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[Click to enlarge] Madeariman Reef Restaurant on Shoal Bay was remodelled and redecorated this spring. This is an excellent choice for lunch, right on the sand. Good ribs, burgers, pizza, fish salad, chicken, and more.

Because the restaurant is part of the new Madeariman Beach Club resort, it is often open for breakfast and dinner as well, especially in the high season. Call to confirm. We have also had dinner parties at Madeariman, arranged in advance, right on the beach for sunset (see picture below right). Nice casual ambience and reasonably priced.

Telephone: 264.235.8039.

June 2002 Lunch Menu

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Mixed salad $8, Grilled chicken salad $11.50, Lobster salad $18, Tuna Greek salad $15.

Sandwiches (served with french fries and coleslaw):

Chicken sandwich $11
Anguillian (lobster) sandwich $14
Fish sandwich $12
Grilled cheese sandwich $5
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From the Grill (served with french fries and coleslaw):

Junior hamburger $6, Deluxe burger $10.50, Madeariman burger $10, BBQ chicken leg $6, BBQ ribs $6, Combo ribs and chicken $8.


Swiss pizza $9, Vegetable pizza $11, Italian pizza $11, Pepperoni pizza $11, Madeariman seafood pizza $14.


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Grilled local lobster $32, Grilled crayfish $20, Fresh filet of snapper grilled or pan fried $18, Whole snapper $21, Madeariman seafood pasta $19.50.

From the Charbroiler:

Sirloin Steak, $23.50.

Side Orders:

Coleslaw $3, Corn on the cob $3, French fries $3, Rice and peas $3.

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All prices in US$. 10% service charge will be added.

Directions: from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, continue straight past Island Rental Cars, National Bank of Anguilla and through the light at Alberts Supermarket. Continue on this paved road through Stoney Ground and Little Dix villages. In about 2 miles you will take the paved road to the left down to Shoal Bay. Where the road meets the beach, Madeariman Reef Restaurant is on the left.

Story and pictures by Bob Green and Janine Edwards

 Revised: 2002/7/27

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