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[Click to enlarge] Junior is best known for operating a glassbottom boat on Shoal Bay, but he also does fishing trips.

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Here is an email from a visitor who went fishing with Junior:

From: Tom Ligis (
Subject: Fishing from Scrub Island with Junior Fleming
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 07:42:13 -0500
Thursday, October 22, 1998, we booked Junior Fleming and his boat for a private day of fishing and snorkeling. He first took us to Little Bay, which was extremely scenic. We fished a short time, but only caught one small reef fish. Junior next took us to Scrub Island for what he mentioned would be shore fishing. We weren't quite sure of fishing from shore when we had paid for a boat for the day, but it turned out to be a great experience.

Upon approaching the island, pelicans were diving on tremendous amounts of baitfish all along the shoreline. Once we went ashore, We were astounded by the size of the fish in the surf. There were HUGE tarpon just rolling throughout the gentle waves tearing through the baitfish. I hooked one of the smaller tarpon, about 36" long, and it gave me a great fight on light spinning tackle. I was almost spoiled twice by the fish on the light line, and had to run along the beach to keep up with the fish. It performed several spectacular jumps right along the beach before it finally broke off after about 15 minutes.

We had several other hookups, but lost all fish because of their size. The only other fish that was landed was by my wife, as a bonita grabbed her offering and proceeded to take her up and down the beach until she finally got it in. We gave the fish to Junior who was planning on giving it to Smitty, of the World famous Smitty's.

It was a memorable day for us on Anguilla.

Thomas Ligis

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