen's birthday boat race was a close one. Stinger won the race in the last minute. Second place was De Chan, and third place was Blue Bird.

Money Has Started Flowing on our House Site. Why are we pounding holes all over our solid rock building site in Anguilla? Visit Mary Ann's Beach Shack page and find out.

Home Exchanges. Paula Walden represents Intervac Home Exchange in Anguilla. This service can arrange for you to exchange your home with another homeowner who would like to visit your location: For example:

"I am interested in receiving information and details about property exchanges in the Carribean. Myself and my wife live in a two bedroom thatched cottage built in 1580 on the banks of a river in Wiltshire. Within easy travelling distance are Stonehenge, Salisbury, Bath and some of the best countryside in Great Britain. London is easily accessible through a high speed train connection of sixty minutes. We are less than an hour away from Heathrow airport." Sean Campbell

"Janis Fulford and Sanford Pepper and their one child 8 years old live in Pacific Heights in San Francisco, California and are looking for a home exchange in the Caribbean from August 16-30 this year. They have a four bedroom 2 bath home and will only consider non-smoking folks."

Adult Painting Studio. Artist Lynne Bernbaum is running an adult Painting Studio in July and August, Wednesdays from 6 to 9 PM, with one hour of snack and chat, followed by 2 hours of class. Fee is US$20 per month. 809-497-5211.

Anguilla On Leading Edge

Weather Report Anguilla
86F 64% Humidity, Sunny June 30th
Low temp in last 30 days 77F
High temp in last 30 days 90F
Low humidity in last 30 days 57%
High humidity in last 30 days 87%
Weatherpost live 5-day forecast Link
"It's warmer here in Maine than in Anguilla.
Yesterday it was 95 degrees here." Travis Ferland
According to Marc Bloom PhD, Professor of Tourism at Florida State University, tourist interest in fine arts and culture is overtaking sports and leisure. People will travel long distances, if they feel they are getting something they cannot get in their own area.

Showing that Anguilla is on the leading edge of tourism, the island has gone from zero to three museums in the last six months:

Colville Petty's Heritage Collection
Syndey's Historical House
Anguilla National Trust Museum

Chef's Pick: Scilly Cay

[Click for larger view of Scilly Cay and news story]

American Way magazine's Robb Walsh asked Robert Keller, Chef/Owner of Fleur de Lys Restaurant, San Francisco, his favorite restaurant:

"One of my favorite restaurants in the world is on a tiny island in the Caribbean. The island and the restaurant are both named Scilly Cay [809-497-5123]. You can catch a boat from Anguilla or St. Martin; it's a short ride. The best thing to get is the huge Caribbean lobster, which they split in half and cook on a barbeque pit. It's hard to keep Caribbean lobster tender, but they get it right every time. At lunch, you get a table, order your meal, and then go hang around on their beautiful little beach. You can even bring your snorkel gear if you want. In the evening, they have a band playing and the place really gets cooking."

Volcano Situation on Montserrat

On Montserrat, the volcano had a major pyroclastic flow at about 1pm on June 25th:
"This is the largest volcanic event to date, reaching within 50m of sea, ahead of the airport runway. Emergency evacuation of Airport. 4-5 persons rescued by helicopter. Buildings burning, exploding, smoke in Harris. If people are trapped in Harris advised to get into gardens if able and wave something to attract helicopter when it is passing over." (from GEM Radio Network).

For more details, read the CNN reports. The physical impact of the volcano does not reach to Anguilla - we have had no ash -- but the moral impact does. Many Anguillians have family in Montserrat and many Montserratians have been living in Anguilla since the volcano became active in 1995. Boats with help have been dispatched to Montserrat from Anguilla, St. Martin, Guyana, and other Caribbean islands.

As of June 30th, 9 people are confirmed dead, 14 are missing and 5 have serious burn injuries. For press releases from Montserrat and daily technical reports on the volcano, visit the Montserrat Volcano Observatory. Another site with good info on the volcano is Souffriere Hills page. The local newspaper web site did not have any details yet, but check later.

Bernadine Carter sends the following notice: "The Montserrat Red Cross is aiding with the needy and the evacuees during the current volcano situation in Montserrat, and is in deperate need of assistance. Many of the friends of Montserrat have asked how they may help in this time of crisis." Contact the Montserrat Red Cross at (664) 491-2699 or (664) 491-2494, Fax: (664) 491-4760, e-mail:

Hidden Anguilla: Sandy Hill Bay

[Click for panoramic view of Sandy Hill Bay] Between The Valley and Junks Hole at East End, there is a wonderful small beach with no restaurants, no hotels, and therefore no signs: Sandy Hill Bay. The protected anchorage provides safety for fish boats and the sandy beach provides gentle swimming for a few nearby residents. We had good snorkelling where the road meets the beach and continuing right toward the point--even saw a large turtle. The rocky shore to the east towards Sea Feathers also reportedly offers good snorkelling.

