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 2000/06/11 - Click to enlarge pictures

Just A Note from Robin and Edie

Edie and I were staying on Anguilla in March 2000 and loved it. Everyone we met was friendly and helpful to two novice travelers. Above you can see Edie "at ease with the world" and below pictured on a boat near Scilly Cay.

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This was our first trip to the Caribbean and we were advised to stay on Anguilla at CoveCastles by our travel agent Molly Sumption at Caribbean Concepts. We decided to take the chance of going to a place we knew nothing about and booked our trip.

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We then found your website before we left Seattle, Washington. It was wonderful to see where we were going for on our vacation before we left. It prepared us for what turned into the most relaxing and comfortable trip.

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I just wanted to thank you for maintaining such a wonderful website. I have attached a few shots that express what we found to be the beauty and hospitality of your island. The one above shows the beach on Scrub Island and the one below shows our captain, Junior, on his glassbottom boat. You have our permission to use them on your site if you so desire.

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We look forward to going back next year, if not earlier.


Robin Greenfield and Edie Hoppin

Guest article.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Satellite
Hazy 82F 27C 62% Humidity, June 10
Low temp since last news report 77F 25C
High temp since last news report 86F 30C
Low humidity since last news report 50%
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A Tour of CuisinArt

We already published opening photos that CuisinArt resort sent us, but we thought it was time we took our own tour. Visitors are welcome at CuisinArt on Rendezvous Bay. We dropped into the lobby one day and a concierge volunteered to give a tour around the resort. Below are some of the pictures we took.

The elevated views of the site were taken from the third floor of the spa building, where the resort has an art gallery and you can have the most luxurious manicure and foot treatment in the world.

Resort web page:

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Anguilla Diary: May 29 to June 10, 2000

Here is a day-by-day compendium of news items, as we gathered them - starting with the most recent.

Saturday, June 10, 2000

Allamanda Beach Club. This resort on Shoal Bay has announced their rates through April 2001 and the summer rates remain unchanged, ranging from $85 to $162 per night: Click Here.

Friday, June 9, 2000

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at or the Hotel Association at

Folk Wisdom. The "cedar" trees that grow in Anguilla are currently in full bloom with white or pink flowers. It is very attractive. Folk wisdom says not to eat barracuda or Old Wife fish while the cedars are in bloom or you might get food poisoning. Makes a lot of sense since the trees bloomed after 3 weeks of passing rain storms and these same storms stir up the ocean bottom, causing the fish to ingest more of the bacteria that causes fish poisoning. That is the theory.
Private villas for rent.

Sur La Plage. This private villa is directly on Mead's Bay in the West End of Anguilla. The 2 acre site has 2 villas and a studio to handle up to 8 guests: Click Here.

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

Stamps. A recent issue from the Anguilla Postal Service featured modern architecture in Anguilla: Click Here.

Tuesday, June 6, 2000

Anguilla Forums:


Travel Talk

Carib On-line

Compuserve. Try the Compuserve Caribbean Travel Forum for Anguilla. You have to register first and confirm your email by responding to an email confirmation. Select an obscure user name like Bob561 since this is part of a large web community and all obvious user names are taken. Once you start using it you can change your Screen Name to your real name in your Profile.

Messages are moderated by the people in charge of the forum, which eliminates off-topic and abusive messages. Once you have visited the forum, the default is to only display new messages added after your last visit. Click Here.

Monday, June 5, 2000

Submit a News Story.

Guest Director from New York. This summer the Apple Theatre Company’s production of Children of Eden will be directed by volunteer Tony Rust from Brooklyn, New York. Tony has worked in theatre for over twenty years in many areas other than directing; he has worked professionally as an actor and a technician among other things. He is very enthusiastic about working with students in the company this summer, and hopes to produce a piece of art that everyone can enjoy. Also joining him on this venture are his wife Janet, a drama teacher in a New York public school, and their two-year-old son Glenn. Janet will be working in a workshop with teachers from Anguilla regarding the use of Drama as a teaching tool in the classroom. For more information on the summer program, email Eleanor Stacey at P.S. Eleanor is still looking for a villa or apartment for this volunteer couple to stay in.

Blue Waters. Here are some recent pictures of Blue Waters resort on Shoal Bay (West, not East). You can see Cove Castles in the background.

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Sunday, June 4, 2000
Restaurants and menus.

New Chef and Frangipani. Herve Bourdon comes to Frangipani as Executive Chef from France, where he worked in the Restaurant La Tour D'Argent". Herve will be introducing a new menu and extended wine and chamgagne list in June.

Friday, June 2, 2000

Events, holidays, activities

Anguilla Day. The Daily Herald newspaper reports that a record number of people showed up to celebrate: Click Here.

Thursday, June 1, 2000

In the archive

French Translation. Marie Lee has translated the May 14, 2000 issue of the Anguilla News into French: Click Here.

Internet Yellow Pages:
All known Anguilla sites.

Remembering Anguilla Vacations. Pete and Gerry Norton have put up a web site commemorating families who vacationed at Allamanda Beach Club during March, 2000: Click Here.

Wednesday, May 31, 2000
All the resorts/hotels/inns.

Summer Special At Carimar. Seven nights on Meads Bay, starting at $700 for a couple: Click Here.

Monday, May 29, 2000
Over 30 Anguilla beaches.

Beach Stamps. The Government of Anguilla recently issued a set of stamps featuring six of the island's beachs. To order the stamps, Click Here. To view the beach stamps on the web site: Click Here.

Build Your Own:

Sunset Villa. Three air-conditioned bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, on the grounds of La Sirena resort, but private: Click Here.

Stories from the previous and earlier issues.
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Recommended Vacation Villas

Our villa on Shoal Bay beach: Bellamare.

And ten minutes away, our villa in St Barth that is totally secluded and private, but close to everything in St Jean, and with unbelievable views.

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