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Sonesta is the "Casablanca-style" hotel at the west end of Rendezvous Bay, the one with the amazing decorative tile work.
[Distinctive moorish decoration]

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Important Update: the Sonesta closed in 2002 and is being replaced by a new golf course and resort. These pictures are of the old Sonesta.

Here is an email message from a visitor who stayed at the Sonesta Resort on Rendevous Bay:

From: "Gary W. Janson"
To: "Bob Green"
Subject: Recent Visit to Anguilla
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 10:01:26 -0500

My wife and I just returned from Anguilla on a much needed vacation. It was a wonderful trip. The beaches were quiet and peaceful and the people were extremely friendly.

We stayed at the Sonesta and were impressed with the quality of the hotel and the service.

We dined at Koal Keel, Mango's, Blanchards, Cap Jaluca (beach cafe), Dune and the restaurant at Sonesta (Casablanca). The atmosphere at Mango's and Blanchard's was terrific, but the best food was at Casablanca.

Your web page was very helpful in retrieving information on where to go and what to do....Thanks again.

Telephone: 1-264-497-6999. Fax 1-264-497-6899.
The Sonesta Web Page. Email:

Hibiscus Villa at Sonesta

Year 2000 Photo Tour

Review of Restaurant Ici at Sonesta.

lobby from pool

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