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Carnival and Boat Racing for Summer 2000   Site Map   Click to enlarge pictures

Carnival starts on Friday August 4th in the millenium year.

Sun July 30

Miss Anguilla Swimsuit Competition 6:30 pm, Carnival Village
Fri Aug 4

Warm Up Jam 4am-7am, The Valley

Opening Ceremonies 7:45am Coronation Blvd

Community Fair 6am-??, Coronation Ave, The Valley

Kids N' Karnival Children's Program10am-??, Agr. Station Grounds, The Valley

Opening Nite - Fireworks Display, Ceremony6:30 pm Carnival Village
Sat Aug 5

Junior Calypso Show8:30pm Carnival Village
Sun Aug 6

Heineken Warm up A Class Boat Race 1pm Sandy Ground

Prince & Princess Show 8:30pm Carnival Village
Mon Aug 7

Jouvert Morning Sunrise Street Jammin 4am-10am The Valley

August Monday A, B, & C Class Boat Races 11am Sandy Ground

Water Sports (Swiming races, Sun Fish Races, Pond Boat Races, etc.) 2pm Sandy Ground

Intl Guest Artist Nite 9pm Carnival Village
Tues Aug 8

Class A Boat Race 1:30pm Sandy Ground to Island Harbor

CCB Miss Talented Teen 8:30pm Carnival Village
Wed Aug 9

A & B Class Boat Races1pm Sandy Ground to Blowing Point

Anguilla Calypso Monarch Competition 8:30pm Carnival Village
Thurs Aug 10

A, B, & C Class Boat Races 11am Meads Bay

Water Sports (model boat races) 2pm Meads Bay

Miss Anguilla Pageant & Show 8:30pm Carnival Village
Fri Aug 11

Grand Parade 1pm The Valley
Sat Aug 12

Last Lap Sunrise Street Party 4am-10am The Valley

Leeward Islands Calypso Show 9pm Carnival Village
Sun Aug 13

Champion of Champion A Class Boat Race 1pm Sandy Ground

Champion of Champions Model Boat Races3pm Sandy Ground

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