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[Click to enlarge] The recent formal launch of the Tranquility Jazz Festival set the perfect stage for Anguilla's inaugural jazz festival slated for November 14-16, 2003.

The Grand Cocktail Reception was exquisite, set under the stars on the open-air pool decks at Frangipani Beach Resort. One of the highlights of the evening was the unveiling of the Tranquility Jazz Festival logo created by resident artist Gabriele Klaren, featuring a whimsical dolphin, one of the island's national symbols, blowing the saxophone against the backdrop of a beautiful Anguilla sunset.

For more information on the launch, read last' months article.

BET Event promotions was well represented that evening by its President Paxton Baker who released a partial line-up of artists for the 2003 festival, and BET Celebrity Jazz Guest Pianist, Eric Reed, who pledged his full endorsement of the venture.
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The Sunset Jazz on the Beach the following evening was magical. Candle-lit tables were scattered on the beach just outside Johnno's, as premier jazz artistes performed on the beach stage. I kicked my shoes off early that evening, and spent my time walking along the sands close to the stage to experience the full essence of the artists' creative expression, and from time to time moseying on back to my table of friends who were enjoying dinner by candlelight to the smooth live sounds of jazz. The ambience was simply magical!

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For Tranquility Jazz Festival 2003, plans are in progress for a number of jazz evenings to be held around the island leading up to the premier event and special packages will be organized in association with American Airlines/American Eagle and the Anguilla Hotel & Tourism Association. For further information on the festival contact the Anguilla Tourist Board at 264-497-2759 or 800-553-4939 or email them at

Story and pictures by Janine Edwards

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