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[Click to enlarge] If you'd like to use laundry services while on the island there are two main spots located in The Valley area.

Lilly's Laundry

Lilly's Laundry located in Stoney Ground is a self-serve facility where you do your own wash and dry. It opens from Sunday - Thursday from 7am - 11pm; on Fridays from 7am - 6pm and is closed on Saturdays. You can purchase tokens in the Lilly's Laundry office located just adjacent to the laundry section or (especially convenient during off hours) you can purchase tokens in Caracasbaii grocery store located just across the street from the laundry.

Each load costs EC$10 (approximately US$4) per wash and the same price per load for drying. A load takes 35 minutes to wash and 45 minutes to dry. Telephone: (264)-497-0171.

Directions: Starting from the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, continue straight past Island Car Rentals and National Bank of Anguilla. Go straight through the intersection at Alberts Market and into Stoney Ground. You will see Max Printing on the right in about 1/4 mile. Lilly's is in the same complex.
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A-1 Laundromat

A-1 Laundromat provides washing, ironing and dry cleaning services. It opens from Monday - Saturday from 8am - 5pm and is closed on Sundays. Dry cleaning jobs have at least a few days turnaround time. When dropping off clothes it is important to ask when the load would be ready for collection. Telephone: (264)-497-3018.

Directions: Starting from the airport parking lot, take the only exit (if they ever add another exit at the airport, these web instructions will be history!), and turn left, then turn left again and go past the airport entrance. Turn right at the roundabout and continue into The Valley. You will see the English Rose restaurant on the left in about 1/2 mile, turn into the strip mall there and drive to the back. You should find A-1 at the end.

Story and pictures by Janine Edwards

 Revised: 2002/1/30

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