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Bring your digital camera to Anguilla and send your favorite shots to the Anguilla News. . . .

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 2000/04/12 - Click to enlarge pictures

Island Harbour and More

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While JP May (email: was in Anguilla, he took some excellent pictures, including these two shots of Island Harbour village.

And here are more pictures of Island Harbour, taken by other people:

Finally, here are two more Anguilla shots from JP May's collection:

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Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Satellite
Sunny 80F 26C 64% Humidity, April 12
Low temp since last news report 72F 22C
High temp since last news report 82F 27C
Low humidity since last news report 55%
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Anguilla weather forecasts Link Alt
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The Hibiscus Villa

[Click to enlarge] Sonesta is more than a resort - it also has private villas. And Hibiscus is the premier villa at Sonesta.

Five bedrooms, private yard and pool, right on the sandy waterfront.

The interiors are spacious, lush and luxurious, but still have a friendly feel. With marble floors and detailed Morrocan decorations on the ceiling, the villa feels warm and comfortable.
[Click to enlarge] If you are looking for the privacy of a villa, but the services of a resort, and you are willing to pay for elegant luxury, you should consider Hibiscus Villa.

This is the villa where Prince Andrew stayed during his recent visit to Anguilla.

For more pictures and information, visit the Hibiscus villa page on Sonesta's web site: Click Here.

Anguilla Diary: March 27, 2000 to April 12, 2000

Here is a day-by-day compendium of news items, as we gathered them - starting with the most recent.

Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Jazz at Johnnos. Buck Hale (email: posted the following tip on the Anguilla Tête-à-Tête:
Anguilla Forums:

Travel Talk

Carib On-line

Even the most dedicated island visitor is up for some good Jazz tunes after a few late nights dancing to the island beat...Johnnos has the solution, starting in late March Johnno himself started "Jazz By The Sea " on Saturday nights from 8pm to midnight...stop in and relax with other jazz fans as Johnno spins them all from oldies to the most recent releases... it makes for a delightful and mellow evening sitting by the beach and listening to all the jazz greats..check it out when on island.....You can also catch DJ Johnno on Thursday nights from 9 to 11pm on 95.5FM Anguilla....2 more hours of Jazz favorites.
To add comments to the original posting, Click Here

Ecommerce Task Force. Kenneth Porter ( sent along a press release about Anguilla's Ecommerce Task Force, of which he is a member:
The Hon. Victor Banks, Minister of Finance, Economic Development, Investment and Commerce in the Government of Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, today announced the appointment of a joint government – private sector committee, the e-Commerce Development Task Force, to advise and assist the government in promoting and developing e-commerce as a leading sector in the Anguillian economy. The Task Force’s mandate is to draft and assist government to, develop, and implement a comprehensive legislative, regulatory, and infrastructure development strategy for Anguilla with the aims of diversifying the economy and attracting new e-businesses. For further information contact:
The entire announcement is posted on the web site: Click Here.

Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Events, holidays, activities

Labour Day Dance. Aya hear wuk, wha kine a dance yuh say ti is? It’s a grand Labour Day Dance with Sleepy and the All Stars, Monday 1st May, 2000, from one minute past midnight to 6.00 am at the Evening Star Casino in The Quarter. At sun rise, enjoy a johnny cake, saltfish and bush tea breakfast. That’s right folks. Ketch some sleep after church, wake up, put on yuh disabils and head for the Casino. Disabils? Buh wha dem is? Since its Labour Day, the Anguilla National Trust and the Anguilla National Creative Arts Association want yuh to wear yuh old, wukkin clothes – jollification style. Dem is ya disabils. So rinse em out, air em out and win the prize for the most creative disabils. For every other dance ya gots to dress up but for this one ya gots to dress dung. Wash yuh foot and come. Admission: US $10.00 And don’t forget ya SPATALASHESsssssssss! More info, 1-264-497-5297.