Sandy Hill, overlooking the bay, has several private residences and a police station at the site of the old fort where the militia finally held off the French troops in 1796. Good views of St Martin and St Barts. Click on the partial picture above for a full panoramic view.
[Click for larger view of sunrise from the point]

Although there are no hotels on this beach, there are several private villas along the hill that you can rent. For example, Betty Hill Villas at 264-497-4491/4493. We rented Long View Villa on Sandy Hill Bay for recent visitors and they thought it was perfect with children - safe beach within walking distance, family snorkeling adventures, quiet, remote, steady breeze, gorgeous morning view (see picture).

Directions: In The Valley head east from the light at Barclays Bank toward the Farrington and East End Village. You will pass Proctor's Grocery store, then Tropical Flower Wholesale, then turn right on a dirt road just before a roundabout. Follow this road straight for a few hundred yards to Sandy Hill Bay beach.

Scuba Diving Specials

Anguilla has two professional scuba diving shops and dozens of interesting dive sites. Carimar Resort on Meads Bay has a dive special in combination with Anguilla Divers. Anne Saligant is the Dive Master -- she has been on Anguilla since October 1995 and finds the variety of dives very enjoyable: reef dives, wall dives, drift dives, wreck dives, caves, shoots and tunnels. See underwater life: a wide variety of coral, tropical fish, lobsters, crayfish, sting rays, eagle rays, turtles, dolphins, barracudas, nurse sharks. (More on dive sites.)

Six nights, seven days, including tax and service charge, a breakfast pack upon arrival, fresh pastries daily, five 2-tank boat dives, 1 night dive, unlimited shore diving (this is for Certified Divers--novices can take the PADI open water certification course instead), $855 per person. All you pay is your airfare and the $10 departure tax. 800-235-8667. 264-497-6881. Email: (Anguilla Divers: 809-497-4750)

If you want to comparison shop, call our other PADI certified divers, the Dive Shop at 264-497-2020 or email them.

Queen Contestants for Carnival 97, and More

Carnival is a week of local celebrations from July 28 to August 11 (the schedule), when many overseas Angullians come home to see family and party.
[Click for full view.]
Darelle Harrigan
[Click for full view.]
Sonia Richardson
[Click for full view.]
Kerril Duncan
[Click for full view.]
Karen Ross
[Click for full view.]
Karen Richardson

If you want to partake of it, find a local to explain things and remember that any event which involves young women dressing up will start at least one hour late. Here is a web page with some pictures of Carnival.

Update: The Anguilla Local News has a special photo report on Carnival 1997.

Miss Anguilla 1997

The five gorgeous contestants for Carnival Queen were presented to the public at a fashion show on Shoal Bay last Sunday afternoon: Click on any picture for a full-size photo.

Update: Winner for Carnival 1997 was Karen Ross.

Bands Festival Night

Axa International, Vita Band, The Musical Brothers, the Wild Oats, the North Sounds Band with Dano, and the Youth Sounds Band will each have 45 minutes to play their hits and their new releases. Each band usually comes up with new songs and records them for Carnival.


Calypso is a form of popular singing where the rhythm is variable, the lyrics are topical, political or even satirical, and the performers, who usually sing under an assumed name (such as "Dr. Splinter", last year's monarch), are expected to make up their own lyrics, sometimes on the spot. Don't expect Harry Belafonte, and don't expect to be able to follow the lyrics unless you have lived in the Caribbean for quite a while.

Update: Mighty Splinter Wins Again in 1997.

There will be two competitions this year: the first Leeward Islands Calpyso competition and the Anguillian Calypso Monarch Competition. As a warm up for the competing monarchs, the organizers are hoping to test them with a randomly selected tune, to which they will have to create a song based on a topic drawn just before the performance.

New Web Pages

Archeology Students. We have a troupe of 16 students visiting from the University of Vermont to do an archeological dig in Anguilla. Vince Cate visited the Sandy Ground site and reports that they are finding a great deal of Amerindian material. It is well worth a visit. They are near Barrel Stay restaurant. Vince Cate put up a web page with a lot of pictures that will give you an idea of what is going on:

"Blue Gates", the recently-completed yellow house with the blue roof that you can see from all over the west end, now has a cool web page where you click on the doors to see what is inside the house. This page was designed by Travis Ferland, who is a young and talented web designer.

Sandy Island Enterprises now has a web page with lots of pictures. They can take you boating or horsebackriding. For boating you can do day trips to nearby islands, charter power boats, or go sailing during the day, at sunset, or in moonlight.

Calabash Skyviews, who make panoramic tourism maps of Caribbean islands, now have an Anguilla web page.

Koal Keel Restaurant now has a web page, offering a dinner reservation form and shuttle pickup at your hotel. Read our review.

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