Altamer Resort. Rebecca and Michael Eggleton are creating in Anguilla what they plan will be "one of the premium ultra luxury resorts in the world". The name of the resort is Altamer (which is derived from the word "high" in Italian and "sea" in French) located on Shoal Bay West (next to Blue Waters). The first phase will open to the public on 15 July 2000, offering 5 bedrooms for groups up to 10. Altamer includes a fitness center, pool, and tennis court; meals prepared by Chef for three meals daily and snack; selected beverages:sodas, juice, water, spirits, and house wine (access to the 1,000 bottle fine wine cellar is extra), cognac and digestifs; full time staff: concierge, chef, guest personal assistant, housekeeper and gardener; laundry service (excluding dry cleaning); sports equipment: use of snorkeling equipment, non motorized boating equipment; transportation to/from Anguilla Airport or Ferry Landing; use of facsimile in Altamer villa (phone charges are additional); use of computer equipment (Internet access charges are additional); and New York Times facsimile service. They have an extensive web site: Click Here.

News in Italian. Gaetano Di Palo (email: has translated the March 26, 2000 issue of the Anguilla News into Italian: Click Here.

In the archive

News in French. Maria Lee (email: has translated the March 26, 2000 issue of the Anguilla News into French: Click Here.

Benefit Lunch. The Anguilla National Trust invites the general public to a benefit take-away luncheon for one of Anguilla’s cultural workers who needs medical attention overseas. "On Friday 28th April 2000, there’ll be no need to cook. Just bring your family, friends and colleagues to the grounds of the National Museum building and National Trust Office in The Valley from 12 noon and take away a sumptuous lunch of: Peas and rice, Conkie dumplings, Barbequed chicken and pork, a salad of your choice and Dessert. All for only $20.00 EC." For further information please contact the office of the Anguilla National Trust at telephone number 1-264-497-5297.

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at or the Hotel Association at

Sporting News. Zack Kenworthy (email: has posted three new stories to his web site, with pictures too.

To read these stories, Click Here.

New Gallery Exhibit. World Art and Antiques Gallery opened at exhibit on Saturday April 8th, 2000 of textfiles, jewelry and crafts from Uzbekistan, Kazakhistan, India, Thailand and Indonesia: "Treasures of the Silk Route and Beyond". Runs through May 15. Located in the Old Factory Plaza (across from Wallblake House).

La Tradescantia Villa. Three bedroom, two bath villa in Cul-de-Sac with view of St. Martin, and you step directly into the water from the villa's sun deck. Air-conditioned master bedroom: Click Here.

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Stone Oven.

This is an old-time stone oven, once common in Anguilla, and used to bake bread and more. This particular oven is located near the Sandy Hill roundabout.

Friday, April 7, 2000

Malliouhana's Bougainvillea Villa. This hotel within a hotel comprises two Jacuzzi Suites on the upper level and the Pool Suite on the lower level. The entire villa can be let to a family or each unit can be booked separately: Click Here.

Rejected Emails. Here is another batch of rejected emails from people who tried to subscribe to the Anguilla News. (Tom & Patti) (Jeanne + Rich Davis) (Martin Feil) ( (David Bruney) (kevin Schulhof) (Terry M. Proctor) (T & P CHESEBROUGH) 

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The Road Well.

Do you know where and what this is?

Answer: It is a public water well, where you often see people getting water or washing their cars. It is next to the Green Cuisine hydroponic lettuce farm in Sandy Grand (turn right on the road to Road Well Cafe, go about 100 yards past the cafe. Note: our model is actually drinking from a bottle of French water, not from the well!

Thursday, April 6, 2000

Build Your Own:

Chinaberry Villa. A private two bedroom, two bath villa overlooking the waters of the of Rendezvous Bay. Dine on your gallery with a view of the sunset over the Caribbean, or in your pillow-overwhelmed outdoor living area with daybed and banquette: Click Here.

Chef George Reid. Cap Juluca has George's recipe for Chicken Sausage in their 1998 newsletter: Click Here.

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A New Business.

What is that bright, happy yellow building in South Hill with the red trim?

Answer: it is a new catering and restaurant business. 1-264-497-6261.

Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Government Email Directory. The web site now has an email directory for the Anguilla government: Click Here.

Arbrons Villa. This duplex directly on Barnes Bay beach offers two-bedrooms upstairs and two-bedrooms down, or rent the entire complex. Spacious 2,000 sq feet per floor, and all bedrooms are air-conditioned: Click Here.

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Brooks and Sons.

Located next to Old Factory Plaza in The Valley. Brooks carries Harris Paints and will mix any color your desire. 1-264-497-5628

Saturday, April 1, 2000

Black Pool Too Hot? We need some help. If you look through the latest pool books, you will see that "bottomless" black pools are the latest thing. Mary Ann is planning our swimming pool in Anguilla. In order for the vanishing edge to work best, and to warm the water in the winter, she is considering using slate black tile to line the pool. However, it is possible that this will make the pool too hot to use in August! Anyone who has experience with such a pool in a tropical climate, please email your advice:

Click for more

Location and Artistic Comfort. A waterfront villa at the west end of Shoal Bay. Extremely tasteful but simple decorating with antiques, color, artwork. Two bedroom, two bath. Step into the sea for snorkelling, 5 minute walk to the sandy beach.

Villa Dina: Click Here.

Internet Yellow Pages:
All known Anguilla sites.

Anguilla Domain Names. Vince Cate handles company registrations for the "ai" Anguilla domain. He is fast and accurate. Read about how to register a domain in Anguilla at the web site: Click Here.

Friday, March 31, 2000

Specials at Ripples. Jacquie Ruan uses an email mailing list to announce the weekend dinner specials at Ripples in Sandy Ground. Below are the specials for this weekend. If you want to subscribe, send an email to
Happy Hour on Friday is 5pm to 7pm, Fish and Chips or Fettucine Alfredo, both at $10 US.

Saturday Early Bird Special is 5pm to 7pm. All at $10 US plus happy hour drinks...

Roast Lamb, acc by baby new mint potatoes and fresh veggies.
Hawaian Chicken (kebab with pineapple and peppers).
Risotto, rice with an assortment of veggies.

Should you require a large table please book at 1-264-497-3380.

Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography. is a new web site for Don Mitchell's bibliography of West Indian, English-language, non-fiction books and pamphlets, from 1613 to the present. This 19 megabyte directory does not have a single picture - just complete details on thousands of books. Designed as an aid for collectors of and dealers in antiquarian and second-hand books, it has also attracted historians and researchers. If you know of books which are not included, Don is eager to hear about them and incorporate them into the next edition. Click Here.

Thursday, March 30, 2000

Flower and Garden Show. The Anguilla Beautification Club is holding their second annual show April 29th and 30th at the Ruthwill Auditorium and Grounds in The Valley. They are also planning a trip to Nevis for May 20-23. To read about last year's show Click Here.

Shoal Bay Hotel Upgraded. This property next to Uncle Ernie's is getting a new pool and patio, oceanside cafe and watersports building, new lobby and entrance, landscaping, and room upgrades. Read about it in the Daily Herald: Click Here.

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Director of Tourism at CTO. Amelia Vanterpool-Kubisch is attending the Caribbean Tourism Organization's (CTO) Caribbean Week Festivities at Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City. Read all about it in the Daily Herald: Click Here.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

Rendezvous Bay/Cedar Grove Cafe. On the Anguilla Restaurant Tête-à-Tête, Fred Walther (email: has posted a detailed review of the meals he and his wife enjoyed at Rendezvous Bay Hotel, plus other restaurants on the island: Click Here.

Monday, March 27, 2000

Pumphouse New Menu. The kitchen at Pumphouse has reopend with a new menu and the place was packed last Saturday. We had the daily special: Linguini with light lemon cream sauce and grilled shrimp, and Grilled snapper with Pepperonota salsa. Both were excellent. They now offer a choice of 4 side dishes (salad, fries, backed potato and onion rings (very crispy and tasteful). To see their new menu, Click Here.

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